This is my first actual story, ive written fanfiction before, but this is the first time im actually posting on this site!
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I felt a tingle run down my spine every time my mind drifted back to my group of 'friends'... I guess that's what one might have called them anyway. We represented the seven deadly sins of humanity, my sin is Envy, but my given birth name was Ryan. I couldn't hate myself more for it either. I had killed all five of my siblings, my father included, in a fit of jealous rage. I had gotten Demigod status several weeks before the so-called 'accidental' house fire and the feeling of superiority and power had gone to my head, leaving me thinking I was invincible. As a result I had fallen into the dark recesses of my mind before I could even blink, becoming the representation of one of the seven deadliest sins of humanity. The tattoo that marked me took up my whole back, the blood red ink painting a picture of a dragon across my shoulder blades and around my ribs. After becoming the sin of envy I had my name changed to Chaos, but not entirely by choice. This is my story.

The sun always seemed to hang harshly over the outdoor food court that belonged to the local mall, a few clouds floated lazily overhead. This caused the sun blink in and out of sight as I leaned back to stare up. I give a lazy glance to the humans sitting around, eating, talking, mingling, and the few people just staring at their tiny computers… a concept I still had yet to grasp.. My obnoxiously colored blue hair spills over my back, aside from the two long braids resting on my shoulders, the hair draped across my back was pulled back into a cloth covered rubber band I had stolen from a Dollar Tree. A blue flannel was fixed around my waist and a pink tank top hung loosely on my skinny frame. I was wearing worn down, faded, skinny jeans and I had a pair of dirty, worn down lilac Converse on my feet.

As I people-watch my mind drifts back to the day I committed my sin and I close my eyes with a heavy sigh. It's been 60 years to the day. I opened my eyes once more, jerking back in shock as a mall security guard stood only a few feet from me, looking obviously annoyed with something… or someone, in my case.

"I've gotten four complaints about you staring at and making other shoppers uncomfortable, so I'm going to have to ask you to leave the premises," he speaks up after a moment of looking me up and down. I let out an irritating grin, watching him grit his teeth as I lift my thin frame up from the chair I had been occupying. Sitting down my legs folded easily under me and now I towered over the man by almost a whole foot. It brought great joy when I noticed that he visibly pales before stalking away. I give another sigh, now that my fun had been ruined I was going to leave. It wasn't fun if people were 'tattling' as one might have said in the.. First grade? I shrug the thought off and start to walk away. I headed out of town and walked with the river until I reached a heavily overgrown wooded path that led deep into an unnamed forest, I called it the dumbest place on earth, which spanned several acres of land.

I walk for almost an hour, the path silent from the animals and birds being terrified of me, and the six other sins, who I'll introduce later. I blink up at a single brave bird flying over my head before I hear the commotion of arguing and fighting before I see the fire encased in ice, two identical looking demonic twins growling in anger as their tails lashed behind them, thin whips with tufts of fur adorning the tips. Those two once fought for three days straight, not seeming to get tired and never stopping to eat, sleep, drink, or go to the bathroom. It was almost scary, almost, seeing them collapse after the fight was done. They were the sins of Gluttony and Lust, biological fraternal twins.

I decided to ignore the two as I enter my cabin, shutting and locking the door behind me. The cabin was really just an old shed that I fixed up and hung a hammock in. There was a small chest with clothes in it tucked into one of the corners, leaving lots of empty floor space, which had a fine layer of dust on it, besides the trail I obviously used daily. I slide my shoes off easily and roll back into the hanging bed, the padded cloth forming to the shape of my hips and shoulders as I close my eyes for a nap. My dreams were haunted by the memories of my sin and I jerked awake, deciding that a nap maybe wasn't the best thing for me right now.

I gave a weak sigh, my body felt heavy and I wanted to sleep for once. I didn't need to sleep, but it made me feel more... human. Something I wished I hadn't taken for granted when I had still been human; Ryan was stupid, Ryan didn't listen to anyone, Ryan always got in trouble. Chaos was smarter than Ryan, but Chaos still didn't listen. Chaos caused chaos on purpose. I hated Chaos and Ryan, but I didn't get to pick. I had to be Chaos or Ryan, and I killed Ryan. My thoughts trail back to killing and before I knew it I was getting physically sick into the brush behind my shed. Someone soon moved behind to me, rubbing my back and shoulders gently. I glanced up after wiping my face to see Kellir, she was like the mother of our group.

"You should come to talk to me when you're feeling upset, even if you are a demigod, you can still die if you don't take care of yourself," she starts to lecture me about caring for myself, a common occurrence as of lately. I roll my eyes when I think she is looking away, yelping when her hand swings up from my lower back to smack the back of my head. I duck my head, blushing as I realize I had gained the attention of my family, even the twins had stopped fighting to laugh at me.

"I'm glad I have your support," I growl in annoyance, standing up and brushing off Kellir, whose wings flutter dangerously, showing her own annoyance.

"Then maybe you should accept us more," Kellir glances to me slightly before folding her iridescent wings behind her. She had been trying for years to get me to open up, the rest of the Sins did, too, but she seemed most determined because I was the newest member of the group. I glance down at the irate looking fairy, who was glaring up at me, trying to bully me into backing down. It was almost humorous the way the four and a half foot fairy thought she was bigger than everyone. I noticed I had all six pairs of eyes trained on me now.

Before I get too into explaining my family, maybe it would help if I explained how I ended up joining this pack of inhuman miscreants. I'm not going to go into too many details… but basically I didn't like any of them, but without aging it was hard to fit into normal society without moving every few years. I did fight against joining the group until Kelir put up some kind of spell to prevent me from leaving the forest, forcing me to stay. I gave in and quickly claimed the aforementioned shed as my own. Once I had given in, officially joining the sins with the large dragon across my back. The tattoo wasn't the actual thing, it just kinda appeared after I agreed to join. Only then had Kelir dropped her spell and I brought things to make the small shed mine. There was an actual house most of the other sins lived in, but I stubbornly stayed in my shed. While she wasn't the leader, almost everyone looked up to her because she was like the mother of the group; as she was the oldest.

"You didn't have to hit me," I growl, rubbing the back of my head as I glared down at the angry fae. Before I could even try to speak again I find myself sprawled out on my back, a groan escaping my lips. Sloth was standing just behind her, arms folded over his chest. He was usually the more laid back of the sins, but decided recently that he'd become just as sick of my shit as everyone else.

Sloth was a special case, he just claimed he had no memories of his past life, going by the name of his sin instead. He kept his hair tied back into a rubber band, his eyes were solid yellow with a black pupil, similar to that of a cat. His hair was silver as he became a sin late in his life, being a sin made him immortal just a few minutes short of dying from a mortal wound, which showed in the form of a large scar across his throat. He had never really bothered with getting involved in my situation, but Kelir knew him before he had died, so they were pretty close. She refused to spill the old man's secret, much to my annoyance.

"Actually I did, everyone here is tired of the whole 'woe is me'" he acted pathetic for a few seconds before straightening back up, "Act like the man I know you are, Ryan," he hisses and narrows his eyes at me, clearly threatening me and it worked, I took the bait. Unfortunately for the silver haired man, no one in the group knew what abilities I actually possessed, letting them all think for ten years that I was just a sin with no powers, which would be entirely wrong of them to just assume. The glint in my eye finally makes the others actually step back when I look up, fangs bared at Sloth.

"I don't answer to any one of you! I didn't even want to be here!" I snarled dangerously, "Don't start something you won't be able to finish, Old Man," I hissed the next part, waiting for the other man to move first, He was extremely dangerous, but only when he had some kind of sword or even a knife. His abilities allowed him to focus spells through his weapon, but he was useless without it. I knew he always carried a dagger of some kind, but a dagger wouldn't be able to stop me from burning the flesh off of his body in seconds. Jayden, one of the twins, would be the only one I couldn't fight due to both of us having an immunity to fire.

"What did you call me, Boy? I don't think you want to fight-!" I cut him off before he could finish, kicking off of the ground and ramming my head into his chest, hearing the air rush out of his lungs and he lay breathlessly on the ground, gasping for air. I was able to take him out and keep my abilities hidden, I never wanted to use my powers for anything. I wished I could go back to living as a human.

The other five members of our group were staring at me now as I towered over the man, who still laid prone on the hard dirt of the forest floor. Kellir was fuming, imagine little smoke clouds rolling out of her ears now, I grinned internally at the thought. I kept a straight face through it all, seeming bored actually to the watching group. They seemed horrified that I had actually maliciously attacked another member of our… THE group. I had to correct myself in my head, growling internally at the thought.

Sloth finally gets back to his feet, clearly pissed off, leaves and dirt stuck to the back of the immortal. I finally cracked a grin at his fury after a few seconds. My head was throbbing horribly, but I ignored it in favor of continuing my fight, finally done being treated like a baby. I might be the youngest of the group, but in reality I was the most dangerous because of my unpredictability and unknown powers. I was young and had no idea how to control them, preferring to just keep ignoring that half of myself and trying to live as a human still. It was why Sloth and I never got along, Being 300 years older than me almost exactly, he was the oldest Sin in the group.

From this point on Sloth slowly realized he made a mistake as I was much faster and way more agile than him. I was eternally stuck as a teenager whereas I knew he occasionally complained about being stiff as due to being stuck at the stage of a normal 55-60 year old man, with a lot less of the health risks faced by normal humans. He had maybe 50 pounds more than myself, but I was taller by seven inches. Just as we get ready to actually start a violent fight, we are both grabbed from behind.

As soon as we both were restrained, by the twins, we gave up our fight. I sink to my knees as im released again, growling under my breath about how irritating, 'the lot of you were,' I stand up and brush off before storming off, disappearing back up the trail towards the human town, my hair waving behind me slightly with how fast I was moving away from the clearing I called 'home'. The whole group irritated me, they always had to step in when i was finally ready to fight and it was starting to get on my nerves, Sloth was the only one who got on my nerves and i'm sure the feeling was mutual with how he always talked to me, despite it not being very often that we actually saw each other as he preferred to sleep all day while I prefered to sleep at night, so he usually was never up when I was anyway. Of course today had to be the day he was up when I come back.

Kellir might always be there to help me, but it wasn't like I wanted her to be there, sure I appreciated the comfort. But I didn't want the help, she always just appeared out of nowhere whenever I had some kind of issue, I was starting to think she was using some kind of spell to track my health or location or something. I sighed out loud now, letting my shoulders relax as I walked, finally enjoying the silence of the forest around me as I got further and further from the clearing. Just as I started to see the exit, I was stopped by an invisible wall. It was familiar in so many ways and I wanted to scream in frustration, knowing the aforementioned Fae must just be worried about the humans safety if I accidentally lost control around them.

She adored the humans, which was why, as our 'mother' she laid rules out for when we had to deal with humans. We never had the issue of hunters because no animal would even enter the woods with the rest of the sins still residing in that cursed clearing. Animals could sense that a stronger predator than them was nearby and avoided the area, besides the occasional bird that got brave enough to fly overhead.

"Kellir i'll give you five seconds to take this wall down or i'll do it myself!" I knew the Fae was close, turning and growling as my normally pale eyes glowed with a dangerous shade of red.

"I can't do that, you're too worked up right now!" she was around 50 feet in the air, hovering almost silently as she watched me, "you could hurt a human and we could be discovered, I cannot risk our families safety!" She adds after a moment of thought.

"You say that, but I don't want to be here," I laughed dryly before growling again, "Take. The. Wall. Down." I responded harshly, ignoring the hurt look the fae took on. I knew she cared for me, but I didn't want to stick around anymore.

"We want you here, even Sloth, you just won't let us in.." The pink haired fae lands hesitantly, but keeps her distance from me despite her words.

"You only want me here because I attacked Sloth, Bastard needed to be knocked down a few pegs, I don't care how long he's been around," I knew she would use something like his age against me in an argument for why I 'shouldn't have done what I did'.

"You don't know anything about him!" She snaps back at me, we both stay silent and I knew she was waiting for me to reply. I stubbornly kept my mouth shut, refusing to back down to the woman who was almost half my size. She gives a disappointed sigh, "Just come back and we can talk it out, I promise we won't push for anything personal, but you and Sloth need to talk out whatever this tension is," She adds after realizing I wasn't going to talk. Everyone could tell that Sloth and I got on each other's nerves when we both happened to be awake at the same time.

"Let me out." I gave no room for argument, cutting her off as soon as she tried to speak and repeating myself louder, turning to slam my fist against the invisible wall.

It was silent only a moment before it sounded like glass shattering, I had been leaning against the wall before it had exploded into nothing and I stumbled forward with a surprised yelp, finding myself on my hands and knees in a matter of seconds. I didn't waste any time, getting up and immediately running towards the town, Kellir couldn't catch me if I ran and I knew with the humans around she wouldn't fly to chase me down. I faintly heard her calling for me to come back, but I ignored her. The tattoo along my back tingles and burns painfully as I continue to run away from the treeline, not stopping until I was on the other side of the town along the sandy beach filled with humans in their disgusting excuses for swimwear.

I stopped to watch the water splash onto the store while i got my heavy breathing under control. Seagulls were all leaving the area in a panic, dogs barking and growing fearful as they saw me. I didn't want to cause too much of a disturbance so once I was only breathing a little quicker than normal, I moved on.

Continuing to pant softly, looking for any kind of convenience or party stores. I finally spotted one about a block up and headed in that direction, I stepped into the air conditioned shop and looked around, locating everything I might need for a few days. I wasn't planning on rejoining the sins after that fight with sloth, I finally had enough. If Kellir couldn't stop me with her magic, then it meant I was one of the more powerful, if not the most powerful of The Group. I found a drawstring souvenir bag and loaded my stuff onto the counter with it to pay, stuffing everything inside to throw it onto my back once I had finished.

"So uhm… are you some kind of cosplayer..?" The woman behind the counter asks as I start to move away.

"Uh no, just contacts.." I responded, still feeling irritated from earlier. I ignore her as I continue out of the store, the breeze blowing my long ponytail to the side and making my dirt stained clothes ruffle slightly around my thin frame.