I never knew my great grand father, never met him, I was pretty sure he died when I was like one. My mother never talked about him, and the subject never came up so I never even thought of the man. Him and most of my extended family was just never a part of my world. My world was my few friends in our small town, my mother, her husband (my step dad) whom I always had a tentative relation with because he had a daughter from a first wife who lived out on the West Coast, who would come to visit for three weeks each summer. His daughter ending up hanging out with me and being very distrusting of him, from what little my young ears would over hear his ex liked to say nasty things about him and his anger issues didn't make that any better when she came to visit. Naturally when she was old enough she stopped visiting all together; without telling him though I kept her in my friends list on social media.

I guess this being the internet I should be clear, my name is Lucy, I'm a girl, and according to the geneology project I had to do in high school of Irish descent. Which brings up something. Aside from the family drama; which in its self isn't really unusual, heck even in our small Arizona town at least two of my friends were from divorced families; no what I want to bring up are oddities. So as not to be another run on sentence, my mother about freaked out when I asked about our family history but calmed down when I said it was for a school project. What she told me was weird. My mother was born in Boston Massechusets, and after marrying my biological father had moved north to Maine as he was a crab fisherman. She showed me on the map, and it was as far apart as our town from Flagstaff, really hits home the different sizes of the states. So it wasn't a long trip to see her family. She took out a photo and showed me my biologial father; keep in mind I was 15 at the time and this was the FIRST time I'd ever seen a photo of the man, there were three men around him, which were my father's brother, an uncle I'd also never met, my father's father (my grandfather), and my father's grandfather (my great grandfather) who at the time was already in his 70's. They were all fishermen.

My mother didn't say much more about them, other than that they all four died in storm out at sea. Although that did for me at 15 explain another oddity my mother had, severe hydrophobia; more for me than for herself. She never took me to the pool, our house didn't even have a bath tub, just a shower; and with a curtain. My mother was terrified of those sliding door ones thanks to movies that would have you beleive they can actually fill up with water and drown you. Although this geneology project did also reveal something else, something that had bugged me. See when I was little, like most little girls, I loved fairies and mermaids; but my mother refused to buy me anything related to either, not even The Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell stuff; she just remarked they were really evil creatures that stole children and ate people and all sorts of stuff like that; but she's quickly drop the subject and go onto whatever else we were doing at the time, like in the store or what have you. But at 15 thanks to this project it occured to her to explain it. Her family, and my biology father's families were descended from Irish immigrants, in fact both her great grandfather and my biology father's grandfather supposedly knew each other back in Ireland before moving to America in the early 1900's. They were also very superstitious and explained how in Ireland; at least to their families, they took fairies very seriously, especially ocean ones like mermaids...I also learned here that mermaids were apparently I type of fairy which would steal from and kill people along the sea shore.

My mother cut that short though and said after the accident and due financial problems she opted to take me and move away from the sea, not so much as far from it as possible geographically (California and the Pacific Ocean and Sea of California not far away), but visually and culturally...so Arizona desert it was. Her own family she just showed me pics, she was an only child, mother and father (grandparents I never met), she didn't go into detail but just said she had a falling out with her family over deciding to move away. I was 15 at the time so both didn't want to pry, and second didn't care; this was for a school project and I just wanted it done. Like I said, these people in the photos weren't part of my world, they were strangers; even though my mother knew them; until this they never came up. In fact I wouldn't hear about them for several more years.

When I was 17 I went to the local community college, which had an indoor pool, and I took up swimming lessons. I always loved the water and wanted to swim, like I said I never in my whole childhood even had a proper bath; just a shower. I loved it, and my instructor was surprised how quickly I took to it. That was until one day while swimming after class I heard my mother screaming. She was an hour early to pick me up, I didn't have a car yet, and someone told her where I was. She burst in there screaming her head off, not angry at me, she was in a panic. She was screaming, "Someone save her, don't let it get her, get her out," and stuff like that, that made no sense at the time. I got out and with the help of some life guards managed to calm her down. She was pissed, I thought maybe she thought there were sharks in the pool and told her it was a chloranated swimming pool, there's nothing in it to get me. This seemed like it calmed her down. Later that evening though we had a talk, she told me she SAW my biology father's death in a dream the day before the news came of the boat being found crashed into the rocks under a light house with no sign of the four of them who had been on board, save for a half eaten body that washed ashore believed to be my great grandfather.; in her dream a mermaid had dragged my biological father down and drowned him before eating him.

Yeah, it sounds silly, but she was clearly traumatized, losing her husband she'd known her whole life while she was pregnant, bad dream, even going so far as to move clear to Arizona just to get away from the sea. Although it kinda felt there were pieces missing, as the math would have said I was three when we moved here. But I didn't pursue it, I was able to convince her that its a pool inside a building, in Arizona. Despite that she made me promise I'd never go swimming in a lake or a river, or the sea. I promised her, it was a lie of course, not that I had many oppertunities for any of those things.

At around 19 I decided I wanted my own place, it seems young by today's standards, but I really needed my own place. Its not like my mother was alone, she had my step father, and as I was getting older and looking more like my mom; I don't want to accuse the guy of anything but him accidently mistaking me for her like four times one month was...yeah...I'm just going to find my own place now.

Of course being a small town my place wasn't exactly far from my mother's house. She didn't like I chose a place with a tub but seeing me sit in the thing showing that I can't even stretch my legs out in it seemed to calm her down. Guess when I was a baby and tubs were big to me was her reason for not wanting one.

But...um...oh, there was nothing odd about that house or anything; well there was this one time after I graduated from the community college a few friends of mine took a day trip to a lake up north, a four hour drive and other stuff to do, didn't tell my mother. There was something odd about that trip. The lake was gorgeous, clear water, sandy bottom, a little island in middle. All that water against the dry landscape was so alien. Well while swimming I noticed there was one head too many. She looked like a Native American woman and was keeping her distance; no one elsed seemed to notice her as she just swam so silently. I made eye contact with her and she was giving me this like "confussed" expression. She swam away from us after circling around for a bit, but it was really strange she swam so fast but her arms and legs never emerged from the surface of the water, no splashing like she just glided quickly away towards the small island and dipped under the surface. I never saw her come up. I mean my friends distracted me and...why am I...I mean later I was worried I saw someone drown...and...I...I was telling the park ranger but then I saw her fine by the lake and...who are you people?

*The drugs are wearing off. How are they...

*Don't whisper that into the mike. Quickly ma'am, why did you bring up your grandfather at the beginning?

Wh..why? He; he's not dead, a lawfirm out of Boston called me recently, said I was in his will. Th...that he died recently, like this year...in his 90;s...and...who the fuck are you people? Why am I locked in this room?!

*It wore off.

(Lisa continues to yell at the one way mirror as two men in suits and sunglasses with black hats dressed like steriotypical Men in Black, watch on. One turns to the other, "Is this lake a concern?"

"No," says the other, "Its a Code White and Green; a station observes it for possible Code Siren or Dragon activity given local legend. None ever occurs, entity sticks to its self. Its getting close to this group coupled with the letter we intercepted from that lawfirm lead us to this girl. Her great grandfather is an ex member of the Paranormal Control Agency, officially lost his son and grandson during an assignment, written off as bad weather in official records, cultist activity in our records. However the conditions are in conflict with this girl's story. The report is murky, but there is an unnamed sacrificial victim by the cultists their group is credited with saving just a few months prior, a woman. We need to bring this girl's mother in, question her too."

-A loud shriek shakes the chamber, Lisa's scream has become something inhuman and high pitched-

"Gas the fucking chamber! Knock her out! Code L.E.H"

A pink gas floods the chamber and Lisa falls over unconcious on the floor. The man turns to the other, "Send the call, bring in the mother, Lauara Mallery."