*It has taken affect, the subject is human so no need for a single question and isolation session.

*Laura Mallery can you hear us?


*Last time we spoke you told us about the cult, we left off where you were taken to live with an elderly couple.

My Parents.

*They were your parents?

Yes, the police found me and took me to live with them; but, they were also in a cult. I don't know if it was the same cult. I was an adult so I left them, I married and moved in with my first husband; Joseph.

*Okay, how long did you know Joseph before you married him?

I don't understand the question.

*Its alright, how did Joseph pass away?

A fishing accident, he, and his brother, father, and grandfather had gone out to collect their crab traps despite the weather. They cost so much you see; but...I'd rather have had him.

*What is she *shush**

*Laura, did Joseph's grandfather, hold on, repeat who all was out on the fishing boat that day if you could please.

My husband, his brother, their father, and their grand father.

*Jospeh Smith is your husband, Nathaniel Smith is his brother, and Markus Bates is their grandfather?

Who is Markus Bates? My husband's father's name was Richard Smith and their grandfather was Mitch Smith. All Smiths of course. Mitch had one son that was my husband's dad, and he had twin boys my husband and his brother.

*One moment.

-Microphone off-

-Why didn't we notice the number of names and number of people in the girl's story were off-

-Microphone on-

*Laura, what was Josephe and Nathaniel's mother's name

I don't understand, the, I'm feeling tired (YAWN).

*Just a few more questions, were you with them when the accident occured?

No, I was at home.

*Who all survived the accident

No one, I...it...no one survived. I couldn't handle it so I moved to Arizona.

*Did you see Joseph's death

Yes, the boat was sinking as they came into the harbor, I saw them, Joseph jumped out and swam but..he was...god...the blood, he was torn up from the traps in the storm, the sharks.

*I thought you were at home, there are no houses on the harbor for fishing boats. Did they call you to say they were coming in?

Of course not, everyone else had gone overboard, Joseph must have tried to get back.

*The boat was smashed on the rocks, how did that happen.

The storm of course, the ship crashed on the rocks, no one survived.

*But you saw Josephe's death, despite not being there, how did the boat sink in the harbor and crash on the rocks.

The storm of course, the ship crashed on the rocks, no one survived. It was sinking when coming into the harbor, Joseph jumped out, everyone else was overboard, he tried to swim for it, but he was too torn up, my god...the blood...the sharks.


(Laura slumps onto the table asleep)

*She wasn't this incoherent when we interviewed her last time.

*Where is the girl?

*She has been kept sedated per your order sir

*Good...bring me the Paranormal Control Agency's creature files, I want to see just what a Cephalopodic Psycho-Morph is.