Her body ached with each step she took, her gut twisted and turned with each breath she took, her head sparked with pain with each blink. The scorching sun above her only made her feel worse as her stomach growled in hunger while her mouth demanded moisture. She wanted to lay down and rest, but if she did she could be discovered, be it by an animal or the ones hunting her. The ache along her blood coated back only aided in her resolve to continue forward, and not too look behind.

She walked for hours through the thick greenery of a forest, its name unknown to her, but it did not slow her. Even when thorns of bushes and shrubs cut her legs, sharp stones or branches that pierced and cut the soles of her feet. Low hanging branches brushed against her naked body, her clothing having been torn and ripped to shreds hours ago.

She let out a small chuckle.

"Certainly going to make someone's day…" She blankly mumbled as the fact anyone she would encounter would panic at the mere sight of her.

It wasn't every day you ran into a naked woman covered in blood.

Now that she thought about it, where was she…

She stopped in her tracks and finally realized something, where was she going, where could she go?

With a dry and rough swallow, she leaned against a tree and used it for support as she slid down onto knees. She let out a wince as her knees failed to support her and let her fall onto her side, her head thumping against the ground.

As she laid on the ground her long breaths slowed as she took in the sight of the forest.

She was able to hear the songs of birds echo throughout the forest whilst the sun cast down onto her, the tree shading her from its bright gaze.

Her eyes grew heavy with each breath she took, the cool grass acting as a bed much greater than the rough stone floors she was subjected too…

.She let out a soft sigh as she shakily caressed her firm stomach, reminding her of the great hunger within her, one that would overtake her soon.

She wouldn't care if she died here…

"it would be a lovely grave…" she mumbled, her eyes finally closing shut, prepared for her end.