Kipper opened his eyes.

There, in messy green letters above his head: HELO FR EIND. Spelled in the same green slime that the monster liked to get everywhere. Kipper blinked and retreated under his covers for a thoughtful moment of panic.

Okay, he thought, ignoring it isn't working. Maybe I can ask it to leave, since apparently it knows how to talk.

Course of action decided, he tumbled out of bed and held in a sob in one quick motion. The creature rested on top of Kipper's wardrobe, looking very satisfied with itself. A slime trail coated most of the room and, Kipper realized, went over his bed a few times.

As if detecting his presence, more eyes slid out of the muck, all focused on Kipper, pupils rapidly dilating.

Kipper gulped and leaned against his nightstand, fear flushing his brain. Just be brave. You'll be fine.

Kipper was not a brave man.

He approached with the relative vigor of a dying tortoise, a small squirt bottle of water outstretched as if it would help him were something dire to happen. The thing watched him as he got closer. Terrifyingly close, in fact- arm's length. He just waited for the creature to snatch him and eat him all up like those in the fairy tales of yore.

But it didn't. It just watched. And wobbled. And dripped, all over his beautiful shag carpeting. He grumbled and commanded his voice to work properly. It took time and coaxing, but he eventually convinced it to squeak something out: "P... ple... please... leave."

The creature whistled quietly in response and wobbled, its eyes rolling in what looked to be laughter. Some kind of chilling orifice opened near the top, lined with teeth and slime and teeth and teeth. Mostly teeth. Lots of teeth. Kipper tried not to cry.

Syllables bubbled slowly, out of the mouth, rumbling and vicious sounding. "N... nnnnn... nnnnna... n... ooooo... nnn... nah," it eventually decided.

Kipper pretended to weigh his options and decided to stay there, but really his legs just wouldn't move.

A brief moment of terror passed as a short strip of flesh emerged from the blob and touched his face.

"Fff... rrr... frrr... eennnnnn... d."

Kipper choked and cursed the wetness spreading through his pants.

After an agonizing minute or so of face-touching, the tentacle blissfully retracted.

Kipper ran.