STEP #2: The Writer Wants to Know the Feeling of Holding Hands

I now have Sasahara as my practice boyfriend but...

WE HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING SINCE WE MET! It has been already two days, to be precise.

Darn it, why didn't we exchange LINE ID when we met?

W...wait! It's not a female's duty, it should be a man's! ᕙ( : ˘ ∧ ˘ : )ᕗ

"Good morning, Hayasaka. Looking tired, aren't we?" greeted Sasahara as I am walking towards the University gate.

"Well, yeah. I replied. "I haven't gotten enough sleep the past few nights since I am reviewing for the Midterm exams."

Though the fact is that I was rushing to finish the current volume of my latest story in order for me to focus on taking the challenge.

"What about you? You look sleepless too. Have you done a sex on phone with Sensei last night? Pretty bold, aren't we?"

"I told you to stop mentioning something like that when we are in the school. It will mean trouble if someone heard." whispered Sasahara. "Besides, I was up all night since I finished our drawing in interior designing."

Oh, that's right. He's an architecture student so it's a given that he is good in drawing stuff.

"Say Sasahara, have you experienced any romance in your past lif- I mean, before college?" I asked.

"No, I haven't." answered Sasahara.

Oh well, I'm done for.


"Quit screaming, for God's sake!" replied Sasahara. "Who put in this ordeal anyway? It was you, right?!"

"H...Hmp! T... That's right! You're blessed to have a pseudo girlfriend as someone like me. Hahaha!" ᕙ( : ˘ ∧ ˘ : )ᕗ

No wonder he doesn't make any move to me!

"And here I was hoping that you at least hold my hand..." I accidentally uttered.

"Then Hayasaka, want to hold hands with me?" requested Sasahara.

And it is this moment that my fluster levels increases by a hundred.

D...Did I say it loud?! Crap!

"W...W...What?! A...Are you stupid? We're inside the university!"

"Y...You asked for it but have a point! I'm so sorry!" apologized Sasahara.

Geez, why did he suddenly had the balls to ask that? I was shocked. (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

"I...I must go to my class now. See you later, Hayasaka." said Sasahara as he runs through their department building.

I still have an hour to spend, what should I do?

"Oh, Sakurako. Good morning." greeted Nanami.

"Good morning, Nanami. You sure are early as usual, huh?"

She is Fujisaki Nanami, my classmate and one of my best friends. S...She has the privilege of calling me in my first name.

"More importantly, who was that guy with you just now?" asked Nanami.

Crap, I still don't know what to answer!

"I...Is he your boyfriend?!" added Nanami.

"N...No! He's just a friend. Hehehe~"

I answered in a snap!

"That's rare of you to talk to another guy. Hmmm..." answered Nanami.

She's doubting me! I'm so sure of it!

"Okay, if you say so!" smiled Nanami.

Bwah, good thing she is a cheerful girl.

"He looks kind plus hot though, can you introduce me to him? (✯ᴗ✯)" insisted Nanami.


"I...Is he your type?!"

"Judging from what I saw earlier, yes he is! I want to know more about him!" revealed Nanami.

I...If those two actually converse, my actual plan might be completely foiled!

"Y...You can't! least for now..." I replied.

"Hmmmm, is it because he's your type too? Aw, Sakurako!" teased Nanami.

"Uhmm, no way in hell. (눈‸눈)"

"O...Okay, i...if you say so." replied Nanami.

"I mean his looks are somehow above average if I was to apply judgment, but he's not really my type."

"Then, there's no problem if I interact with him? Hmm?" insisted Nanami.

She really is stubborn, huh?!

"Sigh, and here I thought I can apply Emperor_Tatsuya's advice regarding romance. Ugh." added Nanami.

W...What?! She's reading that bogus author's work?! She hasn't even mentioned my pen name ever since we met! ಥ‿ಥ

T...Though I somehow understand coz she's like a common girl that doesn't read action series novels.

"So Sakurako, can I meet him when you guys are free? Hmm~?" requested Sakurako.

I guess I can't do anything about it. W..Well, I hope everything still goes smooth for me.

"S...Sure, whenever he is free."

"Yay! You really are my best friend! ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ" praised Nanami.

"Yeah, yeah. No problem, Nanami-sama."


My class schedule for today is done but right now, I am dealing with a usual thing.

"H...Hayasaka-san f...for this time, w...will you go out with me?!" confessed Ogata.

Ogata is a schoolmate of ours and he said before that he is from the Architecture Department. For the record, this has been his 6th confession to me.

He called me out again in the university backyard but unlike the past confessions, we are alone this time.

I mean, he is a showy guy. He likes attention around him because he thinks he is handsome and cool. (To be honest, he is.)

"Please hear me out! I like you so much since the day I saw you!" added Ogata.

M...My brother, you always say that when you confess.

Anyway, I have really no interest on him. To be truthful, he is my type. But I can strongly he's not really for me.

Sorry Ogata, here's to another rejection scene.

"My apologies Ogata, but I still can't accept your confession."

I hope this will transcend peacefully as before.

"Why..." said Ogata.



I...Is he going to wreck havoc here?!


T...There are important circumstances, Ogata-san. HEHE.

More importantly, he is unleashing his frustration right now. He might do something to me. I need to get away from here.

"H...HAYASAKA-SAN, W...WHY CAN'T YOU LIKE ME BACKKKK?!" screamed Ogata as he grips on my shoulder.

"Hands off, you're hurting me!"

"W...WHO IS SASAHARA HARUHIKO TO YOU?! WHY IS HE SUPERIOR TO ME?!" screamed Ogata continuously.

This is starting to become a scene. I need to settle this!

"I... It's because Sasahara is my boyfriend!" I shouted.

Shit, my voice just echoed!

I just hope this stops the fiasco.

"I DON'T BELIEVE IT. IF HE REALLY IS YOUR BOYFRIEND, THEN HE'LL SAVE YOU FROM ME, RIGHT?!" said Ogata as his eyes are filled with anger.

Ogata presses me against the wall and starts attempting to smell me in the neck.

"" I pleaded.

"Hmmm, you smell so good, Hayasaka-san. Totally fragrant!" said Ogata as he started to touch my thighs.

Shit, I am so frozen in fear. This brings back extremely bad memories. I...I want to cry.

In the moment of despair, a ray of hope arises.

"HOLD IT!" shouted Sasahara from the second floor window.


"Flying... PUNCH!" attacked Sasahara as he jumps from the window.

Seriously, did he just jump from the second floor?! He successfully hit Ogata in the face, making his lips bleeding.

"S...Sasahara Haruhiko, how dare you!" threatened Ogata.

"Hey, hey, hurting or harassing women are not included in the Ethics of the Law and the Men Community, remember?" asked Sasahara.

"I don't care anymore! Hayasaka is mine!" yelled Ogata as he approaches to attack Sasahara.

Sasahara just casually punches Ogata in the face as he dared to attack, bringing him down.

"You have no attack tactics, just straight on charging. Sucks to be a rich, spoiled boy, aren't we?" mocked Sasahara.

"How dare you... How dare you! You're just a peasant, how could you punch someone as elite as I?!" replied Ogata.

"If I ever see someone being hurt, especially women, I tend to get super angry with the oppressor." glared Sasahara. "Actually, I should add the word "extremely" if you mess with my girlfriend, bastard shithead!"

H...He looks... cool.

"I will never believe it, how can a peasant like you be the boyfriend of someone as elegant as Hayasaka-san?!" doubted Ogata.

"Maybe this will be a good proof." said Sasahara as he suddenly KISSES me in the lips.


T...This can't be...

"Well, do you believe us now?" asked Sasahara.

"I...Impossible... Impossible!" shouted Ogata as he runs away from the scene.

"Let's go away from here, Hayasaka. It's not good if you cause too much drama out here." suggested Sasahara as he HOLDS my hand while we leave the backyard.

"Y... Yeah."



"H...hold a minute, Sasahara!"

"Hmm? What's the matter?" asked Sasahara.

"Don't "What's the matter?" me! Why did you k...kiss me?!"

"I...I had no choice! He wouldn't believe me so I did it!" replied Sasahara.

He's totally blushing, and I am in the same position too.

"Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! You just stole my first kiss!"

"S... Sorry about that! I can't think of anything more believable so..." apologized Sasahara.

Sigh, I guess I'll forgive him. He save me from trouble and probably it will stop Ogata's obsession towards me.

"Thank you, Sasahara. You saved me." I commended.

"N...No problem." replied Sasahara.

I am glad this guy is fine, after that exhibition he did.

"By the way Hayasaka, c...can you help me go to the infirmary?" requested Sasahara.

"Why? What's the matter?"

"M...My right foot... it hurts!" screamed Sasahara in pain.

H... He's not fine at all! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

"Who even jumps from that high, anyway?! Let's go, I'll lend you my shoulder!"

"T...Thank you... Aw!" reacted Sasahara as he tries to walk whole being assisted by me.

Good grief, guess I might start writing the first chapter soon. (◍•ᴗ•◍)