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This chapter is based off what happened today actually. It was my aunt's 50th birthday and well...we had to celebrate it somehow. In other words, we all drove by her house with decorated cars and honked our horns. Her neighbours thought it was a wedding for some reason.

I actually had to go through my notes on these guys to see who would have had a birthday since this quarantine began and I went with Bast since she's the most recent one. (April the 6th, the next would be Glitch - June the 7th) If you had to have a quarantine birthday, happy (belated) birthday to you! I had a quarantine birthday too. (25th of April)

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"Has anyone seen Bast? I know it's her birthday but I warned her that she has to spend it inside." Sorano asked, walking into the living room with one of her witchcraft books which she had planned to read that day.

"I haven't seen her. I sure hope she's not outside. She's still grounded for blowing up my oven." Maia replied, cracking her knuckles and causing Boris to jump off his seat in fright.

Just as she said that, the front door was opened and Bast entered the apartment, arms full with fireworks. Glitch was about to ask where she was but he started lagging which luckily gave him time to notice the fireworks and realize what was going on.

"And where did you get those young lady?" Maia demanded, standing up close to Bast and folding her arms to show that she meant business. Bast only gave a smile and offered her friend a firework.

"Uh..Bast? Where exactly did you get those?" Glitch asked, folding his arms similar to how Maia had hers.

"Jeez, chill you bucket of bolts. I just bought these off the guy down the hall, no big deal." Bast chuckled, pointing the firework that she had offered Maia at Glitch.

After that statement, Maia was officially pissed off and started barking orders to Bast to "have a shower" and "wash the fireworks". She snatched all the fireworks out of Bast's hand and started washing them with soap and water. Maia then grabbed a rather upset Bast by the strap of her tank top and dragged her into the bathroom where Maia prepared a bath and practically threw Bast in there. Maia then calmly walked out of the bathroom and pretended like nothing happened. Bast shortly burst out of the bathroom - fully naked - and started screaming at Maia.

"YOU DESTROYED MY FIREWORKS! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THOSE COST? GOD! I JUST WANTED TO BLOW SOME SHIT UP FOR MY BIRTHDAY! IS IT THAT HARD?" Bast bellowed, getting right up in Maia's face as she did so. Maia was not taking any of Bast's tantrum but decided that it was best to just let Bast keep yelling.

Everyone in the living room that was witnessing this event were a different story. Sorano, Mirror and Boris were all staring at Bast with their mouths wide open in shock. Glitch, however, wasn't too phased by it since he was used to seeing everyone in the apartment naked at some stage because of his CCTV camera's in his usual room in the hideout. Sei was trying to break up the fight between her fellow members of the Masked Bombers but to no avail.

"Look, Bast, I'm sorry about your fireworks but it's too dangerous. I promise you'll get to blow up all the stuff you want at the scrapyard when the lockdown's lifted, okay?" Maia sighed once Bast had seeming stopped yelling. This statement, however, somehow fueled Bast's anger.

"IT'S NOT LIKE YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND YOU WRINKLY OLD BAG!" Bast screamed before storming off to her room. Boris covered his mouth as Bast walked away as he had seen something...odd about Bast.

"Was she menstruating or was just my assumption of how the female biology works?" Glitch asked, before getting an elbow to the ribs by Mirror.

"Yeah, Bast was on her period." Boris explained, causing him to receive peculiar looks from all members of his group. Sorano was about to call him a pervert but Boris cut her off explaining "I just saw blood on her ass when she was walking away."

"Whatever, I'm going to see if she's okay." Sorano let everyone know as she stood up and started escorting herself to Bast's room. Boris came with her, saying it was just incase something bad was going to happen. Sorano knew nothing was going to happen but kept Boris with her to calm his anxiety.

When the two arrived in Bast's room, they saw her crying into her pillow. This was a particularly unusual sight since Bast was usually extremely confident and excitable. In this state, however, Bast was completely vulnerable and an emotional mess to say the least. No matter how hard they tried Sorano and Boris couldn't find any way to calm her down. The only thing that did snap Bast out of her emotional state was when Maia burst into the room say there was an emergency where an unfamiliar car was outside and Mirror and Glitch had seen Kage and Hane leaving the vehicle. All of the Masked Bombers were to investigate the car to make sure it wasn't a threat.

Bast got excited and quickly threw on her clothes and mask before making a dash for the outside world. The idle car was white and had balloons and banners saying 'Happy Birthday'. On the hood was a card with Bast's name on the envelop. Bast took the card and started reading it. It was a birthday message from Hane but the ending was quite sinister. 'Enjoy your gift' the card said. Bast looked at the car, thinking that was her present.

"Kid knows I'm not allowed to drive, right?" Bast muttered to herself, shoving the card in her pocket. As she did so, Maia claimed that the car was clear and that they should all head back inside. Just as they did, the car blew up behind them. Bast then realized what her gift was and started laughing manically - just like she had done before when the oven blew up.

"I thought you were checking the hood Bast!" Sei asked, trying to get the smoke away from her mask.

"Yeah but all I found was this dumb card Hane sent me. THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT I HAVE EVER GOTTEN!" Bast cheered. She was definitely out of the sorry, pitiful state that she was in just a few minutes beforehand.

Sorano smiled from underneath her mask. She was always glad to see her friend happy, especially after seeing Bast in such a low mood.

"You girls can leave us here. We'll clean up the debris when everything has calmed down." Sorano explained. Sei and Maia nodded and left to go back to the apartment. Sorano then sat herself and Bast down on the floor, Bast staring at the flames and smiling.

Little did they know, from the distance, Hane was watching them from the top of a bush. She was happy to see Bast enjoy the car bomb she and Kage had planted as she had put a lot into that present.

"Hane! We should get a move on." Kage called from below.

"Yeah, I guess we should." Hane sighed, flying herself down from the bush and onto the sidewalk beside her girlfriend.

"So why did you give her the gift?" Kage asked, thinking it was strange of Hane to even know about Bast's birthday.

"Oh you know...I just thought it'd be nice." Hane explained, hiding the truth. Perhaps Hane would have never been next to Kage if it wasn't for Bast.


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