Author's note; Warning! This story contains torture involving arachnophobia and beetles, don't read if bugs and gore make you uncomfortable.

The sun had just begun to rise a low dim could be heard starting up from the city below. vythrians, drakynons, and other species began their daily activities as the light beamed down. One vythrian in particular seemed to be lazily making his way down the street as he headed towards a coffee shop that'd just had it's sign turned to open. As he passed by an alley he stopped, suddenly a strange feeling had over taken him, he turned his head and stared directly into the darkness to his side. This particular alley seemed blacker then the rest of the brightened land, and staring back at him were to glowing blue orbs. The light purple vythrian, adorned with a yellow scarf and dull green irises rubbed his eyes and looked again, this time the orbs were gone. He made his way into the alley as he felt a strong interest over take him, however upon stepping into the alley the vythrian was knocked hard on the head from behind. He hit the ground with a thud, unconscious.

The next thing he knew he was waking up in the Vicory woods, as the world faded back to him he found he couldn't move and had been tied to a tree. There was some sort of white and slightly hard object in his mouth, after trying and failing to identify the intruder the vythrian began pushing on the object with his tongue.

"I vould not do zat if I ver you."

His ears perked as he started looking around, he couldn't figure out where the voice had come from, that was, until he felt something tickling his forehead. The purple vythrian looked up to see another of his species atop a branch, this man was dark forest green in color with piercing blue eyes. It was shocking to the one tied up, green was not a natural color for his kind, yet something about this vythrian felt oddly familiar...


He tried to question as the tickling began making it's way down his face, then suddenly he felt it move onto his arm, he looked down and to his udder horror a small black spider was crawling down his limb. The purple vythrian shrieked into his gag and began to struggle, he avoided biting down on the foreign object for now, and he winced and clenched his eyes shut when the spider bit him out of fear.

"Your name is Jahn, correct? You like your coffee black, you're absolutely terrified of spiders, and you owe me money."

Jahn looked up at his tormentor again, though the green vythrian was no longer on the branch, he jumped slightly as something poked him in the stomach. Turning his gaze he saw his kidnapper standing in front of him, a large custom dagger with a blade of smooth core and a tanned dragon hide handle with a two inch spike at the end was being poked against his flesh. The captive had no idea what this man was talking about, though his thoughts were distracted once again as another spider crawled onto him from the tree, it made its way from his shoulder to his neck and simply sat their, Jahn felt tears prick his eyes as his raging phobia burned deep in his soul- The fear and anxiety he was experiencing right now was enough to make him sick, it did not help that the spider from before was still crawling about his sore arm.

"Now I'm zure you don't remember me, but my name is Victor, once I helped pay for a coffee for you ven you vere running low on cash. I zought at ze time zat I was being a good zamaritan, but I guess no good deed goes unpunished."

Jahn clenched his eyes shut as another spider landed on his ear from above, he remembered that day now, indeed the strangely colored vythrian with the german accent had helped him buy a coffee. The purple anthro truly wasn't sure what he'd done wrong though, he hadn't been rude to the man had he? Had he been expected to pay the other back?


Jahn cried out as he felt the knife slash against his gut, hard, the wound quickly began leaking blood onto the grass as he started hyper ventilating.

"Oh vell, zats all in ze past now, Jahn."

The crazed vythrian leaned in close to his victim and breathed softly into his ear.

"Now all I vant to know is, how much pain are you villing to endure, to avoid biting down on ze eggsack." Victor purred.

The WHAT!? Jahn's eyes shot open as he cried out again, the blade having been slashed roughly against his torso once more, creating an X symbol in his soft flesh. Victor walked around the tree, turning his back to face it, then swiftly spinning around and kicking it with all of his force. This proved to be the absolute worst thing that he could've done as a massive spider nest broke free from the branches above fell on top of Jauhn. Breaking upon impact and spraying millions of spiders big and small all over the poor vythrian.

And Jauhn screamed, oh how he screamed. Victor walked back to face the scene of chaos he'd caused, smiling wickedly, his bright neon green teeth reflected the warm light of the sun as it sent golden beams down through the gaps in the trees. His victim screamed and thrashed violently as spiders bit him everywhere, some taking initiative to craw into his eyes, ears, and nostrils only to bite him hard from the inside out. That was when one larger spider crawled down his face and bit him directly in the right eye, causing the squishy ball to rupture and burst as blood and goo ran down the poor mans face.

That had done it, Jauhn bit down hard on the sack in his mouth as he screamed so hard he began to lose his voice. Slowly, almost rythmaticaly, penny sized beetles began to crawl out of the sack and make their way down the vythrians throat.

"Ah, I zee you've chosen to release ze beetles, I guess I should start explaining to you exactly what's going to happen to you're body now."

Victor piped up, seeming to grow a lot more cheery then what would seem natural for an older vythrian.

"First, these are gore beetles, zey are called zat because they typically make their nests inside half dead animals or people. Zey are very rare, and are typically on found in ze high up hard to get to mountains. Ze first thing zey usually do upon hatching is to start to burrow. You might feel a pinch here and there."

It was at that moment that the captive vythrian felt an intense and sharp jab rip through the flesh of his gut, then another in his chest, then in his back. Soon enough the beetles had begun burrowing in all sorts of places throughout his poor damaged body, the pain of which caused his form to jerk hard and a weak scream to be released from his throat each time it happened. It didn't help that spiders had begun burrowing inside his ruptured eye socket, small fuzzies seemingly poking around in his skull, even possibly in is brain.

"Second, zey need to eat immediatly after birth, so, try not to die too fast. Zey burrow in live prey for a reason."

Weak spasms racked Jahn's body as he foamed lightly at the mouth, his voice was gone, not that he could use it anyways considering their was a beetle and at least a dozen spiders nibbling bloodily at the back of his throat.

"Oh, vait, I almost forgot somezing very important."

Victor reached down and picked up a relatively large and jagged rock off of the ground, he then proceeded to smash it directly unto Jahn's left knee cap.

"Vile it's not really a natural occurrence, scientists have found zat ze beetles are better able to make zeir nests if ze preys bones are broken."

The green furred vythrian repeated the process, again and again until the bones splintered and tore through the skin, the leg looking kind've like a run over lasagna sprinkled with hardened maggots. He continued to do that to the rest of his victims limbs, Jauhn's visions becoming blurry and slowly darkening as he choked silently on a mixture of fat beetle and his own blood.

"Oh? Are you leaving zis world already? Vat a shame, I guess I won't be getting my money payed back. ...Oh Vait, vats zis?"

Victor held up Jaun's wallet, something the purple vythrian had been missing for about two days. Victor popped open the wallet and begun looking at the photos withen.

"Vat a lovely family you have sir, I zink I'll pay zem a visit too."

He leaned in to Jauhn's ear once again, whispering.

"Maybe I'll give your wife a nice fuck, send her to hell with you so you can be burned together."

Finally, with one very shallow, sticky, blood and foam clogged breath, the purple vythrian closed his remaining eye as the life faded from his limp body.

The front door to the small core house opened, a tall pink skinned drakynon with light pink curly hair stepped in and closed the wooden slab behind her. She noticed the sound of music coming from her closest friends room, walking accross the living room and down the hall the drakynon opened the bedroom door and poked her head in.

"Victor I'm home, did you finish your errand already?"

The green furred vythrian lay on a large blue sheeted bed, a freshly skinned and cleaned skull painted purple sat on his stomach as he stared at it with a smirk. He turned his attention to the the female, smiling wider, his sharp teeth glowing slightly in the dark.

"I did, no need to worry, Sindor."

The pink drakynon smiled at her companion, turned back and headed into the kitchen to make dinner. Victor looked back to the skull, sitting up and taking it in his hand, lifting it to his face and smirked insanely.

"Zat'll teach you to piss me off, scum."