Andrew Lesnak could still recall the horrific memories of Hurricane Sandy that hit many years ago. He can never forget the plight of people screaming for help, and homes being washed up in the ocean. He was living a financially comfortable life prior to the hurricane. He had a successful career in Major Baseball player and had a successful financial services business of 25 years which he decided to sell off. After hurricane, he was left out with nothing but the remains of his beautiful water front home

In order to make a comeback after Hurricane Sandy, Andrew endured many years of mental health treatment. It helped him to make efforts to rebuild his life and keep things in its proper perspective. After coming into terms with his life, he decided to get actively involved in community service and volunteerism. He created a "Community Outreach Program" to assist the victims of catastrophic events that were quite similar to what he had experienced.

Andrew Lesnak has always been concerned about the financial health of low income families. He always comes up with the best financial planning services for low income families. These financial planning services aim at determining the financial goals of an individual along with his purpose in life and his priorities.

Through his humanitarian efforts, Andrew found a very therapeutic and humbling way to come out of the trauma of hurricane Sandy. He has finally come to peace with the losses. He proudly says that Hurricane Sandy has not beaten him; it has emboldened him to find his "real purpose" in life.

About Andrew Lesnak

Himself being the victim of Sandy, Andrew Lesnak offers his vision of hope to those in despair. Soon, he starts The Spero Advocacy Group, which has now become a renowned force in the State of New Jersey, in the field of mental health and "life coaching" with the motto "While I Breathe, I Hope".