Introductory Author Note and !Content Warning!

Hello reader! If you followed me over from fanfic net and you're familiar with my stories there then you'll already be familiar with the main character of this story, Johnny Six, and have some idea of what this story is about. If you aren't familiar with him, you can certainly still read this story and I hope you do!

Although I included Johnny in my fan fics for FFVII, he is an original character that I created and I wanted to share his story of what he went through in captivity while in the army. As he's not a character belonging to FFVII, I didn't think this story would meet submission guidelines to be posted on FF net.

To make this story more appropriate for submission here, I decided to remove any references to places or characters in Final Fantasy VII. However, if you're already familiar with the few details that were shared about Johnny's experience in my fan fics then you'll have a pretty good idea where he is, if you still want to imagine him in the FFVII world. The story is really about the experience of trauma and survival and recovery, so I didn't think specific place names were very important. But, maybe I'm wrong.

The story jumps between present time and the recent past. Hopefully not in an annoying or hard to follow way but you can let me know. Also, if you're familiar with my fan fics, some of the details of Johnny's captivity given previously (in 'Dreams Incarnate' and 'Reclamation' I believe) may not match up with details in this story. The story I imagined in my head changed somewhat over time. Sorry about that :S

I would like to issue a very important warning before you go ahead and start reading. Characters in the story are subjected to physical, and/or psychological, and/or sexual abuse or trauma, which may at times be graphically described and it could be upsetting or difficult to read. There may also be descriptions of child abuse, drug use, self-harm, or suicide. Please proceed with caution if you do intend to read.

Thank you!