Authors Note:

This is the on-going development of what will hopefully become my first novel. It is a work in progress. Please review and let me know what you think.


While on holiday with his family, a detective finds a dead body on the beach. Upon investigating the death of this man, he discovers an unfortunate connection.

No one knew what had brought him here. That's what the police has to figure out after they saw his dead body on the beach underneath the pier, with only a receipt tucked away in his cold hand, saying 'Revenge is bittersweet'.


The beach air was cold, with gusts of wind whipping around him, and he felt the salty water lapping against his skin. The breath in his body was slowly dwindling as he lay rigid, face down in the sand, fearful. He blinked slowly, feeling the sharp tip of a gun pressed squarely to the base of his neck. He began to pray, although he was not religious, he felt the need to try. The images of exactly what got him into this mess were flashing across his mind's eye in segments, coupled with the terrifying realisation that he had no concrete way of surviving this. He heard the sound of the trigger being pulled and the pain radiated in a flash through his entire body. In mere seconds, he was no longer.

The gun recoiled into his gloved hands. Smirking, he moved to tuck the gun away into the waistband of his pants. He'd knew he had followed the advice to the letter. Feeling confident, he plucked an old receipt out of his pocket and without allowing himself to hesitate, wrapped the now dead hand around it. Walking away, he texted the unsaved number - It's done. As Requested.