2020 aka can't breathe

Its a coincidence that


Became the cry

Became the chant

As the world suffered


At the hands of a disease

That tears apart your lungs

And I find it curious

Because that statement is ambiguous

Were you killed simply by a virus

Or under someone's knee?

Frankly if its the latter

That makes it all the sadder

This is different from before

Something's changed

In the air

Society's on hold so

It's time to overthrow

A revolution's

As essential

As the medical profession

When the powerful refuse to listen

Or be beneficial

In providing safe conditions

If every life

Is one that matters

Give them shelter

Give them healthcare

In a global fucking pandemic

How do people still not get it?

When it's plain for all to see

Who the virus effects disproportionately

And I know I'm not much better

Just an ignorant white savior

Who's trying to learn to not be

But this isn't about me

It's about those who face oppression daily

And the system that won't save them

While claiming it is morally superior

That the bad parts are just outliers

But the system put them in danger

So they're right to express anger

Don't you dare condemn the violence

If you think protestors started it

You celebrate your nation's independence

And you sure like having rights

Historically, it seems

Civil disobedience

Is the key ingredient

To getting what you need

From people that care more about property

There bangs in the distance

So I pray for the resistance

To no one

Because we killed him

And this year is his revenge

Or maybe there is a god

And this is what he looks like

Social distancing

Was our opportunity to reflect

But there was nothing we could do

So we ordered take-out food

Put to work the people who are dying

Or barely surviving

While we thrived in isolation

Until the boredom set in

And a man went to the beach

Even though it was illegal

He was put on the news

In an interview


A man was shot and killed for jogging

The only crime there

Was murder

The only difference between them was melanin

When will it sink in

Like the pathogen

That can't be cured

While its so tightly connected

To this country's sickness

As long as there's no cure for them

There can be no cure for you

I hope right now we are all witness

To a vaccinatory coup


I had to put this in writing

Because my voice went into hiding

To speak I must invoke

So many words it makes me