"Storm!" Iris groaned, burying her face into her pillow. "I'm trying to sleep!" she could hear the woman moving in the next room over.

"Oh, come on, Iris, it's past noon!" Storm replied with a snort, poking her head back into their bedroom.

"That's still too early!" Iris continued to whine, moving her face out of her pillow only to give Storm a pathetic look. Storm's only response was to roll her eyes. Usually, both of them were early birds, but ever since quarantine had started, Iris was starting to turn into a perpetual sleeper. Now, it was a rare day to see her up before the middle of the afternoon. Sometimes, she wouldn't even wake until dinner. (But that was due in part to how late she stayed up surfing the internet, since the only way to communicate with anyone anymore was through things like Zoom and Discord).

It felt like no matter the time of day, odds were always good that Iris would be curled up somewhere (most likely the bed) and sleeping.

"Oh, come on, Iris!" Storm sighed and shook her head. "You haven't left that bed in like a week straight!"

"First off, I'm tired. Second off, I have nothing else to do. Third off, I don't do anything straight!" came the muffled mumble and Storm had to smile at least a little at the joke. But the first half of Iris' sleepy spiel couldn't go unaddressed.

"I know that quarantine is a good time for sleeping in, but come on!" the taller, older woman insisted. The lump under the bedsheets did not move. "Part of your perpetual tiredness is because you're oversleeping!" Storm continued to lecture. Still no reply. "I know you're tired, but you'd probably feel better if you got up and moving!"

Finally, Iris replied, but it was just another mumbled moan of disagreement and discontent. Storm gave the sleepy woman a dry smirk.

"I have many methods at my disposal to wake you up," she warned. No reply. "Loud noises, shaking you, picking you up, taking the blankets away, pouring water on you…" Still no reply. "Very well then," Storm told the lump under the blanket. "But don't say that I didn't warn you…"

When Iris heard the sound of the bathroom sink's tap being turned on, she gave another tired groan, but because she knew that Storm would absolutely come back and pour whatever water she'd collected all over Iris, she forced herself to at least sit up. Even though Storm was the more mature and stoic of the two, she could still be very petty and surprisingly playful if the mood struck her.

"But why did it have to strike her right now?" Iris complained to herself as she clicked on her phone to check the time. 2:38 PM. Too early. Ugh…

"Oh, good, you're finally up," Storm teased as she walked back in with a large cup full of water. "I knew you'd see things my way!"

"You jerk," Iris replied. She was sitting up, but her eyes were still shut.

"C'mon, Iris," Storm walked deeper into the bedroom and set the cup down on the nightstand. "Time to get up and be productive!"

"But this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not be productive and not have it held against you!" Iris pleaded, eyes still shut.

"This is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually get our lives in order while the rest of the world is on standby," Storm countered.

For a moment, there was only silence, but then Iris heaved a deep sigh. Curse Storm and her perfectionist tendencies. She was a major Type A person, always trying to be productive. It was good for the more laidback Iris, but that didn't mean she always had to enjoy it. But, despite her reluctance, Iris still slowly, slowly, slowly pulled herself out of bed.

"It's been one second and I already want to go back to bed," she mumbled as soon as her feet hit the ground.

"Later," Storm replied. "Help me sort through our junk room. Half of it is your stuff anyway!" That was what Storm had been doing that woke Iris up. Since Storm liked being productive, and since she had nothing better to do, she decided to sort through their junk room that day.

Iris gave an unintelligible mumble in return, which only earned another smirk from Storm. Then the taller, older woman leaned in towards the smaller, younger one. Because her eyes were shut, she had no idea what was coming until Storm's lips were pressed against hers.

"HMMMPFFF!" Iris' eyes shot open in response to the kiss and Storm had to pull away because she just couldn't help but laugh.

"Ah! The most effective way to wake you up! That's good to know!" the blond roared with laughter while Iris could only stand there and blush.

"You jerk!" she cried, but she sounded very flustered. It didn't matter how long she and Storm had been together, getting caught off guard like that always made her feel mushy inside which, in turn, made her feel a little embarrassed.

"Ah, but you love me, don't you?" Storm winked and even though Iris wanted to deny it, she couldn't.

The pair spent the rest of the day cleaning the junk room together. It wasn't because the room was so messy they needed the whole day, though, it was because they spent a good chunk of the time just reminiscing over everything they found in the room. Or if they weren't taking trips down memory lane, they were just goofing off and having a good time, laughing and singing. They went back and forth picking songs to blast, teasing one another as they went through all the old junk they'd acquired over the years. Iris had to admit, it was a fun day.

Many hours later, though, the pair would be in bed once again.

"I told you sleep is the best thing ever!" Iris grinned as she and Storm snuggled up under the covers.

"You ain't sleeping in past noon anymore though," Storm warned her playfully.

"Awww, what? No!" Iris pretended to despair. "I was productive today! Isn't that enough for one month?"

"Nope!" Storm replied cheerfully. "Now you're doing it every single day from this day forward!"

"I swear I'm never sleeping with you again if you actually follow through with that," Iris growled. "And I mean that literally and innuendo-ly!"

"Besides, it's Pride Month," Storm continued, ignoring Iris' "threat". "Our month. Why would you want to sleep even a second of it away?"

"Well, if you ask me, half of the fun of Pride Month involves sleeping it away! That's how it's always been for us at least!" Iris replied, finally smirking a little bit, and once again, Storm couldn't help but laugh at that.

"Ok, fair enough," she said. "And I suppose that because you were indeed very productive today, we can indulge in some sleep tonight."

"What type?" Iris asked teasingly.

"Any type you want," Storm replied, leaning in closer to Iris.

"Well, you know me, I swing both ways," Iris laughed, leaning in closer to Storm. It was a very good night for both of them. Was it even a question why Iris liked sleeping (both kinds) so much?

AN: Based off of my actual sleeping habits. I stay up until 5-6 AM and then I sleep until noon or later.

My sleeping schedule was bad before, but quarantine has TOTALLY annihilated it. But that's just because, like Iris, I stay up until the wee hours on discord (or I'm writing fanfic). I also have no willpower, so earlier bed times are impossible. I'll keep my crappy sleep schedule, thank you very much, LOL.

But anyway, see you guys tomorrow! Happy Pride! (Again!)