Nat: Crystal and Jeff were still walking as she continued to tell him what happened between her and Rich.

Crystal: … So, even afterwards I couldn't understand why I let it happen. I truly can't believe, I did. I tried to stay away from him as soon as I noticed the way he was looking at me but for some reason that didn't work. And before I knew what happened next we ended up in bed, together.

Jeff: Sounds almost like the same way we ended up making love.

(Crystal glances back at Jeff but he still wasn't looking her way)

Crystal: Sort of... Yes, it was.

(Crystal looks back the way they were heading)

Crystal: With Rich...

Jeff: I bet afterwards you said the same thing to him as you said to me.

(Jeff interrupted)

Crystal: Sort of.

Jeff: And, now you're carrying his baby.

Crystal: To start with I wasn't sure if it was his, or yours.

(Jeff suddenly stopped walking and Crystal stopped beside him they both continue looking away from each other)

Jeff: Mine?

(Jeff slowly turns to face Crystal)

Jeff: I thought you said you weren't pregnant before you left for Florida.

(Crystal turns and faces Jeff)

Crystal: As you know my second test was negative but I should have confirmed that with the doctor.

(Jeff stares back at Crystal with his mouth hanging opening)

Jeff: So, you are saying... The baby could be mine. I mean, I could be the father.

(Crystal suddenly looks sad)

Crystal: I'm only a few weeks pregnant... So, you can't possibly be the father.

(Jeff stares back at Crystal for a second or two and then looks down at the ground)

Jeff: I see.

(Jeff slowly looks back up at Crystal with a sad look of his own)

Jeff: I'm sorry...

(Crystal quickly looks confused)

Crystal: Why are you apologising?

(Crystal interrupted)

Jeff: I'm apologising for being a jerk.

(Crystal looks even more confused)

Jeff: For ignoring you all this time.

(Crystal goes back to looking sad before looking away)

Crystal: You had your reasons.

Jeff: You still didn't deserve that. First and foremost, you are still my friend... Friends shouldn't treat each other, like that.

(Crystal turns back to smile at Jeff)

Crystal: That's very sweet of you. But we both know I haven't treated you fairly, either.

(Jeff smiles)

Jeff: Well, I forgive you. The question is, do you forgive me?

(Crystal looks shocked)

Crystal: How could you possibly forgive me?

Jeff: You could say we are both as bad as each other.

(Crystal now looks even more confused)

Crystal: Have you... Have you been...

(Crystal struggles to find her words)

Jeff: Have I, what?

Crystal: Have you been...

(Crystal looks down between them)

Crystal: With someone else?

(Jeff places his hand under Crystal's chin and slowly lifted her head back up)

Jeff: No. You're the only one, I've made love to. What I meant was, we are both cowards on not facing this as friends should.

Crystal: You mean, avoiding each other.

(Jeff nods his head as he slowly starts to rub his finger along Crystal's chin)

Jeff: Do you forgive me?

(Crystal slowly nods her head)

Crystal: Yes, I do.

(They both stare back at each other for a moment until Jeff slowly removed his hand)

Jeff: So. what are you going to do, now?

(Crystal turns back around and continued walking)

Crystal: I have no idea.

(Jeff continues to walk beside Crystal)

Crystal: I won't give the baby up, though.

Jeff: I didn't think you would... You're the sort of person that cares about everyone.

Crystal: How can I? When I went behind Kelly's back... And yours?

(Jeff stares back at Crystal with a confused look on his face)

Jeff: My back?

Crystal: It just felt wrong, afterwards and all I thought about was Kelly... And you.

(Jeff's face now looks full of sorrow)

Jeff: Me?

(Crystal continues to look the way they were heading)

Crystal: I know, we're not together...

(Jeff stares at Crystal with a longing look on his face)

Crystal: I thought about you often and wished you were there instead of Rich and since you weren't...

(Crystal goes quiet for a moment)

Crystal: I know there is no excuse for what I did.

(Crystal stops walking and Jeff stops beside her and she slowly turns to face him)

Crystal: If only I knew what to say to you and how to explain...

(Crystal looks down at the ground)

Jeff: Crystal...

(Jeff places his hand on Crystal's shoulder and she slowly lifted her head)

Jeff: I'll always want… I mean, I'll always be here for you.

(Jeff suddenly corrected himself)

Crystal: Even now, after what I did?

Jeff: I won't say all this as no effect on me but I do know one thing...

(Jeff gentle slides his hand along Crystal's neck and up to her cheek)

Jeff: You mean a lot to me. And, I don't ever want to lose you. However, you want to view our... friendship.

(Crystal smiles and he smiles back as they continue to stare at each other and he took a step closer)

Crystal: I truly don't deserve you.

(Jeff grins)

Jeff: You're a very lucky girl, to have...

Crystal: I don't feel all that lucky.

(Crystal quickly interrupted and looked down placing her hand over her belly)

Jeff: I think you will make a great mum.

(Jeff slides his hand to Crystal's chin and lifted her face back up)

Crystal: And you would have made a good father.

(They both stare back into each other's eyes and started leaning closer and Jeff placed his forehead against Crystal's)

Crystal: Kelly has written, asking to speak to me.

(Jeff leans his head back looking shocked and then surprised)

Jeff: Kelly is still speaking to you.

Crystal: I don't really know what she wants. I didn't tell her about Rich... He told her, properly after Kelly told him, I was pregnant.

Jeff: He should have let you tell her... It would have been better coming from you.

(Crystal looks away from Jeff)

Crystal: I know, I should have told her while I was there.

Jeff: So, you haven't spoken to Kelly since she found out.

(Crystal shakes her head)

Jeff: Well, I'm sure she wouldn't call you over just to yell at you.

(Crystal turns back to face Jeff)

Crystal: That's what Rach says.

Jeff: There must be a good reason behind it.

(Crystal slowly turns completely around and continues walking)

Crystal: I'm still not looking forward to it.

(Jeff continues walking beside her until they reached Crystal's driveway)

Jeff: Well, I better get home, myself.

Crystal: I'm glad we got a chance to talk.

Jeff: That's one thing about all this... You didn't even realise you were walking through that alley.

(Crystal looks back the way they came)

Crystal: I think that's the first time.

(Crystal turns to look back at Jeff with a small smile on her face)

Crystal: You must have distracted me, more than, I thought.

Jeff: You soon won't need me, at all.

Crystal: I'll always need you.

(Jeff steps closer to Crystal and leaned his face closer and gave her a brief kiss on the cheek leaving his lips there for a moment causing her head to lean towards him)

Crystal: I'm sorry, I let all this happen.

(Jeff leaned his head back slightly)

Jeff: What's done, is done. We just have to decide where to go from here.

(Crystal slowly nods her head)

Jeff: Let's talk some more about this after you have spoken to Kelly.

Crystal: I don't want us to continue avoiding each other, though.

(Jeff suddenly starts smiling)

Jeff: I think we have both learned our lesson, on that one.

(Jeff places his hand into Crystal's)

Crystal: Are you going to walk away, kissing my hand.

(A slow grin starts to appear on Jeff's face)

Jeff: Not this time.

(Jeff leaned his face closer and gently placed his lips against Crystal's and gave them a brief kiss before leaning back slightly)

Jeff: No offence, against your hands but your lips are better.

(Crystal took that moment to slide her hand around the back of Jeff's neck)

Crystal: You can say that, again.

(Crystal pulled Jeff's lips back against hers where they continued kissing one after the other letting their lips linger between each one)

Jeff: I sure have missed your lips.

(Jeff gave Crystal one last kiss and then he stepped away from her)

Crystal: Will I see you in the morning, then?

Jeff: I'll be counting the minutes.

(Jeff let go of Crystal's hand as she turns around and starts walking down her driveway and he stared after her with a mix of sadness and sorrow Later on that day Rachel was sitting with Crystal in her bedroom.

Crystal: I can't believe that Kelly is speaking to my mum, at this very moment.

Rachel: Neither, can I.

(Crystal starts looking very nervous)

Crystal: I wonder why she wants to talk to my mum about?

Rachel: Well, I doubt, she can say anything that you haven't already told her.

Crystal: I'm sure, I didn't tell Kelly about Jeff and I but I might have mentioned something, along those lines.

Rachel: I doubt Kelly would ring here just to tell your mum that.

Crystal: I know, I should tell my mum but I don't know what she would do to Jeff.

Rachel: I think your mum as enough on her plate, at the moment. Maybe in time, you could tell her.

(Crystal slowly nods her head)

Rachel: I take it you haven't told your father, anything.

Crystal: Too right, I haven't. I'm just surprised my sister hasn't.

Rachel: I think you would know by now if she had.

(Just then Crystal's bedroom door bust opened and Jane stood in the doorway)

Jane: Mum wants to speak to you. Right away.

(Crystal nods her head at Jane and looks back at Rachel with a worried look on her face)

Rachel: I'm sure everything will be fine. I'll wait here for you.

Crystal: Thanks, Rach.

(Crystal stood up and followed after Jane sometime later she arrived back to found Rachel lying back on her bed reading one of her books but she put it down as soon as she saw her standing in the doorway with a worried look on her face.

Rachel: Come, sit down...

(Crystal closed the door and walked over to Rachel)

Rachel: And tell me, everything.

(Crystal sat down)

Rachel: Did you talk to Kelly?

Crystal: I didn't... She had gone by the time I got downstairs.

Rachel: What did your mum say, then?

Crystal: Kelly, somehow convinced her to let me go to Florida.

Rachel: Really? How?

Crystal: I have no idea but my mum did sound a little, too happy.

(Rachel looks confused)

Rachel: Happy?

Crystal: It's like all of a sudden she is very happy about me going back to Florida.

Rachel: Oh, I'd love to know how Kelly cheered your mum up? she has been really down since you told her everything.

Crystal: What could be so exciting about going back to Florida? I mean, it's a lovely place. Especially, the island but why would my mum be happy about me going back.

Rachel: Maybe because she is going with you.

(Crystal shakes her head and starts to grin a little)

Crystal: My mum isn't going with me.

(Rachel starts to look shocked)

Rachel: You mean she is letting you go there on your own.

(Crystal's grin got wider)

Crystal: Oh, I'm not going on my own.

(Rachel starts to smile)

Rachel: What is it you're not telling me, Miss White?

(Crystal takes hold of both of Rachel's hands)

Crystal: You're coming with me.

(Rachel's eyebrows shot up and then she started laughing)

Rachel: Very funny. My parents would never let me go to Florida.

Crystal: Well, you are going... That's if you want to?

(Rachel continues laughing)

Rachel: As lovely as that sounds, my parents would never go for it.

Crystal: Would you listen to me.

(Rachel stops laughing and looks confused)

Rachel: Hold on a sec.

(Crystal starts to look very smug)

Rachel: Slow down, let's take a step back, here. How can this be? I mean...

(Crystal starts to laugh a little)

Crystal: Why Rach, I have never seen you so tongue tired, before.

(Rachel let's go off Crystal's hands and shoves her in the chest)

Rachel: Hey, I'm not tongue tired. I just don't understand you, sometimes.

(Crystal continued to smile back)

Crystal: Let me say this nice and slow for you... We. Are. Both. Going. To. Florida. Together... Now, do you understand me?

(Rachel continues to look confused)

Rachel: But, how can that be?

Crystal: My mum spoke to your mum and it's all sorted.

Rachel: Wait… When was this?

Crystal: Does it matter..? In two weeks we are both going to Florida, for the weekend.

(Rachel slowly starts to smile)

Rachel: Wow!

(Rachel's smile slowly gets wider)

Rachel: How did your mum ever convince my parents?

(Crystal shrugs her shoulders)

Crystal: How did Kelly convince my mum?

Rachel: After what you did to Kelly, she sure is still being nice to you.

(Crystal's smile disappears)

Crystal: I don't think she was being nice... Maybe it was the only way to convince my mum to let me go.

Rachel: Kelly wouldn't go through all this much trouble just to yell at you.

Crystal: I know, that is why I'm worried.

Rachel: Didn't you ask your mum, what Kelly said?

Crystal: Of course, I did but she wouldn't tell me. Just sounded very happy about it.

Rachel: Yep, Kelly certainly as me confused but I sure can't wait to see this island.

(Crystal grins)

Crystal: You will love it; it's paradise.

Rachel: I can't wait.

Crystal: Just wait until you see how we are going to get there.

(Rachel looks confused)

Crystal: I didn't tell you that Rich and his brother, Steve, have their own boat.

(Rachel looks surprised)

Rachel: You mean to tell me that this guy Rich as a brother...

(Crystal starts to roll her eyes)

Rachel: Is this guy... Steve, hot?

Crystal: He's a married man... Now.

(Rachel looks disappointed)

Rachel: What do you mean when you say, now?

Crystal: He got married while I was in Florida.

Rachel: You never told me you went to a wedding.

Crystal: A lot has happened since then. It wasn't a big wedding, anyway.

Rachel: So what else happened to you over there?

Crystal: Nothing else... Nothing else, more important, anyway. Anyhow, you will get to see it all for yourself.

Rachel: So, this boat of theirs... Can it really travel to and from Florida?

Crystal: That's what Rich said. We will soon find out.

Rachel: It will take ages to travel by boat.

Crystal: I have no idea. At least, it's free for us.

(Rachel grins)

Rachel: Just think of all the times we can get free lifts to Florida.

Crystal: I don't know how things are going to be with Rich and me, yet.

Rachel: Well, I'm sure the baby will get to visit daddy, a lot.

(Crystal continues to smile back)

Crystal: And who said you would be coming with me.

Rachel: Are you kidding? The godmother will go everywhere with the baby.

(Crystal and Rachel both start laughing)

Rachel: And the baby will get two fathers.

Crystal: What are you going on about?

Rachel: When you and Jeff finally get married.

(They both continue laughing)

Crystal: You never give up, do you?

Rachel: I told you... I would have you and Jeff married before you know it.

Crystal: You always make it feel like a fairy tale.

Rachel: By the time, I'm finished... You and Jeff will live happily, ever after.

End of Scene Two