Mallory shook with fear. She stood in a graveyard, reading graves. She came upon one with a name that looked very fresh, and when she read it, Mallory stood and stared. Her nameā€¦ Mallory Schwartz.

She woke up in her bed and breathed a sigh of relief. She was not dead, it was just a dream. Mallory suddenly saw this was not her bed she was lying in. It was made of wood, and had a roof. Mallory screamed as she realized she was in a coffin. Unfortunately, with the soundproof walls, her grieving family didn't not hear her in between sobs. The dirt was piled onto her and she pounded on the coffin, but it was too late. Mallory was lowered into the ground all the way and she had no time left. She gasped for air, and Mallory took her last breath.