This alien species is similar to butterflies in that their equivalent of a teenager is a cocoon that lasts a month. They have a more primal Society akin to native Americans back in the day. The average height of a male is 6"7". Females are 5"9" tall.

They seem to mainly worship two deities Coa and Cid. Coa is the guardian goddess of females and is also revered as a warrior. Cid is known as a guardian of males and is revered as the god of protection and birthing.

There are three other deities named Dox, Epw, and Vie. Dox is a god of children and is revered as the learner and innocence. Epw is a goddess of theft and trade. Vie is a god(dess(?)) of the cocoon, and the transformation.

This species' reproductive system is similar to sea horses with that after one week of gestation the females will transfer the fetus to the male through a tentacle on the head that gets larger the more times she injects the reproductive fluids then male that will carry the fetus for the rest of two months. In the last two weeks of gestation the males will become lethargic and more hungry. When the male gives birth to two or more children, they will lose their genitalia(and regain the genitalia in a matter of a day)

When two aliens procreate their anatomy looks similar to humans. Except for one week after when male . Once the anatomy switches the male and female will copulate again signaling that pregnancy is going to happen. The known record of offspring born in one cluster is thirteen with the father close to death by the last one. That husband is married to fos.

Offspring will grow to be about ten years of age (six months before or after) when they go to pupa stage. When the children cocoon it is about the size of a door and they do not actually haves the way humans grow old they just die when they cannot mate which is sixty years after the month of metamorphose because of their societies view on the elderly. With their nature of having multiples the male that is the smallest at birth is viewed as a runt is not wanted as they are less likely to have more than three.

Before pupa stage females and males have a similar body to each other with the only difference being their genitalia. In addition they have no reproductive organs only having a part of the endocrine system that causes the juvenile to cocoon. They have the same disposition of being feminine and being masculine at the same time.

They are taught about how they grow and procreate at around six. In the hour before going to pupa stage abscesses form and an excess of puss will stick a 'teenager' to the ceiling thus forming the impenetrable shell. During pupa stage an adult can transfer knowledge to a cocoon.

After pupa stage females have a slender body with two large breasts about the size of the Guinness world record holder where they store most of their reproductive organs. Their. Males will gain the ability to be quadruped, gain four small breasts, the groin area is the size of a, and they shrink their genitalia.

Males are not viewed as the superior gender because they must carry the babies. In addition, the females have a higher rank when they more quality males having up to forty husbands.

With these parameters females are the leaders of society and males are treated like property and males that can not produce multiple children are forced into poor jobs like cleaning after animal waste. In some tribes they are traded for other materials. When there is a dispute low ranking males and lesser females will do the fighting.

They hunt a dear like creature called guks. They have a large body similar to moose. Because of this hunting requirement they have eyes slightly closer to the nose than humans, their ears are slightly larger, and they have increased vision in the day and see as well as us in the night.

Tribes of the first continent (discovered by humans):

vwase: These people live in the far north with an aquatic/ reptilian wolf creature. Their main source of trade is fancy furs that are waterproof. Another source of trade is a crystal that lights up after being left out in daylight. Their queen is lord d'gar, with 36 mates.

Qpe: the people of the north east with an export of salt, fish and salted fish. In addition they have canoes. their leader is ak'ds with 37 husbands.

Wehc: The wehc live in the east with a desert and a knack for finding water or dying. Their main trade is glass and weapons. The leader is hse, with 38.

Eox: these people live in the south east wetlands of the first continent. oThey trade a rare type of wood that can bend 180 degrees and can survive immense heat or vast cold staying at a normal room room temperature. The leader is ejw with 39 husbands.

Wls: this tribe lives in the jungle of the far south. Their main trade are slaves. Their leader is fos with 40 mates.

Chr: the central tribe lives in a plains. They a trade of valuable fruits and vegetables. The leader is dej with 35 husbands.

Sfl: the south west tribe of a forest. Their main trade is medicines and cloth. The leader is doz with 34 mates.

Vir: the west tribe with a mountainous terrain of the first continent. Their main trade is stone. The leader is wxl who has 33 husbands.

Jsa: The north west tribe in an alpine mountain. Their trade is many animals that are domesticated. Their leader is skz with 32 mates.

Utw: the underground tribe is actually a group of tribes that have a council of nine members. The lesser leaders: exi, rjf, gwp, afg, aod, mre, ziq, xfk all have 31 mates while dco the prime leader has 40 husbands.