A man is killed unjustly, as many have been before him.

We argue.

We need to support our police.

We need to protect the innocent minority.

One store puts up a sign that says that you have to wear a mask to go in.

One restaurant posts that you can only go in if you leave your face uncovered.

We need to think of the baby's life.

We need to think of the mother's life.

We require taxes to pay for schools, police departments, roads.

We require money to put food on our tables, to clothe our children, and keep a roof over our heads.

We need to help others.

We need to look out for ourselves.

We need to defend our country from threat. We need to stop fighting a war that has nothing to do with us.

We need to stick with what we know works.

We need to try something new and do better.

Do we all really think that one of these answers is correct?

It is one or the other.

Not both.

Not something in between.

How are we letting ourselves be so polarized?

Don't we know better?

We have millions of voices screaming all at once.

Many opinions, but no solutions.

Can no one hear all the voices, see all points of view,

and find the middle ground that is best for everyone?

When I look at our politicians I think to myself 'these are my options?'

I look beyond the typical parties.

And I still see no one who actually wants to find middle ground, to make everyone happy.

How does this happen?

How do we fall asleep at night knowing that these are the people that will run our country?

Does everyone truly believe that one of those polar answers is correct?

I don't. I think they are ALL correct.

How can you not have the freedom to get out and feel like yourself again?

How can you go out in public not doing everything you can to protect yourself and others?

How can you not support the people that risk their lives for us?

How can you not support the people that are losing their lives because of the skin they were born with?

How can you not value a baby's life?

How can you not value a woman's life?

How can you not support education, law and order, and safe roads?

How can you take away people's food, clothes, and homes?

How can you not help others?

How can you not take care of yourself?

How can we not defend our country?

How can we not stop fighting other countries' wars?

How can we not utilize what is tried and true?

How can we not innovate and improve?

Maybe it is some failing on my part.

Maybe human nature will forever remain a mystery to me.

I just find myself sitting here, frozen in horror as the world falls apart,

because we failed at listening.