Dom and Paul were with Star along with Mia and Letty they all had taken Star shopping for some new stuff to fit her new look she was so sweet to them all though she would never leave Paul's side she was happy with him and at that age she finally figured out what her feelings were towards him she loved him and he loved her in return.

Every day after school Paul would pick her up and take her out places and buy her things he loved her more than the world while they were at home on the weekends Melanie Paul's daughter would often visit him and Star to spend time with them she grew to love Star as a sister being as she was an only child.

Star had become Paul's little love bug they were so happy together and wanted to be one for eternity but being as she was only young he kept her safe like a father would his daughter he spent a lot of time with her helping her be a better person a person that he could one day marry.

While she was in her room at Colby's house she would listen to music all sorts and write her stories but never found the nerve to share them with the world her self confidence was really bad she never liked how she looked no matter how many people told she was adorable, no matter how much paul told her he loved her just the way she was, she always found something she didnt like about her self weather it be her appearance or her body, on a daily baisis Star would try and hide herself from the out side world and not show any one what she wanted them to see yeah star went the arse about way of doing things she sometime acted first and thought later her and Mia had a bad time with that they never did get along with each other there was always something that they argued over any thing and every thing, though their main one was fighting over Paul, Mia just could not accept that Paul had chosen Star and would never leave her.