The Bulwark Protector's & The Rise of the Death Knight


Long ago, when the great war that ravaged the lands of Aurora had begun to settle and the Iron Pact had been formed, the capital city of Strothengarde was left defenceless. Its mighty walls were brought down during the war when the Astristan armies attacked. The Lord of Strothengarde, Von Kane the 3rd, had hired a group of heavily armored mercenaries to protect the city as the walls were being rebuilt.

This same group of heavily armored mercenaries would soon become an order known as The Bulwark Protectors. They were revered for protecting against any and all threats that were to attack Strothengarde during its moment of weakness. Forces from the pompous Astristan army were held back by the Bulwark Protectors, and even the savage barbarians from Ulaktos didn't stand a chance against their mighty defence and shield wall tactics.

After years of service, when the walls of Strothengarde were finally restored, The Lord of Strothengarde finally released the Bulwark Protectors from duty, disbanding the legendary order that had kept Strothengarde from falling as its walls were being rebuilt. All the Bulwarks accepted this. They returned to the life of mercenaries; getting paid to protect caravans, people of high class and great importance, and etc.

It wasn't until the discovery of Magic and the Magus rebellion when the Bulwark Protectors were called back into service once more, but that story is for another time. After the Magus rebellion and the signing of The Magus Code, Wizards and Mages were finally accepted around the world. But many still feared and hated them. The fear that was held was a result of the immense power that they hold and can abuse. The hatred to be found was because it was them that had caused many to suffer.

Months later, a massacre ensued. Almost all of the casualties were Mages and Wizards. Of course, the thought of someone out there targeting Mages and Wizards before killing them put all Magic users on edge. The bodies found were brutally mauled and dissected in half quite possible from a large cutting weapon. At first many thought that there was an extremist group that truly hated magic users, but soon they would discover that it wasn't a group at all. No, it was but one man that performed these horrible acts.

After the mass slaughter of the Mages and Wizards, there was only one survivor, a young Mage by the name of Loren Holgersson who recovered only recently and decided to tell Lord Von Kane the 3rd what had happened. She had witnessed her fellow scholars being cut down by a colossal knight. The knight's armor had resembled that of the Bulwark Protectors, though it was black in color and the Knight wielded no shield. Instead, he wielded a large blade taller than the average man and as wide as a shield. This sparked an interest within the Bulwark Protectors and the Lord of Strothengarde as they heard Loren's tale, but they were more interested about what the Knight wore. Loren continued to recount the tragic events.

Magic spells glanced off his heavy armor, his massive blade cut through flesh like a hot knife through butter. Worst of all, his blood lust remained unquenched. She could see the fury in the Knight's eyes behind his helmet; she could feel his menacing aura from where she hid. She could easily tell that this Knight will leave nothing but death in his wake. But not too far from the Knight was a cloaked figure. She could scarcely make out who it was but obviously the figure was watching the colossal Knight as he slaughtered those who remained.

The People of Strothengarde and within the circle of Magic wielders, have dubbed the warrior as; The Death Knight.

Strothengarde took the Death Knight as a serious threat and so did all Mages and Wizards, but from the information they had learned from Loren, magic wouldn't work against the Knight and blades would have an even lesser effect.