The number of werewolf sightings has been on the rise since the last couple of years. Most of these sightings have been recorded in Wisconsin that many believe is the place where these frightening creatures originated. Amidst these horror stories surrounding werewolves, a young astronomer from Wisconsin named Harry Coumnas has taken this subject to a whole new level. The twenty-four year old who has successfully completed many space missions in the past has many revelations to startle you. He claims that during his last space mission in December 2019, he spotted a charcoal-grey colored planet with a massive population of werewolves. The view of the planet from his spacecraft was so scary that he couldn't dare land on it. However, he did make sure to take a good number of rounds around the planet to get a better view of its surface & activities of the werewolves.

While sharing his experience with the media, Harry Coumnas was quoted as saying, "A planet of werewolves was a spine-chilling view & I'd never ever forget it. What I saw perhaps surpassed my wildest imagination. "Coumnas has also clicked some images of the planet & will soon share them with the media.

About Harry Coumnas

Harry Coumnas is a twenty-four years old astronomer from Wisconsin who startled the world after claiming to have spotted a planet of werewolves during his recent space mission in December 2019. He held a press conference to share his experience with the media, and also said that he would soon be sharing some interesting pictures of the monstrous planet that he had clicked.