The bright morning sun poured in through the window casting the room in a golden hue. Normally he wouldn't mind it, he'd welcome it, but this morning his head was a cloud of fog from the festivities the night before. He was starting to hate himself for not having the foresight or will before collapsing in his stupor into his bed to close the drapes. As he began to become more awake he also became more aware of his body...and that of the one cuddled against him, the smaller spoon.

Confusion began to set in, he had come to this cabin retreat with seven other friends. Six of which were in relationships with one another, and the seventh who was single but they had been friends forever and he wouldn't want to wreck their friendship. So who the fuck was this he wondered? He strained his eyes against the sun to try and see but it was still too bright for his hungover eyes.

God, how much had he drank? He pushed his mind to try to remember but that made his head feel even worse. Still he pushed through the fog and suddenly remembered. The fourth couple! The ones that were always terrible at sticking to plans and their commitments, they had actually showed up and without warning after saying they wouldn't be able to make it. Only being a five bedroom cabin, he had offered to give up his bedroom to them and sleep on the couch but she had insisted he just bunk with her for the weekend as they were both solo and she had the space. "Why not?" he remembered thinking now, they had been friends for years so it had seemed like such a good idea at the time. That was before they had started drinking.

It had to be her then, there wasn't anyone else it could be. As the night had gone on he remembered moving his stuff out of his room and into hers. He remembered joking with her about being a right side of the bed guy but she had said she was a left, he remembered telling her he slept in the nude and she had joked with him that if he kept his undies on, maybe she'd do the same. All night they had been that kind of flirty back and forth with eachoth..."Shit!" as the realisation of his current position with her suddenly hit him. He was wide awake now, and he had two big issues.

Since his first girlfriend, he had always spooned the same way, tightly against his partner with his arm over them and his hand placed firmly holding their breast. It had become so natural over all these years, that he easily found himself falling into the position whenever he spooned. Here he was tightly cuddled into his friend with his arm over her and his hand cupping her tit. His mind was a sudden whirlwind. Did she know they ended up like this or had he rolled over in the night at some point and in his drunken coma just grabbed a hold of her like he did his exes in the past? Whatever the case may have been they were both extremely drunk last night and had they been sober neither one of them would have gotten into this position. Or would they? He wasn't sure, but to make matters worse he had of course slid his hand under the nighty she was wearing and was holding onto her bare right tit. As he laid there trying to piece together exactly how this all happened he found himself stopping for a moment to admire her breast in his hand. She wasn't very largely endowed but they were that perfect size, just large enough you could still hold them in your hand completely, just the way he like them if he was being honest with himself. Unwittingly he gave it a gentle squeezed in his hand. Her skin was soft and her breast that perfect level of firmness and he could feel her slightly erect nipple in his palm. He had to resist the urge to keep doing it, he needed to focus. Not only was his arm wrapped around her but her left arm was in turn tucked over his and under her pillow. He needed to somehow free himself of this hold and roll back over to his side of the bed before she woke up and things got awkward, especially given the biggest issue of all.

She had fallen asleep on her side with her right leg straight underneath her and her left leg bent at the knee and resting on the mattress in front of her, causing her whole body to lean slightly forward at an angle. The way her legs and hips were positioned her ass probably looked amazing under the sheets. Maybe that's how he ended up against her, having seen her ass like this when he was moving the sheets or getting comfortable. He wasn't an ass man, he preferred a nice pair of tits (of any size, he really wasn't that picky) over a girls rear. He could appreciate them though, and given the right one, he could still get rock hard at the thought of it.

Her ass was one of these ones that could drive him wild. He wouldn't admit it but he did like checking her out when he thought she wouldn't catch him doing it. Opening a door for her once in a while, letting her go up the stairs ahead of him (his favourite move), etc. Although she was one of his closest friends he figured looking didn't hurt and really it was just a compliment. At least that's how he hoped she would see it if she ever caught him doing it.

Here she was now, with her sexy ass pressed tight against his groin and as if it couldn't get any worse, he had actually gone to bed nude and she had kept her flirty promise from the night before and wasn't wearing any underwear either. He could feel how hard his cock was, partially to blame on the morning no doubt but their situation didn't help either. He could feel it pressed against the warm skin of her thighs, the head resting inches from her pussy. Why did he feel wet though? It was almost as if they'd just been having sex and with this thoughts of what he wanted to do to her ran rampant through his mind. "NO!" he told himself, he had to focus on getting out from around her and back on his side. He wasn't sure how she would feel if she woke up and they were like this.

As he began to formulate a plan a thought crossed his mind. "They weren't THAT drunk last night", he was starting to remember going to bed. They had turned in at the same time, he remembered stripping down, and he remembered her changing in the ensuite with the door still partially open to the bedroom. He remembered seeing her from the back through the crack of the door, her shirt off undoing her bra in front of the mirror and then undoing her pants and bending over to push them and her underwear to her ankles giving him a good view of her ass. She had then slipped her silky nighty over her head and spent a few minutes fixing her hair and running her hands through it, her breasts bouncing and the nighty lifting to reveal part of her ass with each pass of her hands. God damnit she had looked so sexy. He had tried not to watch her but when she looked this good how could he not? She had to have left the door open on purpose, she knew you could see into the bathroom from the bed, she WANTED him to be able to see her getting ready.

He was remembering more and more now. She had been teasing him all night, flirting with him, he had even told her she was just drunk and she had to stop at one point but she told him if he didn't like it, why was he hanging around her all night instead of the others. She had a point, he had secretly enjoyed it even though it had been driving him wild. Although she had succeeded in making him horny and a part of him did want her, he was hesitant for the same reason last night as he was now. They had a long and fantastic friendship and sex or even THIS, the predicament they found themselves in now alone would probably end up ruining it. That's why he needed to get out of this hold he had on her and before she woke and took it the wrong way.

He had decided the best way out of this was to try to do it in one quick motion rather than little bits at a time. The hardest part was going to be his arm since it was under her nighty and held against her by her own arm. He started by reluctantly letting go of her tit and then he slowly slid his arm down until hers wasn't pressing against it. His hand slid across her breast in the process and he could feel her hard perky nipple drag across his palm and fingers as he moved. His cock throbbed at the feeling and his head bounced up and pressed against her pussy. He hesitated briefly waiting to see if any of that had woke her but she continued to sleep. Now was his chance. With one smooth roll he pulled his arm out as he turned over back to his side of the bed, his cock sliding against her pussy and then her ass cheek during the motion. He waited with bated breath to see if she woke, how could she have slept through that? After what seemed like ages without her moving or making so much as a noise, he was able to relax knowing that he had done it and was free of that awkward position. Now he just had to wait for his throbbing dick to subside and he could hopefully get up, get dressed, and head downstairs before she woke up.