Protectors Of Society

Chapter 1, The Reformation

Passage 2, The Lone Wolf

By A Group Named Puddles

Right before Kettei sent out the reformation notice, there was a person lying down in their bed. That person was one of the former members of The United Front named Aki Haruna. His room was fairly messy with clothes flung all over his floor. Aki had a fairly small room with lots of anime posters and manga covering the whole room. It was a one story building that looked almost like a regular house. Aki was laying on his bed watching anime because he was bored but even that didn't cure his boredom. He groaned and got out of bed turning off the TV. He wondered what else there was to do. "There's no way I'm going out in the rain." Aki says to himself. He walked around the house, cleaning it up when all of a sudden there was a buzz on his phone. He walked over and picked it up and was shocked to see what it read. The text was from a website that he hadn't been on in fifteen years. It said that the text was sent from Kettei. "What in the world could he want?" Aki said nervously. Aki and Kettei were once best friends. As a matter of fact, Aki still considers Kettei to be his best friend to this day even though they haven't talked in fifteen years. Aki was a loyal member to The United Front. He connected with everyone and saw each member not just as friends but as family. Aki had a lot of respect for the leader, Kettei. So much in fact that he would follow any order that Kettei would give him without a second thought. Before he opened the message he sighed and had a small talk with himself. "It's been fifteen years since you have talked to us. I hope this isn't anything bad." Aki said to himself, nervous. Aki worried very much about Kettei after the disbandment because of how much of a big role he was in The United Front. He was worried that Kettei might have been captured or worse, killed. When he opened up the phone though, his eyes looked at it in shock. The text read, "we are reforming the gang with different rules, name, ideals, and members. If any of you are interested, don't be afraid to tell me." Aki stood there in shock for a moment and then started to wonder if the text truly came from Kettei. Aki decided there was only one way to make sure. He dialed Kettei's number and waited for him to pick up. After about two rings he hears a voice.

"Yo buddy." The voice came from Kettei. Aki couldn't believe it. He did his best to contain his excitement.

"Heya. So I heard you were reforming the gang." Aki said cool like. Kettei's voice then came through the line again.

"Yeah. Now I know it may sound crazy but hear me out." Aki listened carefully to each word Kettei said. "I am going to be reforming the gang but with a different name, rules, goals, and members. Now I know it may sound crazy but just listen to me. The name of the group is P.O.S." Kettei said. Aki looked at the phone confused.

"P.O.S? You mean like piece of sh-!?" Kettei cut off Aki before he said some sort of non-pg word.

"No not that! It stands for Protectors Of Society!" Kettei says.

"Ohhhh. Ok then." Aki says. Kettei just sighs and carries on.

"Anyway, that will be the new name of the group. As for the rules we are going to be more strict. There are three main rules. One is you must always stick up for everyone in the group no matter what. Second is that you must always let us know if there is a mission you cannot participate in. Third is that you must pledge an oath that you shall never betray the P.O.S." Aki just nodded along with what Kettei said. "There will obviously be small goals but our main goal is a big one, we are going to aim to stop all gang warfare in the world." Aki looked shocked at this statement and a little scared. That was almost the same goal as The United Front had and he knew how that turned out but even still he continued to listen to his best friend. "The members are still to be determined but I'm sure we can find some loyal members. Aki, I want you to help me rebuild what was destroyed fifteen years ago. I want you to be my right hand man again. So what do you say?" Kettei was expecting Aki to reject the idea. Kettei thought that the best he would get out of this talk was Aki asking a few questions but still rejecting. Instead without a second thought, Aki spoke his answer.

"Sure." Aki said. Kettei looked at the phone bewildered.

"Wait a minute! Did you just say yes!?" Kettei said.

"No, I said sure." Aki said with an emotionless face.

"It's the same thing!" Kettei yelled. Aki sighed and began to speak again.

"Look Kettei. You were the first person I got to become good friends with. You showed me that having a group of friends is better than having no friends at all. You weren't just any other leader, you were my friend. I would follow any order you give to me. It's the least I can do for all that you have done for me." Aki said. On the other end of the phone Kettei was tearing up with Okate looking on holding a bottle and a towel. He was looking at Kettei crying with a nervous smile on his face.

"Aki you're so nice! I'm so glad I have a friend like you!" Kettei said. Aki just smiled and they both said goodbye and hung up. Once he had hung up, Aki let out a sound of excitement. He was so incredibly happy that some of the gang was getting back together. He was ready to do anything that Kettei asked of him.