The Blackout at 9343 Mith Dr.

By: Sora

It was literally a dark and stormy night. Everyone should have been asleep but no one could fall asleep. The air in the house was sickly humid and was trying to smother out the events of that occurred earlier that day. Rain roared and thundered against the windows. The wind howled against the house and by doing so, it caused the windows to let out shrill voices of protest. How the thunder boomed in the ears of the members in the quaint house of 9343 Mith Drive. The lights flickered with the lighting. Then one by one the house's appliances fell silent.

The family found themselves set back quite back in time because of the loss electricity. They didn't realize how reliant they have become on it. Without it, there was no working refrigerator, stove, and washing machine. Instead of light switches, they were forced to dig out dusty candles and light them to see the house once more. But the most important thing that they lost was their Wi-Fi and the power of their electronic devices. Unfortunately, all their electronic devices are useless. This situation was all mysterious and strange to the Wi-Fi addicted family.

So when tragedy strikes, each member of the household began to deal with the situation in their own, strange ways.

The youngest of the family was busy scarfing down slice after slice of greasy pizza when the lights went out. Upon on realizing on what had occurred, he quickly turned to his older sister and began to spew out random fact after fact. What he was trying to accomplish in doing this, no one knew. Perhaps it was because of the video he was watching at the time had begun to buffer before losing all signs of "life". He puts on quite the front especially since what had occurred to him just thirty minuets ago. His pride and confidence were clearly in shambles and the damage that he had endured was still very much raw. His voice was no longer hoarse, but his cries still echoed around the house. His sister asked if he minded the wet stains on his sleeves. He disregarded her question and started to talk more quickly as he transitioned to the history of masks.

The oldest child fell silent and continued to listen to her brother and decided that it was better to not ask about the prior events. She slowly shuffled to the table where her brother sat at and begun to type on her typewriter. Her shoulders caved in and the crease between her eyebrows grew deeper as her worries and lies infected her head. She was busy being completely lost and felt dazed as she tried to forget what her ears forced her to listen to thirty minuets ago. She was a very vital point in her life and was only a month away till she was deemed an adult and kicked out to fend for herself. She wasn't sure what to do but knew that time was not going to wait for her. She cannot afford to mess up. She had painted a fragile image of herself to the world. She pretended on a day to day basis of being a smart, honest, and a well put together girl. However, the truth was far from. She had lied and cheated too many times to know who she was. She wasn't sure what here intentions were and knew that her identity as a person was lost. Every day, she struggled to find the line between the truth and the lies.

The final member of the house and was their father, R. He is quite a conflicting person, even for me, to describe. His moods changed on a flip of a switch and his demeanor was tricky to figure out. He cheerly chirped about how it was nice that the youngest and the oldest went out to grab some pizza before the storm hit because their stove was electric. He also commented how glad he was that it wasn't too dark outside while he handed out weak flashlights that he dug out from the garage. He acted as thought what happened 30 minuets ago didn't exist. It was hard to believe that the cheery man in the living room was the person responsible for the event the occurred a while ago.

Then suddenly, the electricity came back. Each person scrambled to the nearest device to check and see if the Wi-Fi works or not. The darkness that clouded around each person during the blackout retreated into faint shadows once more. All three of them full well knew that one day, they will pay a heavy price for it. But for now they sat as far from each other as they could and numbed their minds with the internet.