Hello I'm Ashley I'm a average girl until I got pulled into a game named undertale I never wanted this to happen but it did and I'm glad it did!I lived alone in a nice cheap apartment I'm 15 yeah I know I'm too young but I lied I normally don't lie but I had to so I could live here (Lizzy:I hope you enjoy!) | I worked to a sound of a very annoying alarm clock I yawn as I sat up I stretch my arms I got up I checked the time it's 7:30ish "crap! I'm gonna to be late! I don't have to shower"I repeated "oh yeah play UnderTale when I get back" I noted to myself to play UnderTale. I get ready I put on a light blue t-shirt and shorts that goes to my knees and a thin Black coat." Now work " I say to myself so I went to work and after a days of work I would go to sleep but I had to stick to what I wanted to do today which is not sleep! I sat down at computer I searched through the web before falling asleep a few hours later I woked up but it's not my computer or my bed I wake to, it's a flower bed a freaking flower bed like really a flower bed! Well anyways I stand up and went down the small hall and is met with a flower "howdy I'm flowey, flower the flower hmm..."the flower pause for a second"your new to the underground arent'cha? Golly you must be so confused someone ought to teach you how things work around here! Here we go!" The flower is acting a little suspicious well that's what my gut says and I almost always listen to my world flicker black and white "See that heart that's your soul, the very culmination of your being! Your soul starts off weak, but can grow strong if you gain a lot of LV! what does LV stand for? Why, LOVE, of course! you want some LOVE, don't you? don't worry i'll share some with you!" he winked. hes lying i know it i hate when anyone lies with bad intent " Down here, LOVE is spread through little white 'friendliness pellets' are you ready? Move around! get as many as you can!" i dodged the pellets "hey buddy you missed them. lets try this again, okay?" he sends a other round of pellets at me i dodged yet again knowing something bad might happen. floweys expression frowned madly " Is this a joke? are you braindead? " he seams very mad i gaved a slight evil smile but stop when he said something interesting. "RUN. INTO. THE. BULLETS. Friendliness pellets" flowey sends more pellets or should i say bullets and again i dodged them landing on the ground in a sitting position knee up feet on ground. "You know what's going on here, don't you" he smiled evily "You just wanted to see me suffer."my eyes widen as he shrounds me with bullets "DIE" He laughs evily.'so this is how it ends with my death but i don't wanna die and i won't die!' when the bullets were about to kill me a fireball hits flowey sending him flying " What a terrable creature, torturing such a poor, innocect youth..." my eyes widen wait what im only 15 not a 5 year old " Ah do not be afraid my child. I am Toriel caretaker of the ruins i pass through this place everyday your the first human to come down here in a long i'll guide you through the catacombs" i get up and i pulled out a stick and scaredly point it at her while i pinch my self "get away!" what is thing or i am dreaming?! i fainted and drop the stick while toriel catches me.i woked up in a pinkish red bed i get up and look at my self a about 10 to 11 girl with yellow skin brown hair like mine hazel red eyes almost like mine but mine is a dark red and a blue shirt with purple pinkish strips with blue pants and brown boots "wow this super weird i should go outside"i leave the bedroom and leave house and went past a tree and stop at the fork in the road i decied to go left and i go onto the pourch area and saw a knife " a knife?" i picked up the toy knife " a toy knife i should leave as fast as possible.i go back to the house and go down the stairs toriel stops me and takes me back we both go too the same room i go up to her " when i can go home and i won't take no for an answer" a momment of silence has FALLen between us " wait here my child i have go do something but before i do that, here. " she gives me a slice of pie i put it in my bag and follow toriel " you wish to return home do you not? ahead of us lies the exit of the ruins. a one-way exit to the rest of the underground. i am going to destroy it. no one will be able to leave again. now be a good child and go upstairs" we walk down the hall a little " every human that falls down here meets the same faint. i have seen it again and again. they come. they leave. they die. you naive child, if you leave the ruins... they ASGORE... will kill you. i am protecting you, do you understand? ... go to your room." we walked down the hall more " do not try to stop me. this is you final warning. " we went up the corner. " you want to leave so badly? hmph. your just like the others. theres only one solution to this. prove yourself... prove to me your strong enough to survive. " soo thats the end soo see ya!