It hurts, it hurts so head, the throbbing is almost unbearable, and everything is pitch black. I hear vague murmuring and the sound of people moving around me. I try to open my eyes, but my eyelids just barely open for a small amount of time, which allows me to only see a blinding light before they almost instantly close again.

"He's waking up, give him another sedative." A man with a low voice demands from somewhere above me.

There are a few light footsteps and shuffling before I feel a slight prick in the side of my neck. Almost immediately after I feel even more tired than I was previously if that is actually possible at this point. Then suddenly a realization comes to me...I cannot remember anything. It is all just blank. Many questions run through my mind like what my name is, who I am and what is happening, yet before anything else can be thought of my consciousness swiftly starts to fade once again.

My consciousness begins to return to me and panic fills my body. I am in a seated position and I feel cold metal around my wrists suggesting I am chained to the surface of what feels to be a metal table.

Then the memories come flooding back to me, well lack thereof, waking up in that room being confused and not remembering a single thing about myself or my past.

Before my mind can wander too far my eyes snap open. Light penetrates my eyes making me squint. My eyes begin to adjust focusing on the tanned woman sitting patiently opposite me. My previous assessment was indeed correct, I have been seated on a metal seat with manacles binding my wrists to the surface of the table. My eyes drift over the cold stone walls that enclose the room. The room is baron, the metal table and chairs bolted to the floor being its only contents and a singular sturdy door. I then focus on the woman again, her daunting gaze sending chills down my spine.

No volume to comes out when I go to speak. Realizing how dry my throat actually is, I clear it and actually speak this time, "Wh-where am I? Why can't I remember anything?! Who are you?!" Questions come pouring out without end.

The woman opposite my simply blinks slowly a couple of times waiting for me to finish before finally responding, "I am merely here to help you understand what is happening."

"Well, you better get explaining then!" I say rather loudly, my patience growing thin.

The woman looks at me and tilts her head in mild amusement, "What do you want to know?"

I hesitant for a moment, taken aback. It is surprising she is willing to tell me anything. I begin contemplating what to ask first, assuming she actually tells me. "Where am I?" I ask in a more than scratchy voice.

"You are in one of our three mutant facilities in the United States."

"Mutant facilities?! Wh-what am I doing here?! Who are you?!" I stammer, utterly appalled.

She waits for me to finish, straightening her navy suit, "We are Umbra. That's what we call ourselves anyway. The world is in chaos, these humans need to be led, and we, Umbra, are willing to supply the answer to that need. The only way to lead is through fear, that's why we need a weapon. The mutants, you."

"Wh-what? I'm not a mutant!... Whatever that is."

"You will be." My eyes grow as she speaks each word adding to my horror, "We apologise for any inconvenience, but it is required that your mind be wiped for this...process to go as smoothly as possible.

"You're sorry for any inconvenience?!" I yell out almost forgetting my fear for a time, "You've kidnapped me, wiped my mind, now you're telling me you want to turn me into a mutant, and you're sorry for any inconvenience?! I'll show you an inconvenience!" My fits clench into balls.

My pointless struggling merely exasperates the woman causing her to sigh heavily.

After a few long moments of what can only be explained as embarrassing myself I manage to calm down. With wide eyes I try to contemplate everything, leading to my final question.

"Why me?" I sigh hopelessly.

"Why not you?"

A/N: Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it and stick around for more updates! This is the first fiction I have ever written so I am super hyped about it! It may seem confusing, but everything will unfold soon enough.