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The first night wasn't easy for anyone. First of all, they all had to arrange where they were sleeping. Miracle and Blaze were going to be in their usual bed with Auburn since he insisted on it. Flare was going to be sleeping on the couch with Shadow but Flare resisted and slept on the small rollaway bed that was usually reserved for Blaze when he switched to one of his other personalities. Shadow didn't really care and just slept on the couch since there was no where else for him to go.

Sleeping wasn't easy that night. Auburn kept both Blaze and Miracle up with how much he talked. Shadow got cold due to the lack of blanket he had. Flare, however, seemed to be the only one that got a good night's sleep since she was bright eyed and bushy tailed by morning while the rest were all sleep deprived. That morning, Blaze had to have a serious talk with everyone.

"Alright, so here's the story. Miracle and I have been trying to move out of here for a while and housing is going to get more expensive since we need to house you guys as well. Therefore, ALL OF YOU NEED JOBS!" Blaze explained, seating himself on the couch after eating his breakfast.

"Already got one. I do programming jobs from home." Shadow commented, chewing on a piece of burnt toast.

"Same here. I model on Tintagram and I do stand up comedy every night that I'm not at a party." Flare said, looking down at her phone while waiting for her toast to pop.

"He was talking about real jobs, you idiot." Shadow sighed, getting up to put his plate in the sink. Flare made a 'tch' sound and returned to making her toast.

"Well, I don't have a job..." Auburn mentioned, looking in his toy chest for his panda toy. Miracle told Auburn about an opening at a toy store and his eyes lit up in excitement.

"What's your job Mirie?" Auburn asked, taking the toy panda out of his toy chest and placing it on the floor.

"I don't have one. Nobody wants to hire me because my health is bad." Miracle answered, crouching down beside Auburn to see what he was doing.

The room went quiet - nobody sure of whether it was because there was nothing else to talk about or if it was just that nobody wanted to bring up any questions about Miracle's health since they all knew how bad it was. This silence was almost unbearable but was soon interrupted by a knock at the door.

"That'd be Riku. He said he was going to bring someone over to examine you guys as well as help get everyone separate birth certificates if nothing can be done to reverse the split." Miracle explained, heading towards the door to answer it. She then came back with Riku and two older men who were both roughly in their 30's.

"Hey there. I don't know if all of you will recognize me but I'm Riku, Miracle's older brother. I'm the one who technically caused the split so now my coworker is going to see if anything can be done. If not, our friend from the Civil Registry will create separate birth certificates for all of you." Riku declared, gesturing to the two older men behind him.

The first older man, the one from Riku's company, seemed very excited over seeing the result of the split. He examined everyone closely and even got excited when he saw physical differences such as Flare's body type or Shadow's dyed hair. He did various personality tests, physical examinations and even memory tests. Each result was different for each personality. After about 2 hours of these tests, it was decided that nothing could be done to reverse the split and that the personalities would now have to live their lives as separate people.

The second man, the one from Civil Registry, was a little calmer. He pulled each of the personalities aside and asked them for simple details. It was decided that they would all have separate birthdays which would be the day their personality first appeared. Blaze kept his original birthday - October the 8th - while the rest had to go with other dates but all were kept in the same year since they were all the same age. Flare changed her birthday to the 5th of August - the day Blaze and his parents had moved into a new house. Auburn's birthday was registered as the 4th of March - the day Blaze and Miracle had a big fight. Finally Shadow was registered as being born on the 15th of November - the day of Blaze's mothers' initial divorce.

After a total 6 hours of tests and birth certificate registration, Riku and the two men left and everyone was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. By that time, it was too late for anyone to go to work so they all had a relaxing day doing whatever they wanted. Miracle spent about an hour helping Auburn find a job then started making dinner when the two had finished. Auburn applied for about five jobs then decided that was enough and started watching some afternoon cartoons. Shadow went into his room and instead of relaxing, he started working on some code for a project he had going on. Blaze and Flare decided to get to know each other a little bit better by going to the gym where Blaze did an actual workout while Flare stood there taking selfies with some of the equipment. When they got back from the gym, Miracle had some exciting news to tell Blaze.

"So a house just got put up for $250,000. It has two bathrooms and three bedrooms meaning two of your personalities are going to have to share a room. It's a cheap one and all we would need is a small mortgage you want to go for it?" Miracle explained, showing Blaze the house on her laptop.

"It looks nice but probably needs some renovations. Could you book a viewing? It's probably best to see it in person." Blaze said, looking through the pictures of the house. Miracle nodded and turned the laptop around so she could contact the seller. Blaze sat down on one of the stools, watching her and waiting for the reply.

"Why do we have to move to another house, Mirie?" Auburn asked, taking his eyes off the cartoons to look at Miracle and Blaze in the kitchen.

"First of all, we've kind of outgrown the place since you guys arrived. Also, Miracle and I are thinking about marriage and kids soon so we needed a new place anyway because this place doesn't allow young children due to noise restrictions." Blaze answered, turning his stool around to face Auburn. Auburn nodded and went back to their cartoons. Shadow emerged from the bedroom shortly after and plopped himself on the couch beside Auburn with his phone in his hand.

"Whatcha doing?" Auburn asked, looking at the screen of Shadow's phone to see what he was doing.

"I'm just texting someone. Go away and stop being so annoying." Shadow grunted. Auburn looked away sadly. He was just trying to be friends with Shadow but Shadow obviously didn't want anything to do with him. Auburn's eye's filled with tears as the mental damage dug deep into him. Shadow noticed this and sighed, pulling Auburn closer to him.

"You want to play a game on my phone or something?" He said, putting his phone on one of the games he had before passing it to Auburn.

"What do I do?" Auburn asked, staring down at the phone which displayed a blocky landscape.

"You basically just build a house, get some weapons, try to survive and all that stuff." Shadow explained, grabbing the TV remote and changing the channel to something less childish.

"I died." Auburn said with a monotone voice, handing the phone back to Shadow.

"What happened?" Shadow asked, looking at the screen in confusion.

"I tried to make friends with the big nose guy but the big giant hit me and I died." Auburn explained, curling himself into a tight ball.

"It's okay. You just press the respawn button and you can play again." Shadow pointed out, handing the phone back to Auburn. Auburn's eyes lit up again as he took the phone and started playing again.

"Y'know what? I think those two would make decent roommates." Miracle said to Blaze, watching Auburn and Shadow from the kitchen. Blaze nodded and smiled as he watched Shadow teach Auburn all about how to play the mobile game. Hopefully, we'll all get along some day. Blaze thought to himself as he laid his head on his hand and looked at the house on his phone.


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