Protectors Of Society

Chapter 2, Dealing With Disaster

Passage 2, Stocking Up

By A Group Named Puddles

Meanwhile, Hino and Raina were walking down a sidewalk waiting for the Yellow Razor Tribe to show up. Hino's phone then buzzed. He pulled it out and looked at it. It was from Kettei. He then began texting him. Raina looked up at him curiously. "Who is it you're texting?" Raina says. Hino puts the phone away and looks at Raina.

"We have a side mission." Hino says. Raina blinks her eyes in confusion.

"A...side mission?" Raina says, confused. Hino nodded.

"We are to supply everyone in the P.O.S with weapons to fight these terrorists off." Hino says.

"Where are we gonna find weapons?" Raina asked. Hino thought for a second until they heard a strange voice behind them.

"I have some that you can borrow." They both turned around and there stood the man who helped Hino find Raina's school.

"Robot guy." Hino then sighed. "What do you want in return?" Hino says. The guy with the robotic voice speaks.

"Oh no, I don't want anything in return. I just like helping people." Raina looks up at Hino and speaks.

"Hino, who is this guy? He sounds strange." Raina says. The masked person flinched at the hurtful comment Raina said about his voice.

"This guy helped me find where your school was." Hino said. Raina looked scared and spoke again.

"W-W-Why did he know you were trying to find me!?" Hino looked down at her and spoke.

"Because he overheard me talking to myself about it." Raina then breathed a sigh of relief.

"Gah! Just what do you think I am!?" The robotic voiced guy said.

"A robot." Raina says without any hesitation. Hino sighed again and spoke.

"So you just like helping people?" Hino asks. The stranger nodded and replied.

"That's right. I help anyone and everyone." The stranger said with his hands on his hips. Hino scoffed in annoyance.

"Yeah right. As if I would believe that." Hino then turned around and began walking away until Raina spoke.

"Wait Hino!" Raina said. Hino stopped and turned around.

"What?" Hino said.

"I think we should let him help us." Raina said. Hino looked at her shocked.

"Are you crazy!? Look at him! This guy just screams suspicious! Why should we trust a guy who hides almost everything!?" Hino yells.

"Do you have any other ways to get weapons quickly!?" Raina said. Hino stopped yelling and spoke in a softer tone.

"Well, no." Hino says, scratching his head in embarrassment.

"Exactly. We need his help so that we can help the others. Let him help us Hino." Raina says. Hino looked at the masked stranger and sighed.

"Fine. He can help us, but if he does anything suspicious I will kill him!" Hino yelled. Raina smiled and nodded.

"Of course." Raina then turned to the stranger and spoke once more. "We accept your proposal." The stranger nodded his head and spoke.

"Wonderful! Come with me!" The stranger then walked away and Hino and Raina followed him. Hino never took his eyes off of the stranger the entire time. They then stopped in front of a house. It looked like a regular one story house. Nothing stood out too much. "Okay, wait here and I will come out with the weapons." The stranger then went inside, leaving Hino and Raina to wait outside. After a while, the stranger came out with a box full of weapons. Hino and Raina moved out of the way while looking at the box in stranger dumped out the box on the ground and every weapon was laid out before Raina and Hino. There were shotguns, handguns, sniper rifles, swords, knives, shurikens, and even a rocket launcher. Hino and Raina were left speechless. They couldn't believe how many weapons this guy had. The stranger stretched his back and spoke. "Well here we are. Pick however many weapons you want. Free of charge by the way." Hino and Raina looked at him in shock. The stranger blinked his eyes in confusion and spoke. "What's wrong?" The stranger said.

"Thank you for helping us sir but how did you get this many weapons?" Raina asks. The stranger laughed in his normal, robotic-like voice and spoke.

"That's a secret. Once I get to know you better then maybe I will tell you. For now, just worry about which weapons you guys want." The stranger said. Hino and Raina searched through the pile and picked out a few weapons. The stranger looked on with a smile on his face until there was a loud boom. "What the-!?" The stranger said in shock. Hino and Raina looked in surprise at where the source of the loud bang came from. There was smoke coming from the southwest side of Adachi. Hino furrowed his brows and spoke softly.

"The raid has started." Hino then began to pick up as many weapons as he could hold and Raina did the same. Just then the stranger spoke up.

"Wait! Let me help you." The stranger said. Hino shook his head.

"No, it's too dangerous for you." Hino said. The stranger pleaded to let him help them.

"Please let me help! I gave you the weapons didn't I? The least you can do to repay me is to let me help you out some more." The stranger said. Raina stepped in.

"Why do you want to help us so much? You just met us." Raina says confused. The stranger sat there in silence for a minute and then began to talk again.

"I can't say why. All I know is that I want to help as much as possible. Besides, Adachi means a lot to me. I would hate myself if I just sat by and did nothing while Adachi is getting destroyed." Hino and Raina looked seriously at the stranger who suddenly stood up. "I'm going to fight whether you want me too or not. I'm going to help out and I will protect what I need to protect this time." The stranger said.

"This time?" Raina said, confused. The stranger gasped and laughed nervously.

"Oh I said too much! Forget about that last part! Ahahaha!" The stranger then turned around and spoke. "Anyway, I plan on following you guys if you allow me to. If not, I will head off on my own to fight these people." The stranger said. Hino sighed heavily and spoke.

"If you're going to help us then you need to look like a part of us. Here, wear this." Hino then tossed a white shirt, a white bandana, and two armbands that held the letters P.O.S written in red. The stranger looked at the items puzzled. "Well, are you gonna put them on or not. If you won't then you might be seen as an enemy and killed by one of us or the Zaemura." Hino said. The stranger nodded and began putting on the uniform. Once he was done Hino nodded and turned around with the weapons and spoke. "Now then, let's hurry up and get these things to the others." Hino said. The other two nodded and they quickly ran off to bring support to the others.