"leave us at dawn, It's but one step you must take down,

but if no sun comes up at all we'll be all frowns

and eyes so overwhelmed they are nearly drowned

It's you in our world uncrowned what we call sound

waves that our hearts' strings bind, and very loud."


Mon âme, lourde par le mal-

-veillant tout, sais-tu c'est car

your arms aren't just limbs to me

le bien du monde est-il dans ça?


I did ask to lay me down once but not on clouds

the fall is very fast now into this town

roofs below me get bigger, while I get lost

in a journey where meanings shift in thinking knots

you asked us very clearly "who's in here nuts?"


To cure our minds of eerieness we're given shots

at life for once, know you all of these feelings lots?

or not at all, while I walked, you merely trotted

It's not okay, they just said, to be a lot

so wait the fall to be much lower, with the mines above

that's where you belong they'll say and call it love.


Mais est-ce dans l'haine où l'amour vit?

est-ce bien "je t'aime si je te tue,"

pas le contraire? pas dessus,

d'arguments? personne n'a su.