hey guys this chapter is fully dedicated (plus a little more) to the toriel fight and i need ideas for a charater so PM me! the chapter might be a little repeative other than that I hope you enjoy the story!

i hear a voice " use mercy and spare her " battle starts. 'toriel blocks the way.' i press the mercy button and hits the spare button. " . . . . . " toriel says nothing and attacks. i dodged. 'toriel is acting aloof' you spare her " . . . . . . . . . . " she uses a attack and i dodge ... 'talk goat lady!' we all three thought. 'toriel looks through you' i press the spare button " . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ." she

attacks and i took 2 hits. 'toriel looks through you' i press spare " . . .? " she attacks i took 1 hit. 'toriel looks through you' you press spare. " what are you doing? " she attacks i dodged. ' toriel prepares a magical attack ' i spare her. " Attack or run away! " she attacks, i dodged and spared her " what are you proving his way? " shes uses a magical attack, i dodged and i spared her " fight me or leave! " she uses a magical attack and i took 2 hits.i press spare "stop it!" she uses a magical attack and i dodged.i press spare " stop looking at me that way " shes uses a attack and i dodged.i press spare " go away! " a other attack and dodge.i spare her " . . ." toriel looks to the side and attacks. i dodged 'toriel takes a deep breath' and i spared her " . . . . . . " toriel looks sad, she attacks and i dodged. i press spare " i know you want to go home, but. . . " '. . .' i spared her " but please. . . go upstairs now " '. . .' i press spare. " i promise i'll take good care of you here. " '. . .' i press spare " i know we do not have much, but. . . " '. . .' i press spare " we can have a good life her " i spare her " why are you making this so difficult? " i spare her " please, go upstairs. " i spare her " . . . . . " i spare her again " ha ha. . . " i press spare.

" pathetic, is it not? i cannot save even a single child. " i spare her " . . . " '. . .' " no, i understand. you would just be unhappy trapped down here. the RUINS are very small once you get used to them.

it would not be right for you to grow up in a place like this. my expectations. . . My loneliness. . . My fear. . . for you my child, i will put them aside. " exit battle. " if you truly wish to leave the RUINS i will not stop you. however when you leave. . . please do not come back. i hope you understand. " toriel turns around and hugs me my eyes widen for a second but i close my eyes in acceptance and hug her back 'i just met her and i already like and trust her even though she hurt me and me pointing a stick at her' we stop hugging " g-goodbye my child.

" she walks off but stops as she exits the room and turns around to see me before she turns around and leaves. i leave and walked down a long hall and entered a door.i see flowey, my eyes widen ' oh no its flowey is he gonna kill me?! ' i thought " clever verrrryy clever. you think your really smart, don't you? in this world its kill or be killed.

so you were able to play by your own rules. you spared the life of a single person. Hee hee hee i bet you feel really great. You didn't kill anybody this time but what will you do if you meet a relentless killer? you'll die and you'll die and you'll die, until you tire from trying! what will you do then? will you kill out of frustration or will you give up entirely on this world. . . and let ME inherit the power to control it? i am the prince of this world's future. don't worry my little monarch, my plan isn't regicide. This is SO much more interesting. " flowey laughs evily and goes into the ground. i walked up to the door and put my hand on the handle and turned it, opening it

yeah i know the toriel fight was a little repeative but the fight in the game was already a little repeative. i wish you the best of luck for trying to create a CHARAter, i'm sorry i just had to make a couple puns the page gets pale without them, anyways have a good day!