Report 1: Does sending spies in this type of war make any sense at all?

Concordia, land of everlasting war between army of Order and the army of Chaos. Both sides fiercely fight for their ideals without intention to forfeit. A young demon named Ville was just learning about the tenacity of the warriors of order. He was now hiding in the bushes, laying on the ground, while holding his breath and watching the knights running around looking for him.
"Captain Bertram, I regret to inform you that we have lost sight of him." said one of the knights to a tall man in distinctive golden armor.
"He's alone and there is ten of us. Spread out and find him. Don't you even dare to let him escape! Whoever catches him will get a pay raise" he shouted to his subordinates in response to the unsatisfactory report.
"Yes sir!" cried out, now newly motivated knights. One of them turned to his cyclop friend, seeing that he is much more enthusiastic than the others.
"Tryphon, I thought you weren't the one who would do anything for money, but I see that you actually care about it a lot."
"It's because I'm getting married soon Josef. Weddings are rather expensive and because we are both orphans I have to pay for it by myself. I want it to be best day of her life so I want this wedding to be perfect. I have been saving for a long time, and such award could cover the rest of the expenses for what I have planned."
"Well, congratulations, in that case we really have to catch this demon. By the way, who is this lucky girl, that caught your big eye?"
"Her name is Pelagia. We met when I was still serving under Captain Stathis. We were defending the village from attacking orcs."

"So you saved her or something?"

"No. It was actually the other way around. When one of the enemies was about to cut me with his sword, she threw a rock at him, giving me chance to counter attack."

"Seems like quite a feisty one."

"She is. I always carry picture of her in my pocket." said Tryphon and showed his friend a photo of the cute cyclop girl.
"Wow, she's a real beauty."
"Well, I must admit that this white dress perfectly highlights her curves." commented Ville who suddenly appeared behind them.
"It's him, let's get him!" they shouted while reaching out their hands to catch him, when they noticed the demon. Ville quickly dodged both knights and started to run. Running away was one of his specialties. Fleeing with all his strength, he cursed himself for being noticed by the patrol at the very end of his mission. He was climbing a tree to look around, but was startled by a barking dog. Fortunately he fell at the feet of dogs owner, who was a really cute girl wearing skirt, so he was able to take great photo of her panties, but on the downside she screamed and alarmed group of knights patrolling nearby.

"I can't let my comrades down and more importantly I can't let myself down. I have to provide the vital information I gathered, no matter what." he said to himself, and picked up the pace.

It was not far to the base. He just ran out of the forest, and from there it was only 200 meters to the fort. Ville took a deep breath, and once again sped up, and when he was close enough, he reached the base with a spectacular slide. It was only now that he turned and noticed how close he was to defeat. Bertram's unit was only a few steps behind him.
"Safe!" shouted Troll dressed in stripped black and white shirt.
"Damn, we were so close. Well, guys, we're going back. Don't think that next time you will slip away, Ville!" said Bertram, and retreated back towards the forest with his men. "By the way, where are Tryphon and Josef"
Everyone started looking around and finally noticed Josef kneeling over his friend, seeing the despair on his face, they ran up as quickly as possible to check what happened.
"Because of all this running he got a heart attack." he explained with tears in his eyes. "What a tragedy. Just when he was about to get married."

"What do you have for us Ville" asked serious-looking bearded man in sinister black armor.
"I obtained all the most important data about enemy reinforcements. It consists completely... of beautiful women" said Ville throwing bunch of photos on the table. Then he picked up one of them showing it to his colleagues. It depicted a woman with long white hair who desperately tried to unhook her skirt that got stuck on a branch.
"Here is the team captain! Her name is Lili. She is narcissistic and harsh for her subordinates, her favorite weapon is a whip ..."
"Ah, I'd do anything to get her whip me with it." said excited demon sitting next to the man in armor.
"Still, as you can see, she is a bit clumsy. Her favorite dessert is cheesecake. Her height is 158 centimeters, weight 47 kilograms, three sizes are 77/57/80. If you look at the picture you can see a bit of her panties, note that they are purple, it is important because it is her favorite color."
Ville put down the picture he was holding and picked up another one, showing blonde girl helping brunette to stretch.
"Blonde is the vice captain. Her name is Aurelia. Her main task is to make sure that the girls stay in shape, supporting them not only in exercises, but also by watching their diets. Effects of her effort are visible on her amazing thighs. Due to the fact that in the picture she wears shorts, we can clearly see that they do not have any unnecessary fat on them and are nicely toned. She is a vegetarian. She is 172 centimeters tall, weighs 58 kilograms, three sizes are 87/55/83. The other girl is named Julia and specializes in sword fighting. She likes spicy food, but even more likes to watch a person who doesn't like spicy food eating it. She is rather mischievous, but her optimistic attitude and cheerfulness makes it difficult to stay angry at her, in this respect she is similar to Lana from our army. She is 163 centimeters tall, weighs 51 kilograms, and three sizes are 78/56/74. Next up is..."
Before Ville could get to the next photo, doors to the room swung open. There stood a beautiful demon girl in glasses with long braided silver hair and the same colored eyes with which she just cast a cold glare at the men sitting inside.
"I finally found you, bastards! Everyone prepares for tonight, and you're hiding in the tool shed doing nothing as usual!"
"I'm sorry, but we have a very important strategic meeting here." said man in sinister armor.
"And I'm supposed to believe that? Get to work immediately or prepare to be disciplined."

"Okay, okay, we're going, but only if you let me touch your boobs."
"I won't."
"I'll touch them anyway." saying this, the man in armor got up, walked over to the demon girl and extended his hand towards her breast, but not only did he not achieved his goal, but also received an uppercut so strong that he left the shed through the ceiling.
"Ville! Burhan! If you do not want to share his fate, I advise you to get to work."
"Yes ma'am!" said demons and left the shed. When the silver-haired demon girl was out of earshot, Burhan said:
"Actually, I wouldn't mind her hitting me, although I would prefer that she would give me less pain, but more spread out over time."
"I will never understand your fetish."

"Listen up girls. We have just received our first order." said Lili to her unit. "A spy was spotted in our territory today and managed to slip away, possibly with some vital information. That is why on the captain meeting was decided that it would be a good opportunity to check our squad abilities and they want us to send someone to spy on them, find out what they learned and also get some useful information about their oncoming plans. Estinne, Fanni!"
"Yes?" said at the same time excited girl with light brown hair tied in a ponytail and her green-haired indifferent friend.
"Because the specialization of the two of you is tracking, I believe that your skill set will be most suitable to this mission. Don't let me down!"
"Yes ma'am!" they replied.
"The rest of you can rest, except you Julia, because you're on washing my hair duty today."
"Yes ma'am!" replied girls and left office leaving only Lili, Julia and Aurelia.
"What are you waiting for? You can go too." said Lili to her vice-captain.
"I couldn't help noticing that something was bothering you. You seem dissatisfied with the fact that we've been assigned here."
"Do you know what type of people are being sent to the frontlines to fight chaos army?"
"Not really."
"Either idealists who want to fight for a better future or freaks who are not much better than our opponents."
"So we were sent here because you're screwed up?" asked Julia.
"They told me that this assignment would be good to do something about my ego ... Am I really that bad?"
"Have you ever thought about washing your hair yourself?" Aurelia asked her.
"I'm commander because my job is commanding people to do stuff for me, that's just natural. This is not a matter of ego but authority."
"Your statement is a perfect explanation of the reason why we ended up here."

"We haven't been on a mission just the two of us for a long time. I'm really glad to have you only for myself. Do you think that if we do a good job on this assignment, they will send us together more often?" Fanni asked.
"I hope not." Estinne repleid dryly.
"Does that mean you don't like spending time with me?" Fanni asked with tears welling up in her eyes.
"That's not the point. Your statement suggested that if we do a poor job, they would not send us together on missions, and considering the fact that we barely entered the enemy's territory and were already spotted, we can safely conclude that our mission has failed."
"What? By whom?"
Estinne did not answer, just pointed to the roof of the shed next to which they were sneaking by, and on which stood a man in ominous-looking black armor.
"Muahahaha! There is nothing better than seeing two pretty girls right after regaining consciousness! Do you prefer to give me your panties yourself, or do you want me to take them off myself? " he said jumping off the roof. Estinne fired arrow at him, but he dodged easily, then drew his sword and blocked Fanni's attack.
"Mr. Edi, I suppose?" asked Fanni.
"Oh, you know who I am, seems like I'm popular?"
"Ever since we got here, all the women have been warning us of the insolent, perverted, treacherous, fallen paladin, so somehow I guessed it was you." said Fanni and drew her swords, then quickly attacked him with a series of slashes. Edi managed to easily block them all, while avoiding the arrows that at the same time Estinne was shooting at him.
"I can't deny your fencing skills, hardly anyone can avoid my and Estinne's simultaneous attacks. We will clearly have to show you the true horror of our duo." saying that, Fanni positioned herself so as to stand between her companion and the opponent, then attacked Edi once again. Once again he parried all her attacks, but this time the arrows fired by Estinne, which with incredible precision appeared from behind Fanni with every move she made, reached him. However, he was still able to react and wasn't hit in any vital points.
"Ha ha ha! How about that? Our combined attacks cannot be avoided."
"Are you not afraid of being hit yourself?"
"Absolutely not! Nobody knows my body better than Estinne, just by watching my movements she is able to predict what I will do in a moment and adapt to it." Fanni said and immediately blushed. "Ah, It's a bit embarrassing thinking of how incredibly close we are with each other."
"I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!" shouted Edi.
"What's suddenly got into him?" Fanni asked her partner, confused by the behavior of the fallen paladin. Estinne just shrugged in response.
"Your squad is actually a lesbian utopia!"
Hearing Edi's words, Fanni's usual beaming cheerfulness was replaced with an expression of absolute contempt, then she proceeded to beat him with her sword to unconsciousness.
"Weren't you a bit too brutal?" Estinne asked calmly.
"He's still alive ... I think ..." she answered without any emotion in her voice.
"Is this your doing?" suddenly they heard a female voice behind them. They turned around to see a tall orc girl dressed in red qipao and black hair tied in odango style. Fanni and Estinne raised their weapons to prepare for the next fight, but the orc girl passed them, entered the shed, and after a few minutes walked out of it holding three shovels in her hands.
"Help me bury him before he wakes up." girls looked at each other, shrugged and took the shovels from orc girl hands.

"Oh, so you belong to the squad called the white lilies, named after your leader - Lili who has white hair, and you came to spy on us. It's your lucky day, we are in the middle of festival. Come with me I will show you everything." said the orc girl cheerfully when she heard the explanation from Estinne and Fanni about why they are in the chaos army territory.
The girls, in turn, delighted with the hospitality of the orc girl without hesitation followed her. After a while, they reached a large square with various stalls.
"We have a wide selection of different types of games and activities, and a lot of stands where you can buy a variety of treats." started her explanation orcish girl.
"I'm sorry, but I can't resist asking, why is that armor moving and tell me if I'm wrong but... has it just blushed?" Estinne interrupted.
"Ah, it's just Sanya, she's what we call a" shadow knight. " Do you see the white-haired guy she clumsily follows? His name is Vibius. Sanya is secretly in love with him, though I don't know if it can be called a secret given that everyone beside him is aware of it. It's nothing unusual."
"I have to disagree, the expression "unusual" is the most appropriate in this case." Estinne said.
"Well, you have just arrived here, so probably many things that are happening here will be unusual for you, but I think you will get used to it with time. I haven't really introduced myself yet. My name is Mei."
"I'm Fanni, and this is Estinne." said the brown-haired girl cheerfully.
"Nice to meet you. I hope you'll have a great time in the war against us. Unfortunately, I will not be able to stay with you until the end of the festival, because I am the drummer of the band who will be playing a small concert at the end. Which off course I would like to invite you to, but until then I will try to show you how much I can. What do you want to see first?" she asked.

At that moment, Estinne's noticed small girl at one of the stalls, trying to shoot down something with a toy crossbow.
"This game is definitely rigged! It is impossible to hit anything!"
"Can I try?" Estinne asked, taking the toy crossbow with foam bolts. "What do you want?" She asked the girl.
"This stuffed bat."
Estinne calmly aimed and shot down the plushie, then offered it to the girl.
"You deserve praise. How do they call you?" said the girl.
"Thank you, Estinne. My name is Tara. Remember it, someday I will be famous." she said, then turned around and went her way.
"What a well-behaved young lady." Estinne said.
"A bit arrogant, though. Reminds me of our captain." added Fanni.
"Tara is a vampire and although she doesn't look her age, she is older than me. As for her announcement of her own fame, she is the vocalist of the band I play in, and her voice is really beautiful, so her boasting isn't baseless." Mei explained.
"So, what prizes do you want?" asked Estinne, picking up the toy crossbow again.
"Teddy bear!" Fanni shouted cheerfully.

"The box of candy from the bottom shelf will suffice."
"Will do." Estinne replied, then easily shot down both targets.
"I'll thank you by buying cotton candy." said Fanni, grabbing Estinne's hand and pulling her towards the cotton candy stand when they suddenly heard a voice:
"Hey, look Bellona. These two girls are on a date just like us." said happily purple haired demon girl.
"We're not on a date." answered the other demon girl who had braided silver hair.
"No? In that case ..." said the first of them and approached Estinne and Fanni. "How about a threesome?"
The silver-haired demon quickly reached her friend and stunned her with a powerful blow to the back of the head.
"I'm sorry for her." she said to the girls and then left, dragging behind the now unconscious comrade.
"They were Bellona and Lana. Guitarist and bass player from my band."
"Will she be able to perform after such blow?"
"Don't worry. She always heals quickly. Bellona often says that Lana is as lively as a cockroach."
When the girls finally bought cotton candy and walked around eating it, they noticed a rat-man trying to pick up a red-haired beauty.
"What is so bad about spending some time with me. I'll show you what real fun is."
"I'm telling you I'm a man!"
"Like I'll believe that a cutie like you is a guy."
"Why doesn't anyone ever believe me!?" shouted the red-haired androgynous boy, and began to transform. His muscles ripped his shirt revealing his torso proving that he truly was a man. Then the red fur grown on his body, his face turned wolf like, and his nails became sharp claws. He knocked playboy rat-man down with a powerful blow, then ripped his body with several blows of his claws. Everyone around them stepped back so that they would not be splattered with blood. A moment later, the red-haired boy finally calmed down and returned to human form. Still in a foul mood, he turned on his heel and walked away, not caring at all that the clothes he was wearing were torn.
"It would be wise to prepare some information campaign that Asa is not only a guy, but also a werewolf, so that there would be no more victims like this poor Ratkin." Mei said.

"Excuse me, can I go through?" heard a female voice from behind them, still stunned Estinne and Fanni. When they turned around they saw a skeleton in red robes. It was another shocking sight for them.
"Can I go through?" asked the skeleton again. This time girls, though still shocked, moved away from her path.
"Niech zyje" said skeleton, then ratkin lying on the ground got up. His wounds, however, were still unhealed and his eyes were white, which made him look very frightening. He turned his empty eyes towards Fanni and Estinne.
"Chi ... chi ... chicks..." he stammered, walking awkwardly towards them, but Mei jumped in front of them and knocked down Ratkin with a powerful kick in the head.
"Thank you for your support." said the girl skeleton to the orc girl.
"You're welcome!"
When the skeleton girl left, Mei again turned to the girls.
"It was Pari. She is a necromancer and plays keyboards in our band. This way you met all the girls from it."
"What an amazing coincidence, isn't it?" said the mysterious hooded individual who suddenly appeared next to them. "Only it's not an coincidence at all. It was planned by the author to show readers all the most important characters that will appear in this series. However, I have sad news for you, because your role will not be great. However, if you would like to know what awaits you at the end of the chapter, I invite you to my tent, where I tell people their future as an attraction."
"This is Archmage Yarognev. He often says weird things, but his predictions always come true." Mei explained. "I will have to go prepare for the show, so I will leave you, I hope you will have fun later in the festival." she added as a goodbye while Yarognev pulled confused Fanni and Estinne into his tent.

After hearing the prophecy about their future and visiting several more booths with games and snacks, Estinne and Fanni went towards the stage, where a concert performed by girls they had met earlier was supposed to happen. When they arrived, the band was already set up with their equipment. At center of the stage was a small vampire girl in front of the microphone. On the sides were demons with guitars, followed by a skeleton girl at the keyboard and a friendly orc girl on drums.
"OK! We are Warmaidens! Let's Rock'n'Roll!" shouted the vampire girl, followed by the sound of drumsticks colliding with each other several times, and then hitting on the drums, soon joined the guitars and keyboard. Soon after, Tara began to sing. Estinne and Fanni were surprised how such a powerful voice can come out of such a small body. Soon all those who came to the concert began to dance to the music. Estinne and Fanni have never seen anything like this. Dances were full of jumps and kicks, and people dancing in pairs, turned their partners around each other at a dizzying speed. Nothing like the dances to which they were accustomed like waltz, foxtrot or tango. They decided not to stand out and after a short observation they joined the dance imitating the movements of other people around them. They had to admit that dancing in such a wild way was a lot of fun.

"What are you wearing !?" screamed Lili as Estinne and Fanni entered her office to report.
"These are the shirts of the band that played at the festival. It was fantastic, we had very delicious pancakes and cotton candy, we also played various games. Estinne won me a teddy bear."
"Did you forget what your mission was!?"
"A little bit, but we learned that they didn't obtain any meaningful information, and that they hadn't planned anything recently because they were too busy preparing for the festival. Also the orc girl that showed us around told us that we should totally come when they are organizing something again and that we should invite people from our army, because the more the merrier."
"So, you had a great time?"
"Yes, very much."
"In that case, I will whip you to balance things out!" she said taking out her whip.
Escaping from Lili's office, both girls were reminded of the magician's words: "Dark moments await you, but I hope you will find comfort in going through all this together." Estinne and Fanni looked at each other and with a smile on their lips, started to run faster.