Protectors Of Society

Chapter 1, The Reformation


By A Group Named Puddles

At the age of 13, a boy by the name of Kettei Meishu created a gang called "The United Front" which was made mainly to bring all the different gangs together and become one big group. He wanted to get rid of gang warfare and make the world a peaceful place. He decided that maybe if he could convince the other gangs to join up with him then there would be no more conflicts and the world would be rid of the threat of gang warfare. Unfortunately, many of the members had their own way of going about this. Some wanted to take down the other gangs by fighting. Others thought they should just focus on themselves and not worry about other gangs. This caused big inner turmoil which caused the gang to break apart into two factions. One faction was called "The Rebel Cardinal Association" while the other faction was called "The Flaming Tigers Brotherhood." After the two factions were made and the gang split apart, Kettei realized that he couldn't stay anymore. He decided to disband the remaining members of the gang but those of the two new factions stayed and went to war with each other. Kettei and the other members of The United Front went silent for fifteen years until Kettei decided to give it another go. He started the gang back up but with a different name and rules. The name is the P.O.S or the Protectors Of Society. The rules and goals were different though. Their rules were to be loyal, participate in everything possible and let the gang know if you won't be able to participate, always stick up for anyone being bullied, and you must pledge an oath that you agree with the goals that the gang is trying to accomplish. Five of his old members decided to join back up with him when he gave the word. They had plenty of smaller goals like still stopping gang warfare everywhere and helping out people but their main goal was to ensure the safety of everyone in the world. This is the story of a gang of friends trying to protect the small town of Adachi and maybe even the world.

Protectors Of Society

Chapter 1, The Reformation

Passage 1, The Beginning

By A Group Named Puddles

Kettei was walking down the street one day after getting home from work. He had a black coat on with the hood up and his hands in his pockets. It was storming outside. He walked past rundown buildings, shops, and streets. He entered into a bar, water dripping off his clothes. The bar itself looked rundown also. The sign which held the name of the bar, "The Hidden Vine" as it was so cleverly called because it was pretty much hidden, was hanging off the side of the building. The windows were dirty and cracked, the door had holes and rats ran around the place almost in packs. He hung the coat up and sat down. A man cleaning bottles looked at Kettei in confusion. "Yo, what are you doing here? Lose your way home again?" The man chuckles setting the bottle back on the shelf where all the other bottles were stored. Kettei chuckles and looks at the barman.

"Nah not this time. Just too stormy. Don't wanna get sick so I came in here." Kettei says. The barman turns around to look at him. He crosses his arms and leans on the table bar table.

"We aren't a home you know? You can't keep coming in here whenever it gets bad out." The barman says sternly. Kettei just smiles and speaks.

"Yeah yeah I know. I'll try and stop that habit Okate." Kettei says. Okate, who is the barman that Kettei was speaking to, smiled.

"Good. Now since you're here, you want anything?" Okate says. Kettei just waves his hand in a dismissive manner.

"Nah I couldn't-!?" Kettei was interrupted by a gunshot near where the bar was. Both Okate and Kettei looked outside and saw a man walk out of a rundown, broken building, holding a gun. He ran away from the building. He was wearing a black bandana with a black handkerchief around his neck. Okate just shakes his head.

"There's just no end to it. The violence between gangs just keeps getting worse and worse." Okate says going back to work as if nothing happened. Kettei wasn't really surprised that Okate didn't pay much attention to it. Kettei himself didn't even pay much attention to it but deep down in his heart he was angered by it. The town that him and Okate live in has been filled with gangs fighting ever since he was born. Okate then begins to talk. "You know Kettei, I've been wondering something?" Kettei turns around, smiles, then speaks.

"Oh yeah? And what's that?" Kettei says. Okate had a serious look on his face while cleaning a bottle.

"What would have happened if we really could have liberated the world of gangs?" Okate says. Kettei looks at Okate with a mix of shock and confusion. Okate begins speaking again. "The United Front was made to help rid everyone from the violence of gangs. That's why I joined. But we only made it worse. Instead of stopping gang warfare in Adachi we just made it grow." Okate was speaking the truth and Kettei knew that. Kettei then decided to cut in.

"I was young. I had no idea how to run a gang, let alone stop others from fighting." Kettei looked down at the table with a look of sorrow on his face.

"You aren't the only one to blame. Everyone played a part in the divide of The United Front. Everyone had their own ideals and it tore us apart." Okate said, still cleaning dirty bottles. Okate was telling the truth. The United Front was an old gang that Kettei and Okate used to be a part of. It was formed with the sole purpose of ridding their small county of Adachi from gang warfare. The group grew quite a bit and soon it became one of the biggest gangs in all of Japan. Unfortunately with more numbers came more problems. Many of their members became idealistic and greedy. They wanted to rid the county of gang warfare in their own way. Some wanted to fight and demolish the gangs completely, others wanted to make the gangs work for them by showing their superiority by fighting. The United Front was then split into two different groups. They were known as "The Rebel Cardinal Association" which were the ones who wanted to make the gangs work for them, and "The Flaming Tigers Brotherhood" which were the ones who wanted to destroy the gangs by killing them. The problems escalated and soon a civil war broke out within The United Front. Kettei, who was too young and inexperienced to stop the war, decided to leave the gang along with some other loyal members including Okate. The United Front was disbanded.

"It's been fifteen years since that happened." Kettei mumbles. Kettei then begins to think of where he went wrong. Then something clicks in his head. He gasps and stands up which catches the attention of Okate.

"What's wrong man? You look excited." Okate says with a worried face. Kettei looks at his hands and begins speaking, looking like an adventurer who found lost treasure.

"It was because I was too young. I wasn't mature enough at the time." Kettei says. Okate continues to look at him with a worried face.

"You sure you're good man? I can get you some water if you-!?" Okate was then cut off by Kettei. Kettei looked up quickly at Okate which takes Okate off guard.

"I'm older now! I can do it! I can try again!" Kettei yells. Okate does his best to calm him down.

"Hey man calm down. I can barely understand what you are saying." Kettei begins to calm down and sits back down on the bar seat. "Okay, now very slowly, tell me what you are talking about." Okate says motioning with his hands for Kettei to slow down. Kettei begins to speak.

"The reason why the gang didn't work the first time was because I was too young and immature. I didn't know how to lead anybody. Now that I'm older I think I can do it now. I wanna rebuild the gang from the ground up and I want you to help me." Okate looks shocked at Kettei.

"Whoa, hold on a second buddy. You want to rebuild The United Front? Dude, that's dangerous. Imagine what will happen if any of the other gangs find out about this." Okate said. Kettei looks at Okate with a smile on his face.

"That's why we will change the name." Kettei then begins to think for a bit. Plenty of things come to his mind but then he remembers why The United Front was made in the first place. It was to protect the world from gang wars. Kettei then announces the name of the gang he was gonna start up. "It will be known as the Protectors Of Society, or the P.O.S for short. So how about it? We can get a hold of the other members and reform our gang." Kettei says. Okate sighs heavily.

"Sorry but no. I can't go through that again." Okate says going back to cleaning bottles. Kettei looks at him with pleading eyes.

"It won't be the same! I can be a good leader I promise! So please join back up." Kettei says. Okate sighs again heavily and turns around to face Kettei.

"As long as you can prove that you can lead a gang that doesn't go haywire, then I will join back up. Until then, it's a no." Okate says. Kettei felt disappointed but he just sighs and smiles at Okate. He knew he couldn't force him to join back up.

"Okay. I understand. Now to get this thing started." Kettei says. Kettei then pulls out his phone and gets onto a website. There were six people on the website including himself. In the bottom corner of the phone says when they were last online. It said they had not been online for fifteen years. The last texts were goodbyes from everyone. In the chat there was Kettei and six other people by the names of Aki Haruna, Giza Becker, Hino Ikari, Cuatro Kuni, Bora Shirogane, and Ravi Hirahara. Okate looked at Kettei confused.

"What are you doing?" Okate says. Kettei sent a message then turned to Okate showing him his phone and the message he sent to everyone. Okate looked at the phone in shock.

"I'm getting the original members of The United Front back together." Kettei said. The text read, we are reforming the gang with different rules, name, ideals, and members. If any of you are interested, don't be afraid to tell me. This was the beginning of the reformation and the start of the P.O.S.