Subject: Laura Mallery
Married to Ben Mallery
Daughter: Lisa Mallery
Maiden Name: Laura Smith

*Not very Irish*

Maiden Name was legally changed to Laura Smith, matching the legal name of her first husband Joseph Smith; which was its self a legally altered name from Brian McLoek upon joining the Paranormal Control Agency.


Laura Smith was previously known as "Jane Doe", techniques at the time unable to find her original parents. It would seem our subject was abducted as a young girl from parts unknown and sold to a cult intending to raise her as a sacrifice to a sea monster.

*Fish People or other?"

Going by the records other, although Fish People may have been part of this cult as well. We interviewed Laura Mallery already, she didn't show any resistance to the truth gas like Lisa Mallery did; however we did fill a few gaps. She was kept at a cultist compound in the Appalachian mountains, however she has little memory of this seems one part due to every day being almost exactly the same as every other day with little social interaction and kept in a pen like enclosure furnished for a person with minimal contact except from handlers and another part being kept on a mood controlling drug; which was confirmed at least as late as her rescue from the cult. Thankfully we have access to Paranormal Control Agency records or we'd be missing a large piece of this puzzle.

According to the Paranormal Control Agency records the cultists moved her from the Appalachian compound to Massechusets; and this adds a disturbing element, the older couple we found in the photo album her daughter mentioned, we have identified them as cult leaders that had contact with the Fish People colony in Boston Harbor. They took her in for what was four years, accoring to Laura Mallery's testimony she was told these were her parents and authorities had found her and brought her to them. However we know otherwise, this couple's only children were also cult members, one of which runs the Appalachian compound.

*Runs? Present tense?*

Yes, the cult is still in operation today, however about twenty years ago they cut ties with the Fish People and made ties with the Dark Dwellers in the appalachians; switching gods from...what the Paranormal Control Agency named a Cephalopodic Psycho-morph to a Forest God; the whole cult moved into the moutains, where we; the Society, in that region do have contacts with them; which we are sending agents to speak with them for more details on this matter regarding this subject and this whole sacrific situation as the timing is indicating a falling out with the Fish People over the loss of the sacrifice.

*Go on with the details where you left off before. The subject was taken from the mountains to cultists raising her for four years pretending to be her parents*

Of course, according to Laura Mallery they didn't give her a name, but continued to call her "girl" or used a pet name. At the time she was twenty years old and tried to escape only to be drugged and taken to a cold wet dungeon like cave that she was forced to live in for an unknown length of time. Here the Paranormal Control Agency's records indicate that the cult was being investigated by Agent Joseph Smith, along side three other agents. They learned the subject was to be sacrificed to a "sea god" being worshipped by the cultists and by Fish People. There is even a description of the thing and the sacrifice.

(The cultists, both men and fish men alike were adorned with brown robes and hoods, dragging a naked grown woman by leather straps binding her wrists. The woman's gate and gaze indicating she was heavily drugged. It was a scene from a monster movie as she was taken to a large subterreneon cathedral with a large barrel wide hole in the floor before the alter. The woman was tied to the alter as the cultists chanted. Our team was able to get into position as the chant summoned up something from the watery hole in the floor; no doubt a long tunnel to as yet another cavern. The creature was a worm of somekind, its body covered in thick white fur and having a head with no visible eyes or any openings save for a gaping beaked mouth. The upper and lower parts of the beak being shaped like those of a small bird only with a serration along the edges, it also possessed two insect like hooked prongs on either side of the beak giving it more of an insects mandibles apperance. The cultists chanted and two of them even came forward, one human, one fish man, to untie the binds; seemingly following orders being given telepathically by the creature as it turned what passed for its head one way and another and made slight hissing sounds seemingly directing individuals in the group. They stood her atop a stone tablet with a strange marking on it, tilted her chin up and stepped back. The creature opened its mouth wide, clearly intent upon consuming her. Unable to retain our composure any longer our team opened fire as I grabbed the woman and pulled her to safety. The creature retreated into the hole, no clear evidence present how much if any damage we did to it. We could not identify the creature at the time, nor even ascertain its full size as it never fully emerged from the hole.)

The record goes on to describe them taking the woman to their local base, ascertaining what we already know, that her past was fuzzy at best, being abducted by the cult at a young age and kept in isolation. They transfered her to a hospital, and over a period of about a year fell in love with the man who saved her. Her name was legally changed to Laura Smith, she liked the name Laura is all the reason for it. The records look faked that indicate their marriage as she moved with him to an outpost in Maine.

The Paranormal Control Agency's records at this point are missing gaps in time, likely due to inactivity; however they indicate there was an incident involving this Cephalopodic Psycho-Morph, although they give no description for it. Only the belief it was connected to the cult out of Boston as a series of the creatures they official dub at this point "Angels of the Sea Goddess", appearing. They give a full description here.

(Resembling an eel measuring forty feet in length with soft elastic and fully prehensile bodies seemingly able to stiffen or soften as the need requires. They possess many small flipper like appendages along their thick white fur covered bodies; these flippers able to either press so firmly to their sides that they appear to vanish or else able to retract them. They possess also a large leaf like purple fin at the tip of the tail. The creature's heads as previously indicated in our records from an earlier encounter have an armored and serrated beak with hook like peircing mandibles on opposite lateral sides of the mouth.)

Basically the records indicated these creatures were navigating the water ways and even drainage of the shore line town with the singular intent of hunting down our subject here. We have no records however of how they knew this, how they were tracking them, or even what happened other than that the four agents opted to move her to a light house with protective runes per an operation whose details look be scrubbed from the database beyond those points and that afterwords Joseph Smith, his brother Nathaniel Smith, and one agent Markus Bates were all killed; the oldest individual who may actually have been Joseph Smith's grandfather survived the ordeal and took Laura to a mental institution that was just a cover for one of their out holding facilities. There is no record of her state; however; here is where her and Lisa Mallery's testimony bridges the gap, over twenty years ago around the same time the cult had its falling out the facility was hit by what the records describe as a breach in security, allowing several of their containments to escape. There is a whole list here of about twenty individuals and creatures, most of which were recaptured, but Laura Smith was among the list that was never recovered; until today.

*There is something wrong about these records*

What is that?

*The daughter, where is the daughter in the records?*

What...(flips through file), there is no mention.

*Do the math, the cultists supposedly took her to be sacrificed at around 20 or 21 years old correct. Well the record indicates it was a further one year before she was released to these agents' custody under the pretense of being one's wife. The time stamp of these records indicates a further five years, so she was 25 or 26 years old before even being taken to this asylum containment site of theirs, with one more year, so 27 years old when she escaped. We have no records on how long it took her to reach Arizona, and we already have conflicting reports from the daughter as to wether the mother was pregnant or the girl was three years old. Given the record has no record of a daughter, I am inclined to believe she became pregnant just prior to the asylum escape and took her three years to reach Arizona where we do have records of her and her daughter taking up residence and her marrying this man, Ben Mallery. Lisa's testimony of events are likely off simply due to the fabrications of Laura Mallery to appease her daughter; however, answer this; if she had no daughter till escaping from an asylum which she was kept in after a botched operation from the Paranormal Control Agency after years of protective custody from cultists and their sea monster masters...then how does she now have a photo album that not only has photographs of these agents in them, but also of the cultist couple that kept her prisoner for four years, that she was rescued from during a ceremony to summon a sea beast to eat her. How, does she, have, these photographs?*

I...I don't know. That doesn't make sense.

*What all was she interviewed about?*

Well, her testimony this morning was stricktly over her youth and the cult, we were getting so little out of her and the gas's effect on ordinary humans knocks us out after only about twenty minutes, less if you only weight 110 pounds like she does. The rest of this we pieced together from the records we could bring up. We sent a call to our West Virginia division to contact the cultists and see if any remember her and what happened with this falling out we never got many details about before other than they'd rather not worship a sea monster that wants to eat them and fish people who would rather sacrifice humans than their own kind disproportionatly. However we also brought in Ben Mallery, our records on him don't show anything special other than he moved to Arizona from California 20 years ago after leaving the coast guard and...married Laura Mallery the same month they both moved to the same town at the same time...well if that's not a red flag.

*Something happened 20 years ago, the Paranormal Control Agency kept terrible book keeping on these incidents; or scrubbed out specific details for unknown reasons, I am more inclined to believe the former given what details remain; possibly to avoid direct connections via the time stamps to their facilities and activities should any records become public. Its not as though we keep many records in one place for the same reasons. However, the falling out of the cult, the security breach, and then; well let's leave any further speculation till we finish up these interviews.