As a determined and dedicated licensed physiotherapist, David Hezkial holds great knowledge and experience in various departments. He is well versed with essential documentation and designs. He holds the necessary clinical experience, education, and licensure required. He has the ability to provide optimal patient care in a variety of health settings. He provides thorough evaluations of patients prior to designing an appropriate and effective treatment plan. He makes use his expertise to determine the cause of trauma before proceeding with planning.

David performs a thorough examination of patient's health records prior to treatment. He collaborates with other medical personnel to provide the best patient care possible. He also maintains accurate and organized patient documentation.

David Hezkial effectively diagnoses, treats disorders and conditions the affect the movement of patients in order to maximize his mobility. He also provides patients with accurate diagnosis and prognosis depending on health issue, and develops short as well as long term treatment goals.

David works with the patients suffering from certain conditions such as back pain, fractures, sports injuries and strokes. He possesses extensive knowledge of different physical exercises used for relaxing muscle tension, reducing pain, and improving mobility in patients. He evaluates plans and administers treatments for individuals through collaboration with other physical therapists.

David instructs patients in the safe and effective use of weights, pulleys, inclined surfaces, and various equipment for given treatments. He works to create plans that involve physical manipulation exercises, stretching, and strength training. Overall, he is an experienced and compassionate person with Master in Physical Therapy degree.

About David Hezkial

As a physiotherapist, David Hezkial updates physiotherapy schedules for various patients, and sends reminders accordingly. He answers the telephone calls to solve patients' concerns and books their appointment. He also works to provide excellent treatment to the patients and ensures ease in mobility as well as increased physical independence