Domestic na Kanojo Fan fiction:- Take Place Between Chapter 273-276 (Rui Ending):- Tile: "Love Eachother but Can't be Together for The one They Love & Care about"

Author:- AH FIREON:


This particular story take place between chapter 272 & 276 during and after five years time skip just after both Natsuo and Rui cancelled their wedding and broke off their relationship to provide Hina their full support despite loving each other. Scenario of chapter 273, 274, 275 remain same as original published domestic an kanojo chapters. I just add few more possible details in chapter 273, 274, 275 apart from author work. Chapter 276 is original with Rui ending. If someone is manga artist and want to make chapter 276 based upon below story I would really appreciate that. Pardon my vocabulary and grammatical error. English is not my native language and this is first time I have written such story. Anyway I hope you enjoy it.

Story Began:-

It was day after both Natsuo & Rui cancelled their wedding and end their relationship. Both parents were present in Fuji home living room discussing both their children recent decision. They were both shock but eventually give in to both Natsuo and Rui request. Despite current circumstance both parents Tsukiko and Akihito were hoping one day both Natsuo & Rui will get married. They know after Hina wake up she would definitely opposed their decision and would ask them to get married.

Natsuo has just came home from the hospital after visiting Hina late that night. Parents were already in their room and Rui was in Kitchen who greets Natsuo with warm smile. Welcome home. How is Hina Nee doing? Natsuo, well her injury from operation are healing fine but as far as her current state is concern. There is no improvement. I ask bunch of doctors about such situation. All of them said one thing. Sometime patients wake up after week, sometimes it take months or years and in some cases patients didn't wake up. For such case all we can do it pray one day she wake up. Doctors also said she will be discharge next week so we can take her home.

Rui warm up dinner for Natsuo and sit in front of him in Dining table. Natsuo said, thank you Rui. Rui said it's ok. I am also hungry. Rui was also eating fruits. She said baby is growing inside me so I have to eat for her as well. Natsuo said her?. Rui said sorry I didn't mean to tell you this way but during my exams today. Doctor said I am going to have a daughter. Natsuo was very happy and suddenly get up and hug Rui. Rui also wrapped her arms around him. After 30 second both realized they are not in this type of relationship, so both pull back. Natsuo sorry! I hug you suddenly. Rui said it's ok. I am happy that you are happy. Then Rui said I though you wanted a boy. Natsuo what make you say that. It's just I heard most male prefer boy. Natsuo where you heard that. Well I always wanted a girl. Rui I promised you I will raise and protected our daughter well. Than Natuso apologize once again since he couldn't be with her during doctor appointment as he was in published office submitting his new book manuscript and later visit Hina in hospital. Rui don't worry I ask you to be with Hina nee that's why I cancelled my marriage and end our existing relationship. Both Natsuo and Rui faces have sad expression. Both knew despite loving each other dearly they cannot be together or be happy since Hina has sacrifice a lot for them. So they both decided to make her happy and pay her back. Rui knew one day Natsuo will marry Hina and she have to deal with it because that is what she decided after hearing Masaki & Natsuo conversation about hina sacrifice and later on after learning from Kiriya sensei why Hina decided to break up with Natsuo and situation at School at that time. It was during her visit she bump into Kiriya sensei after he visit Hina in hospital. She also told him what she and Natsuo have decided and about whole marriage cancellation and their support to Hina when he ask her when is wedding ceremony. Kiriya said to Rui they are making a mistake and Hina would not be happy with their decision but ultimately respect their wishes. He also feel guilty and reflect upon, if he by telling Natsuo all about Hina might be responsible for such development.

Two weeks has pass Hina has move from Hospital to Fuji home. Whole family is currently looking after her. Also Natsuo second book got excellent response and there is also talk going on for live action movie based upon his book. Natsuo already started working on his third book. He move his desk into Hina room just to be close to her and since she is inspiration he need to write books one after and another. During that period Rui also supported him by bringing late night coffee and snakes. Sometimes she also sits beside Hina bed while Natsuo is busy writing his book. One day while sitting besides Hina bed.

Rui Speaks, Natsuo don't forget about tomorrow.

Natsuo, Yes I know it's very important day. Natsuo. I once again ask you. Are you sure about it.

Rui, Yes I am. Ok I am going to bed. Good night.

Natsuo good night.

After Natsuo finished its second chapter in book , he look at Hina, say good night with sad face and went to bed in his room.

Rui wake him up at around noon.

Rui, did you slept late.

Natsuo, yes I am working till morning on my latest book.

Rui, ok get ready we have to go.

Afterward both Natsuo and Rui get ready and leave their house together. First both meet Rui father (Jou Mikimoto) in his restaurant to inform him about current situation and regarding wedding cancelation. Although Rui father (Jou Mikimoto) was sad but support their decision. He also was shock to know Natsuo dated Hina back in High school. Kajita was also listening to their whole conversation on opposite side of door and was sad to know Rui and Natsuo current circumstance. He still has feeling for Rui but know very well Rui only has eye for Natsuo. So he decided to support tachibana san when she return to work as a friend. He also decided he will not ask her about any of this matter as it will hurt her. He also feel sad knowing two people that love each other dearly cannot be together and sacrificing their happiness to take care of their sister especially RUI since this will hurt her more considering how much she love Natsuo.

After their conversation is finished Rui left her father office to say hi to her colleagues in restaurant. Meanwhile Natsuo was along with RUI father Jou. Jou was staring at Natsuo and Natsuo was also feeling nervous.

Joe then speak, I can't believe you dated Hina san as well. What kind of player are you. Jou said in a light playful manner. Natsuo simply said sorry. Jou no need to apologize. My daughters both love you and both went into relationship with you knowing wholeheartedly.

Then Joe said. I am happy you decided to live your live for Hina sake. But don't forget Rui sacrifice and feelings as she is the one who is making ultimate sacrifice by giving person she loves to her sister. She is pregnant and vulnerable. I want you to take care of Rui equally just like you are taking care of Hina.

Natsuo, than remember ever since Hina move into house. He is paying less and less attention to Rui and constantly occupied either into his work or taking care of Hina. With sad look on his face he feels like biggest Scum at that very moment. Afterward he has decided he will take care of RUI and his baby equally has he did for Hina.

Rui then came into her father office after greeting her colleagues. Natsuo its time to leave. We have another appointment. Natsuo ok. Both say good bye to Jou and leave restaurant. Jou wishes both happiness and feel sad at the same time about current situation.

After leaving restaurant. Natsuo and Rui both meet their friends in nearby café and inform them about current situation and their decision. All of them were shock and feel sorry for them. They were also shock to hear Natsuo dated Hina in High school. Rui then went to bathroom with Miu. Afterward Momo ask Natsuo if she could speak to him privately. Natsuo comply.

Outside café in a ally. Momo told Natsuo. Don't forget about RUI sacrifice and to promise her he will take care of both Rui and his daughter with lots of love. She also informs him their current decision will hurt Rui more than anyone considering how much she love him and looking forward for the wedding. Natsuo has sad expression on his face. He promised Momo just like he promised Jou he will take care of both Rui and her daughter wholeheartedly and protect them with his life. Momo was happy and satisfy after hearing that.

Once meeting with their friends is over. Both Natsuo and Rui leave for home. While walking side by side with Natsuo. Rui said with sad expression on her face. Everyone was shock with their decision but glad they understand eventually.

Then someone push Rui right shoulder while running. Rui almost fell but Natsuo grab her in nick of time. Place is more crowded than before. So Natsuo suggested they should hold hands. Rui was little reluctant since they weren't in that type of relationship anymore but givein eventually. Both hold eachother hands with slight blushing face. While holding hands all their finger also interlock. Natsuo then apologize to RUI for not taking good care of her ever since Hina move in.

Rui reply its ok. I want you to stay by Hina nee side.

But Natsuo said. I will take care of Hina. But you and our baby is just as important as Hina.

Rui Blush. Ok tomorrow I have doctor appointment. Would you like to come with me. Mom said she will accompany me but if you are not busy.

Natsuo reply with happy expression I will go with you. I won't feel ease until I hear from doctor everything is fine.

Both reach home while taking and holding eachother hands without realizing, it's almost dinner time. Both leave eachother hands before going inside.

After dinner Rui went to sleep as she was exhausted and tired.

After visiting Hina room, Natsuo went to his room. Her mother Tokiko staying with her tonight.

Before going to sleep Natsuo remember the night when both Rui and Natsuo return from hospital and spend whole night taking regarding their future and Rui decision to cancel the wedding.

That night Natsuo try to convince Rui not to cancel their wedding but to put on hold but Rui reply to Natsuo she decided to give him to her sister. Since she feel both guilty and sad taking Natsuo away from Hina nee. Natsuo told her it's not her fault. It was his choice. He chooses RUI after proper thinking and he love her. After hearing that Rui was glad but ultimately didn't agree with Natsuo decision to postpone the wedding until Hina get better.

Afterward Rui give Natsuo ring necklace Hina was wearing during accident and let him know about conversation she had with Hina during their visit to island i.e. she knew Hina loved him but decided not to get back with him to protect his future.

Rui then mention, Also when I saw initial in rings that is N&H. I knew you promised Hina nee to marry her someday. She then apologize while crying to Natsuo for not telling him, that Hina still love him during Island visit and for persuading her own feeling to get together with him. Natsuo was shock with ring revelation but told Rui he decided to get together with her because he fell in love with her that time and since that time his feeling for her still haven't change and after knowing all that he still love her and want to marry her if she want. Rui was happy and relieve after hearing that.

After their conversation finished both hug eachother tightly for a while and then look into eachother eyes with tears flowing from both their eyes, kiss eachother passionately for one last time. Kiss was deep and long with both their tongues and saliva interlink into eachother mouth. After long kiss both hug one more time and decided to tell their parents about their decisions.

Meanwhile Rui was in her bed. Remembering a day , when both she and Natsuo said Love you to eachother one last time. With face full of sadness and tearing flowing from her eye. She remember after she return home, she went straight to her room and cry/weep whole night because she knew both her and Natsuo relationship is over and decision that she made will hurt her but she have to be strong for both Hina nee and Natsuo sake just as Hina nee was, i.e. Hina nee making happy face despite feeling sad while seeing Natsuo and me together. Afterward with tearing face Rui went to sleep.

Next day Natsuo went with her to maternity ward just as he promised.

How is everything Doctor.

Doctor Everything fine. Both your wife and baby are fine.

Both Rui and Natsuo had sad expression on their faces when she mention wife. Doctor realized the situation said sorry. I taught both of you are married considering baby and all. Everyone has their own circumstance. I apologize if I hurt both of you. Both Natsuo and Rui simply said thank you for understanding.

Afterward both leave hospital and return home. On their way both Natsuo and Rui hold hands since street were crowded. Natsuo told Rui, from now on I will come with you for your every appointment. Rui reply he didn't have to but Natsuo simply said he want to and both of them are just has important to him as Hina.

Year 1:-

At the end of year it's time for both Natsuo and Rui daughter to be born. Natsuo keep his promised and take care of both Rui, his unborn daughter and Hina equally. Rui was already in hospital with her Mom and dad. Natsuo rush to hospital when he got call from Tokiko san. He was in middle of interview about his 4th book and upcoming film script that he wrote based upon his second book. When Natsuo reach hospital Rui was in waiting room nervous. Natsuo reach her bed and with warn smile hold her hand. Don't worry you are strong, everything will be fine. Rui also hold his hand tightly.

After one hour Rui was move to delivery room. Natsuo was beside her. Holding her hand. Doctor complies with Rui request to let Natsuo beside her into delivery room. Finally after 30 minutes their daughter Haruka was born. Natsuo with tearing eye hug Rui and say thank you to her. Both were very happy. Doctor takes picture of Natsuo, Rui and Haruka together. After Rui move into normal room, Natsuo stay beside her whole night. That night both Natsuo and Rui talk about their daughter future and their current situation. Natsuo ask Rui what you want. I heard from Momo. It's tradition for father to give mother gift after their child is born. Rui laugh and said there is no such thing. But Natsuo insists anyway. Rui with slight sad and blush face said, it is weird request. I am sorry for making it to you. Natsuo whatever it is I will try my best to fulfill it.

Rui, Will you kiss me one more time if it's ok.

Natsuo was little bit stunned with Rui request.

Seeing Natsuo expression, Rui try to cover it up. Oh I was just joking. You don't have to. I was just joking. Sorry.

Natsuo, there is no need to apologize. Since that time my feeling for you haven't change. I still love you.

Rui was happy to hear that. Then Natsuo proceed with her request by slowing bringing his lips toward hers. After a few second both their lips/mouth touch eachother. Kiss was one minute long and during hold time tears were dropping from RUI eyes. After kiss is finished.. Natsuo hug her lightly and apologize to her about whole current scenario.

Both Natsuo and Rui started raising their doctors together with lots of love and care. Natsuo sleep in same room as Rui for a while in same bed with Haruka in b/w them since he want to share responsibility with Rui. Initially Rui was little hesitant but eventually comply with Natsuo request. During night when Rui wake up and see Natsuo sleeping face beside her and Haruka. She feels happy and sad at the same time. Knowing one day Natsuo will married Hina nee and she have to deal with her feeling so that both Natsuo and Hina can move on without any guilt.

Year 2:-

Four months has passed since Haruka was born. Now it's time for Rui to get back to work. At the start of second year. Natsuo had purchased house in nice neighborhood and move both Rui, Haruka and Hina into his new home. Now both Rui and Natsuo raise their daughter and take care of Hina together. They both have divided responsibility of Hina and their daughter. Both Tsukiko san and Akihito san visit them often to help them with Hina care.

Rui start working again in this father restaurant. She was little slow initially but started to gain momentum with the help of her colleagues , Kajita and her father Jou. All of them knew her current situation, respected her, supported her and welcome her with open arms. Few months has passed.

Rui return from restaurant after a long day work. Natsuo welcome her with warm smile. Welcome back.

Rui then went to Hina room. She started with changing her clothes, clearing her and taking care of other stuff. Once she is finished she sits in living room with Natsuo. Natsuo give her tea.

Rui, How is Haruka.

Natsuo. She is sleeping.

Rui her first Birthday will be coming soon.

Natsuo. I already start making preparation. Everyone of our friends and family will be there. I already send the invitations. I want everyone to be there. After all its our lovely daughter first birthday. Rui time sure is passing by quickly. Hina nee still hasn't woken up.

Natsuo, Yeah., By the way. How is work? Did you get used to it.

Yes I am. Everyone is really helpful. I am enjoying it.

Natsuo was glad to see Rui happy,


It was day of Haruka birthday, everyone friends and family were present. Both Natsuo and Rui greet everyone along with their daughter, who is now one year old. Both cut birthday cake while holding their daughter hands. Afterward it was picture time. Momo take one with Natsuo, Rui and Haruka together. Deep down she still hope one day Natsuo and Rui will get married. After birthday party is finished. Everyone started chatting reflecting upon what they have been doing these past years. Momo went to medical school. Both Rikkun and Momo still lovey dovey and now living together in same apartment. Al is in US currently visiting lilly . Miu decided to become editor and currently doing internship. Both Barusu and Fumin are still together and very much in love with eachother. Misaki was also there along with Fumiya. Both of them become really good friend. Fumiya has crush on her but decided to ask her out once he will be successful. After a while all of them leave. While cleaning both Natsuo and Rui talks about their friends, Haruka i.e. how lucky they were to be blessed with wonderful daughter, friends and family.

Year 3.

It was about the time of Valentine day. Rui return home after day long hard work. Both Natsuo and Rui still love and care for eachother. Both of them are now used to their current situation and happly raising their lovely daughter while taking care of Hina. Same as any other day Rui went to Hina room to proceed with her cleaning/changing. Once she is finished. Natsuo knock on the door to inform Rui, its time for tea. She and Natsuo went into living room to have some Tea & snake. Both were sitting in living room drinking tea while looking at their daughter who was playing with warm smile. Rui give Valentine chocolates to Natsuo that she made especially for him. Natsuo say thank you. Its valentine day after all. Even if we are not in relationship anymore I still want give Chocolates to one person I care about more than anything in the world. After hearing that Natsuo blush slightly. Then both of them realized and casually change the topic.

Ho, I forget what did doctor say when he visited Hina nee today.

Natsuo, Well he said everything is fine and both of us are doing really good Job in taking care of her.

Rui. I hope Hina nee will wake up soon.

Natsuo me-too.

Haruka is also getting use to seeing her.

Rui. Congratulation. I heard today on news. Your new book will be made into TV drama.

Rui . Are you also writing the script? Natsuo Nah. I am just supervising it. I am now busy with my next book.

Rui wish him good luck for his next book.

Six months goes by. One day both Natsuo and Rui decided to watch a scary movie together. Both of them wanted to see it but due to their busy work schedule unable to do so in Theater. But now DVD is released both decided to watch it together. It was at around 10:00 pm. Haruka is already gone to sleep. Both close the light, with popcorn start watching movie together. Movie was really scary and everytime scary scene come Rui grab Natsuo arm real tight. Natsuo was also scare but keeping the tough front for Rui. Toward the end of the movie both sleep together in couch leaning to each other. Rui wake up in middle of night and realized she was on top of Natsuo and Natsuo arms were both holding her tightly. She tries to get free but decided to sleep tonight like this with Natsuo.

I am sorry Hina nee. Just this once I will be selfish. Pls. forgive me. After that Rui once again proceed to sleep on top of Natsuo. But before going to sleep she also give him light kiss on lip as well.

In morning both wakeup and realized both holding onto eachother tighly. Natsuo apologize with blush face and so is Rui. Natsuo also feel some sensation in his lip as well but taught it was his imagination.

Both Check on Hina and then Wake Haruka up. Today Tsukiko san is coming home to look after Hina. Since its their day off both Natsuo and Rui decided to take their daughter to park and play with her. Thank you Tsukiko san. Said Natsuo. Tsukiko san there is no need, Hina is my daughter after all and I also feel guilty since you and Rui are taking care of her these past years with little support from us. Natsuo no need for that. Both Rui and I wanted to take care of Hina. While they were leaving Tsukiko wish for their happiness.

After visiting and having fun in Park both return home and greet by Tsukiko san. Natsuo dad was also present. Afterward all of them have dinner together.

Year 4:-

Three months have passed both Natsuo and Rui are still taking care of Hina while raising their daughter together. Both of them used to it by now. Haruka is also used to having aunt Hina around and usually help father and mother in taking care of her. She love both Natsuo and Rui dearly.

One day Haruka was watching some anime show on TV and at the end of show there was a wedding and afterward couple had daughter. This make Haruka think about her parents wedding.

It was dinner time. All three of them are eating dinner today like family.

Haruka suddenly ask Mom, Dad. Where did you get married?

Both Natsuo & Rui were stunt to hear that.

Rui then ask, why did you ask about it.

Haruka, Well I was watching this show on TV and at the end of it , both boy and girl got married and have a baby daughter. So I was wondering when did Mom and DAD married.

Haruka we didn't get married there are some circumstances. I am sure you understand when you grow up one day. But we both still care for each other and for you. Rui said that will sad face.

Natsuo also nod on Rui words.

For now Haruka somehow slightly understand.

Then Haruka told their parents she want to know about Hina Chan. So both Rui and Natsuo told her about how Hina was like. What are her hobbies and what type of person she was. Haruka said I would love to talk to her when she wake up.

Both Natsuo and Rui also hope she would wake up soon.

Few months later it was Christmas. Haruka was really existed since Momo and others were coming to for party as well. Everyone visited Natsuo and Rui house and have a wonderful time. Haruka also got used to Natsuo and Rui friends and especially close to MOMO.

Haruka then watch Momo kiss Ritsu and wonder if her parents ever kiss eachother. After everyone left she ask both Natsuo and Rui.

MOM and Dad did you kiss eachother.

Rui why did you suddenly ask that.

Haruka well today I saw Momo chan kissing Ritsu chan in kitchen and they were very lovey dovey. So I was wondering if mom and dad are like that also.

Both Natsuo and Rui feel sad after hearing that.

Then Natsuo said they were pretty lovey Dovey in Past and still care for eachother. Then he went on to say the reason you are here Haruka is proved enough. Rui also said Haruka you are our symbol of love. Haruka was confused and said. Dad , mom I don't understand. Natsuo tell her. She will understand when she grows up.

Afterward all of them went to bed.

Just like that 4th year has come to an end.

Year 5:-

At the start of 5th year both Natsuo and Rui become very busy with work. Rui also started communicating with Natsuo as though if they were just two people sharing a same roof. Rui was doing this on purpose and made her busy at work deliberately so that she can prepared herself to let go of Natsuo once Hina wake up. She is also purposely letting Haruka spend more and more time with Hina nee so that she get used to her. She knew even though she loves Natsuo and wanted to be with him. She has to be strong for both their sake and let go of her feeling. She also knew one day she has to move out of his house once Hina nee wake up and married Natsuo. Rui reason for doing all that was so it may hurt less and her heart feel less ache when time finally comes. Although she knew she was lying to herself.

Rui knew Natsuo is now completely dedicated to Hina and also wonder if somewhere in his heart she also exists. While she was thinking such thing tears started to build up in both her eyes. Rui then press both her hands toward her cheeks. No No Rui what are you thinking. You have to be strong. She wipes her face and eyes and just like that she resume her work in restaurant. Kajita was also observing her from distance and feel sad for her.

Both Natsuo and Rui continue with their work. Due to Rui hard work she is now well recognized chef in Jou restaurant. Lots of people respect her skill. She now also lead atleast 2 station in restaurant. But her skill is still less compare to Kajita who is on fast track to become a head chef.

It was summer both Kajita and Rui were eating lunch during break.

Rui Ask Kajita.

How is Koko doing at home?

Kajita she is fine. Currently busy with setting up the house.

Koko is Kajita girlfriend who recently moves in with him. Both are very much in love and Kajita care very deeply for her. Koko was orphan who knew Kajita when they were in middle school. They often play with eachother and share eachother thoughts. But drift apart when Kajita parents move into city. Both promised to meet eachother once they growup. Years went by and Kajita forget about her but she didn't. She eventually meet Kajita when Jou hire her as a Restaurant receptionist. She is also the one who inspire Kajita to be a chef after eating his lunch everyday. Kajita was shock and happy at the same time to see her once again when Jou introduced to her. He also later apologize to Koko when she reminded him about his promised to meet/find her when he growup. Koko is very much in love with Kajita but Kajita only has eye for Rui. After a while Koko figure out about it also i.e. Kajita feeling toward Rui. She eventually encourage Kajita to confess to Rui once more even though she love him. All she wanted him to be happy despite sacrificing her love for him.

It was just before Christmas. With Koko encouragement. Kajita workup the courage to confess to Rui one more time.

Rui chan.

Yes Kajita!

Rui chan if you are not so busy I would like to talk to you alone.

Rui ok. Let meet after dinner service is finished.

After work in restaurant is finished. Both head home together.

Ok Kajita. What you want to talk about.

Kajita was blushing but eventually confess one more time.

Rui Chan I always like you. I always want to be with you. Even now you have daughter. I still love you and my feeling for you hasn't change since last time I confess

Rui slightly blush and shock to hear that.

She eventually speaks. Thank you Kajita. But sorry I can't return your feeling. I decided to dedicate my life to my daughter, my sister and man that I love.

Kajita even though you knew you have to let go of Natsuo to your sister one day.

Rui answer with sad expression on her face. Yes even so. There is no man in my heart except Natsuo. I know I am being stupid and this decision will hurt me. But I am currently happy I have Haruka and happy with way things are now.

Kajita sorry. Rui say with sad face with both her eyes looking toward the ground. Maybe tears were building up in her eyes and she doesn't want Kajita to see her like that.

Rui san no need to apologize. Kajita Speaks. You know I respect you a lot. Even though you didn't return my feeling. I hope both of us remain good friend in future. I wish whatever you desire comes true and for your happiness.

After that Kajita leave Rui side.

Rui return home and Kajita meet Koko in nearby bar.

Koko How did things with Rui go.

Kajita I got rejected one more time with sad expression on his face.

Koko sorry your love was not accepted.

After few drinks both head home together. Kajita was little more drunk then usual and his house was far. So Koko suggested he spend night in her house. Kajita was reluctant at first but eventually comply to Koko request.

Both went into her house. It was normal one bedroom apartment with separate Kitchen and Dining space.

Both Kajita and Koko start talking and eventually Koko mention she is glad he got rejected. Kajita was stunned to hear that but remain silent.

Koko start speaking again. You know ever since you save me for being bullied in middle school. My feeling for you hasn't change. All these years I remain strong because of this. Koko showing Kajita charm bracelet that he gave her on her birthday in middle school. Since she was orphan she didn't celebrate her birthday but Kajita spend all his saving and allowance to get her this lucky charm bracelet.

Kajita I was very happy when I received such present from you. You might not remember but during your last day I give you my first kiss and confess to you. I still remember your blushing red face from that time. You didn't give me proper reply since it was your last day but did promised to meet/find eachother when very growup.

Koko then confess to Kajita. Since that time my feeling for you hasn't change. I still love you. I know you like someone else. But I will make you fall in love with me and then give him long kiss on lip. Kajita was at shock with sudden confession and kiss. But eventually give into Koko request.

Kajita with blushing face and smile I look forward falling in love with you. Koko face was red after hearing that from him.

With passage of time Kajita eventually fall in love with Koko due to her devotion and honest feeling.

Returning to present.

Rui I can't believe you and Koko move in together and you are planning to proposed to her this week on her birthday. Rui wish Kajita good luck.

Later we heard Koko accepted Kajita proposal with tearing eyes. It was her dream comes true. Both were very happy.

Just like that five years have passed.

After Five Years:- [Chapter 273, 274, 275 & 276 (Rui Ending)]

Note: "Chapters events remain same as original author published chapters but I did include some other perspective such as Rui inner taught in chapter 274 and Al conversation with Natsuo. Momo conversation with Rui. Natsuo and Rui inner feeling in Chapter 275 etc. While 276 is original chapter with Rui ending".

Both Natsuo and Rui continue looking after Hina while raising their daughter together. At spring both enrolled their daughter Haruka into kindergarten. Haruka is very happy child with cheering personality. She makes lots of friends in her school very quickly and was very playful.

Chapter 274:- Rui Inner feeling & Al & Momo conversation with Natsuo & Rui.

Rui return home from long day hard work and Haruka hug and welcome her mom. Afterward she went straight to Hine room to clean and change her. Before she started, Rui stare at Hina with warm smile. Hine nee I hope you wake up soon and get together with Natsuo. During these past years little by little I stared to distance myself from Natsuo so that one day when you wake up and married Natsuo I was able to move on. While saying that to her sister, tears started to build up in Rui eyes. Sorry Hina nee. I am trying but my feeling for Natsuo is not going but I promised you when you wake up I will move out of this house so that you can spend some quality time with Natsuo. I want you to be happy more than anything else in this world. She then say sorry for taking Natsuo away from her and for hurting her. After Rui finished with Hina she and Haruka take bath together. [Rest is same as original Chapter 274]

After some time, there friend visited them at home. All of them chat, have some snacks and start watching Momo and Ritsu wedding video. After wedding video is finished, they chat little more and then decided to leave later that evening. (It is same chapter that author written. I am just filling in some blank).

Before Momo leave she briefly speaks to Rui alone.

Momo said. Rui chan are you really ok with giving Natsuo to Hina chan. I know you still love him deeply. I also saw tears in your eyes during my wedding and realized how much you were looking forward for your own wedding. I know you feel guilty. But I am sure if you proposed to Natsuo he will not object.

Rui said with sad expression on her face. I know that but I want him to be with Hina nee. She sacrifices a lot for him and she deserves to be happy when she wakes up. Momo speak. What about your happiness. Will you be Ok with that? I would be fine. Rui said. Besides Hina nee will need his support to recover when she wake up.

Momo Rui chan. Deep down she wish for her happiness and hope Natsuo and Rui once again become lovey dovey couple.

Meanwhile Alex was taking to Natsuo outside his house. Natsuo san remember the time when we speak on school rooftop when you and Rui started going out.

Natsuo Yes I remember.

Al. Remember you promised me you will not make Rui chan sad ever again and take good care of her. Then Al went on to speak. Natsuo I am happy you feel that way about Hina Sensei. Al was referring to sentence Natsuo said earlier i.e. even if he give away his life even that won't be enough to pay her back and he is who he is just because of Hina. You know even though it's none of my business. I feel like you are disregarding others feeling as well especially Rui Chan. Natsuo was stock to hear that from Al. Then Al said remember when one day you spend night in my house one month after you and Rui chan started going out. You told me how Rui chan supported you when you were in despair after Hina sensei left you. Also how she inspire you when she take you to mountain site and both of you see beautiful sunrise together (Ref:- Original Chapter from Domestic na Kanojo). You also told me she made you realized how important it is for you to become a novelist. Al then also said. Did you also forget about Togen sen, Kiriya and your editor? Who also supported you? Natsuo realized he was so fixated on Hina, he forgets all about other people that supported him. He feels very bad at that moment. Al then say sorry If I crosses the line.

Natsuo then said.

No need to apologize Al. You were right I did forget about other people and Rui chan as well. Thanks for making me realize that.

Then both Al and Natsuo shake hand and say good bye. Natsuo wish him good luck.

When all of them leave, Rui and Natsuo was alone in living room cleaning. Natsuo then said. Rui.

Rui. Yes Natsuo

Natsuo. I am sorry. Rui?

Natsuo then went on to say. When I mention I am who I am is because of Hina and even if I give my life to her even that won't be enough. I forget about your feeling and about times you supported me. And even in these five years you were always side by side with me in raising Haruka and taking care of Hina. You also supported and help me in these five years whenever I am in trouble and need your support. Sorry Rui if I hurt you by saying that sentence. Thanks for everything and being with me side by side these past five years.

Rui smile and said. No need to apologize or thank me. I did all that because I care for you and Hina nee.

After that it's time for bed. Rui was tired. So Natsuo put Haruka to bed after Rui kiss Haruka forehead and say goodnight to her. Natsuo tell Haruka story during bed time. Once Haruka went to sleep. Natsuo meet Rui in Living room area. Natsuo was drinking bear while Rui is sipping tea.

Rui present Natsuo with marriage registration form.

Chapter 275:- Masaki and Fumiya conversation Plus story of Rui marriage registration form. (Rest of the details is same as original published chapter of author).

It was after lunch. Both Kajita and Koko go to ward office to get a marriage registration form. Rui was also accompanying them. Koko was holding onto Kajita hand whole time on their way to ward office and Kajita was blushing like red tomato. All three went inside. Kajita ask clerk at desk for marriage registration form and procedure/guidance to register their marriage officially. After desk clerk explains details to him, all three started to leave toward exist. Then suddenly Rui turn and said to clerk. If you don't mind can I have another marriage registration form? Clerk said sure. Is it for you and your boyfriend? Rui with sad face said it is for my sister.

Kajita and Koko both were listening to Rui conversation and feeling sad for her. Both don't know what to say to her at that moment to ease her pain. So both of them decided to remain quiet.

Returning to present. Rui present Natsuo with marriage registration form and ask him to marry Hina nee. She said just as meeting you, falling in love with you and having Haruka was fate then you and Hina nee living side by side is fate also. Rui has nostalgic look on face her during their conversation.

After that Rui return to her room and started to weep/cry. Her heart hurt. She doesn't know how to get rid of this sadness and pain she is experiencing right now.

Rui with tears dripping from her eyes speak. Looks like my plan work. By distancing myself from Natsuo I was able to erase myself from Natsuo heart. Now he only has eye for Hina nee. He didn't even object to my suggestion. Rui. I should be happy. Everything work out the way I wanted, Natsuo will married Hina nee, just like I wanted. Natsuo… then why it hurt so much. Why I can't get rid of these feeling for him. I decided long time. I will give Natsuo to Hina nee. I don't need to feel that way. Why Why Why….

Masaki visited Natsuo. He told him. I think I will marry Hina and Rui is Encouraging him to do it. Masaki said if you are doing that as if you feel responsible then I must tell you Hina chan want nothing but for you and Rui to be happy. Natsuo then said I am doing it on my own free will and because I wanted too. Masaki was happy to hear that and said Hina will be delight to hear that with smile. (Same chapter as author written in original manga)

Afterward Natsuo went to hina room Place rings in her hand and said he now understand why she breakup with him with letter. In falling in love with Rui. He learns what it meant to care for eachother and they are blessed with Haruka. Natsuo then mention to Hina I am sure your feeling for me is not change since that time. He also said his feeling are different from when they were lovers and now it's much deeper and in more ways than other he always love her. After that he places his forehead on top of her and said will you marry me Hina.

Meanwhile Masaki was in his bar talking to Fumiya. Today when I visited Natsuo house he said Rui encourage him to married Hina chan. I was worry he is marrying her because he feel responsible but relieve to hear that he will marry her on his own free will. With smile on his face Masaki told such thing to Fumiya. Masaki then went on to say I am so happy. When Hina chan wake up and married Natsuo her dream will finally come true and her love is finally recognize by Natsuo.

Fumiya stay quiet for a few seconds. Than speaks. Masaki chan there is nothing to be happy about. Masaki has puzzle expression on his face. Fumiya then went on to say. You know during Natsuo first break up with Rui. You also play a role in it by giving Rui wrong advice and made her doubt her feelings. I remain silent at that time but now I can't anymore. There is nothing to be happy about this current situation. Because of you both Natsuo and Rui got separate this time also. You made both of them so guilty they not only end up cancelling their marriage and also break up their relationship. I am sure Hina Chan won't be happy with this situation either. Then he went on to say. Hina chan always want Rui and Natsuo to be happy. Sure she sacrifices a lot for them. But these past five years don't forget about sacrifices that Rui chan has made for her sister and Natsuo. Imagine living in a same house with a person you love so much but put side your feelings for your sister. I am sure the reason Natsuo is now so focus on Hina chan is because of Rui. In these past five years she might distances herself from Natsuo on purpose so that when Hina chan wakeup he would be beside her with full conviction. She even give him a marriage registration form to marry her sister. Just imagine how much this all will be hurting her right now. Natsuo will married hina chan and rui chan will eventually move out of his house. House in which she raise her daughter with him for five years. Haruka would be fine now. But when she grow up and understand whole situation she would definitely not support her father current decision to married her aunt. Children should be raise in happy loving family. It is important for their growth. Haruka will definitely feel her father doesn't love her mother and her aunt steel her father from her mother. I hope that will not be the case in this situation. So Masaki chan this is not a happy ending that you are hoping for. I also hope Natsuo will show some backbone and understand Rui chan feelings and sacrifices as well.

After that Fumiya exist the bar. Misaki Ogura listening to their conversation chase after Funiya. Before she leaves she told Masaki chan. Fumiya is right. There is nothing to be happy about this situation.

Masaki finally understand whole Natsuo Rui and Hina situation and his selfishness and interference that cause these sad circumstances. He finally understands how wrong he was. But it was too late. He then hope everything will be resolve in happy note once Hina chan wakeup and nod he will apologize to Rui chan once he meet her for not understanding her pain and feeling and for causing such situation.

In morning Haruka went into Hina chan room and place heart shape ring on her finger. Hina wake up remember Natsuo past proposal to her during their school trip.

Chapter 276:- (Happy ending for Rui and Natsuo Realization) [right now I don't know How this manga end but 99% its Hina end. That's why I wrote this alternate end for Rui. Hope you enjoy it].

Haruka come running and shouting in Kitchen. Both Natsuo and Rui were busy preparing the breakfast. Mom and Dad Hina chan Finally wake up. Both Natsuo and Rui rush toward Hina room. Hina is sitting on her bed with confuse look. Both Natsuo and Rui hug Hina with tearing eyes. Hina was still confused and try to understand this whole situation.

Both Natsuo and Rui also notices heart shape ring on her finger and realized what might have wake her up. Rui now convince is fate for Natsuo to be with Hina. She has sad look in her face because now she has to prepare herself for what comes next.

Both Natsuo and Rui started explaining Hina whole situation slowly i.e. how she was in coma for more than five years and how both of them are taking care of her in their home. Hina was very sad after hearing that but happy she finally wake up from her coma.

Both Natsuo and Rui introduced her to their daughter Haruka. Who was very delight to see her. Hina speak. I know it's late but congratulation on becoming a parent and having a wonderful cute daughter.

Afterward Rui left Hina room to tell her parents about hina awakening form coma. Natsuo and Haruka both were alone with Hina.

Hina speak. So how was wedding. Natsuo simply avoid her question and change the topic. You must be hungry. Let me get something from Kitchen for you.

Haruka you take care of Hina chan while I am preparing breakfast. Ok

Haruka with cheery expression on her face said. Leave it to me dad.

As soon as they heard from Rui about Hina both Tsukiko and Akihito leave straight for Natsuo home.

Both parents come rushing into Natsuo house. Both were very happy to see Hina is ok. With teary eyes both hug Hina. Jou, Masaki , Kiriya accompany by Shuu also visit Hina in Natsuo house later. All of them aware of Natsuo and Rui current situation but Hina is still in dark.

Doctor also comes to check upon Hina. He says her vitals are fine and she will be into her normal self in just few days. He also praises both Natsuo and Rui for taking such good care of Hina all these years. Hina also thanks both Natsuo and Rui for their support and caring for her all these years.

After doctor visit, with the help of Rui and Tsukiko. Hina take well deserving bath. Hina can move but she still needs help from other to walk. As she is too weak right now. But doctor said she will be into her feet in to time with good food and light exercise. Thanks to Haruka, Rui and Natsuo stretching her body on regular basis her muscle are not that weak.

In bath Hina inquire about Natsuo and Rui wedding but both Tsukiko and Rui change the topic. By now she suspect something is wrong. By the way what were you imaging when you wake up. Rui inquire. Hina blush slightly. Rui then speak you were imaging when Natsuo proposed to you during our school trip right. I figure that out from ring on your finger. Hina then suddenly notices heart shape ring on her finger and realize it. Hina then say sorry to Rui. Rui with smile said I am ok. I am glad you wake up and now you and Natsuo can finally be together. Hina look confuse when Rui said that. Tsukiko quickly change the topic to something else.

After bath Hina eat dinner with whole family. Tsukiko will be staying with Hina today in their guest room. Hina also notice both Rui and Natsuo went to separate room. Hina was about to ask them. Then Tsukiko said she will explain to her whole situation later.

At night both Tsukiko and Hina were in bed. Mom you promised me, you will explain whole situation to me. Then Tsukiko started to explain how both Natsuo and Rui cancelled their wedding and break up their relationship and how with each year Natsuo and Rui grew further apart so that when Hina wakeup, Natsuo will married you. I am sure you notice ring necklace on your hand when you wake up. Nurse gives it to Rui in hospital and she see both Natsuo and Your initial in it. She breaks down after that and blames herself for stealing Natsuo away from you and causing you sadness back then when they were couple.

Hina feel sad after hearing that. Rui was also listening to their conversation from outside. She then knock and enter. Hina nee I am sure by now mom has told you about everything. Please don't be sad. It's not your fault. Both Natsuo and I arrived at this decision together. Hina has sad expression on her face.

Hina nee can I ask you one question.

Hina sure.

Will your feelings for Natsuo change if he and I had daughter together. Hina no it will not and this doesn't bother her.

Rui then smile on her face said Please marry Natsuo. He already proposed to you yesterday. Hina was confused. I was watching quietly from outside the door. She then told Hina about Natsuo whole speak before proposing and how he places his forehead on hers to propose to her. Rui also mention Natsuo has only eye for Hina nee now and how he decided he will live his life for your sake. Hina blush after hearing that.

Rui are you really ok with this whole situation. Hina ask.

Rui said I am fine. I am moving to Yokohama to persuade my dream. There is also a boy who like me. So I will be moving out of this house soon. Hina boy you like. Rui said his name is Kajita. Rui was lying so that Hina doesn't feel guilt. Tsukiko realize it but remain quiet to respect rui wished. She knows how this will hurt Rui and she is making bold front in facing Hina. Hina was relieved to hear. Rui moves on and feel less guilty.

Hina then ask her Mom. Are you ok with that? Tsukiko simply say it that's what my daughters wish for I have no objection. She feels sad for Rui but couldn't express in front of Hina.

Rui and Tsukiko leave for work and Haruka was in Kindergarten. Both Hina and Natsuo was alone in house drinking tea. They were watching movie based on Natsuo book on Tv. Hina then mention I heard about whole current situation from Rui and Mom last night. I still think it was stupid for both of you to cancel the wedding.

Natsuo was quietly listening to her. But. I am glad my feeling are finally answer by you. But I still need a time to reply to your proposal. Natsuo how did you knew with confuse look?.

Hina, Rui told me. She was watching you from outside the door with you propose to me in coma. Natsuo feel sad after hearing that. He knew how much this must have hurt Rui.

Hina then speak I was shock to hear Rui is moving to Yokohama and Haruka will stay with you and me and that she is going out with her colleague Kajita. Although Hina show doubt if Rui is telling the truth about going out with Kajita. Natsuo was shock to hear that. At that moment he feel tightness in his chest when he realize Rui will be moving out and she might be going out with Kajita.

Hina Pls. give me time to think about your proposal. Meanwhile I also want you to think long and hard if you really want to spend rest of your life with me. Hina also mention Haruka is like a daughter she never had and it doesn't bother her. She also mention her feeling for him is still haven't change. But she need time to think about proposal and this whole situation.

Next day.

Natsuo visit Jou in his restaurant to confirm if Rui is really moving to Yokohama and she would only visit in weakened. Jou answer yes. Although Nastuo feel pain in his chest everytime he imagine Rui with Kajita. But at the same time he thinks he has no right since he decide to be with hina. Also if Rui is happy he is happy.

When he was leaving Jou restaurant he saw Kajita and Koko walking together around the corner. Both were pretty lovey dovey. Natsuo run and confront Kajita. How dare you cheat on rui.

Kajita with confuse expression what?

Natsuo then went on to say you were going out with Rui and even decided to move to Yokohama to work together in same restaurant.

Kajita then speak. I am not going out with Rui chan. I am in love with this girl. Her name is Koko and we are going to get marry next month.

Natsuo after hearing that speak to himself. Why with Rui tell such a lie to Hina.

Kajita then speak its true I confess to Rui last year but she rejected me saying. She only has feeling for you and no one can replace you. Natsuo was Puzzle to hear that.

You know Rui chan never stop loving once. She care about you deeply Koko told Natsuo.

Natsuo was now more confused than ever. Why would she lie? Why would she distance herself from me this last year? I thought she finally move on and doesn't have that feeling for me anymore.

Kajita then speak. You know I hate indecisive person like you. These past five years you were so focus on Hina chan you totally neglect Rui feeling. But she didn't complain and always put fake smile infront of you so that you don't feel guilty. She was hiding her feeling for you and dealing with pain so that you can move on with Hina chan without feeling guilty. She also let Haruka spend more and more time with Hina so that she get used to her and wouldn't hate her once she growup. During work Rui always put faked smile but we have seen her sadness and saw her crying multiple times. She did all that in here so that she can put happy face when she is with you. Natsuo sorry but you have hurt her a lot. I know Hina chan has done a lot for you but don't forget Rui sacrifice and pain. Just imagine what feeling she has when she give you marriage registration form to marry Hina. I am sure you accept it without in objection since indecisive fool you are. But on that day she was hurt a lot because she finally realized now you have only eyes for Hina chan and she is not in your heart anymore. Koko said I remember Rui chan was so sad on that day. She was unable to concentrate at work.

Kajita also mention she didn't want to go to Yokohama and separate from her daughter but decide to do it so that you and hina chan move on without any guilt. Natsuo sorry but you have hurt Rui a lot. Now respect her wishes and be happy. Tears start to drop from Natsuo eyes. Both Kajita and Koko were also sad with tears build up in their eyes.

Before Kajita and Koko leave Natsuo side. Kajita said. I hope whatever decision you make. You make with full conviction this time. Bye.

Natsuo fell on his knee on ground after both Kajita and Koko left. He realized how much he hurt Rui. Tears were dropping from his both eyes nonstop. He now realizes. He was so fixated on Hina. He completely ignores Rui feeling and never object to whatever she decided pertaining to Hina and her Decision. Afterward he sits on bench in park for a while.

That night Rui didn't come home. She text Natsuo she has something to do in her parents' house and she will be staying with them tonight. Rui was basically giving Natsuo and Hina to have some quality alone time together. She also mentions she will be leaving for Yokohama tomorrow to search for suitable place to live. She also mentions she will be staying at Kajita/Koko place for a while until she found good place. It seem ever since Hina wake up Rui is avoiding Natsuo.

She also said Dad with pick Haruka on her way to home and wish good luck to Natsuo with Hina. Natsuo remain quiet after seeing her texts. Is like his mind stop after kajita revelation. He just writes ok and bye in reply. Because he knows now it's too late and he have to live with choice that he made.

Natsuo then went toward his house. Meanwhile Natsuo dad is on his way to pick Haruka up. At home Haruka is staying with Hina. Both of them were chatting alot. Haruka told her, both her parents love and care for her deeply. She also said they told her alot about her and she always wanted to talk to her. Hina was happy to hear that.

Then Haruka said. Aunt Hina! can I show you something. Hina ok.

Haruka then show her Moon necklace that Rui gave it to her recently. Hina remember seeing both on Rui neck and Natsuo hand before Rui depart for US.

Hauuka then told her. Her mother said when she gave it to her. That it is symbol of love. Hina feel sad after hearing that.

Natsuo father has come to pick Haruka and to take her to his home.

Haruka with smile on her face hug her grandpa.

Haruka then said. Grandpa Pls. bye me ice cream like last time. Akihito with smile on his face said whatever you want Haruka. I will buy it for you. After that both leave Natsuo household.

Both Natsuo and Hina were alone in house.

Natsuo then said. Hina are you hungry. I just both some nice dinner. Hina said yes I am starving. Natsuo let me set the dining table. Both Hina and Natsuo then have dinner together alone. Hina say this feel like a date. Natsuo with sad smile said yes. Hina notice Natsuo fake smile.

After dinner Hina take a bath while Natsuo watches the dishes.

Once bath is finished and Natsuo is done with cleaning. Both sit alone together in living room. Hina then speak I can't believe Rui start going out with another boy besides you. But I still have doubt if it's true.

Natsuo then said. It was a lied.


Natsuo then speak. She is not going out with anyone. Infact Kajita is going to marry his girlfriend next month. Hina has Puzzling expression on her face. Hina then said. Why would she lie like that?

Natsuo she did it for us so that both you and I don't feel guilty. Hina feel sad after hearing that and finally realized sacrifice her sister is making for them.

Hina then said I am tired. I will go to bed early. Hina goodnight.

Natsuo good night.

At around noon Rui came home along with her parents and daughter. She already done with her packing before staying at her parents' house yesterday. All of them decided to spend entire day together since they won't be seeing Rui for a while. Natsuo has sad expression on his face this whole time and keeping a fake smile to hide it.

After lunch all of them chat for a while. Afterward Rui ask Natsuo if she could speak to him alone. Natsuo comply.

Rui speaks,

Natsuo thanks for everything. I am glad I fell in love with you and had Haruka. I have no regrets. I hope things went well with you and Hina nee yesterday. I wish both of you happy live together. Rui said all that by putting sad fake smile on her face which Natsuo already realize it.

Its evening now and it's time for Rui to leave. All then say good bye to Rui and wish Rui good luck. Before leaving Rui kiss and hug her daughter. Rui just simply says goodbye to Natsuo. She wanted to hug him but decided not to in consideration of her sister feeling. Natsuo doesn't want her to leave and wanted her to stay by his side forever. He also knew how much he hurt her and now all he can do is respect rui wish to be with Hina.

After Rui left. Hina said to Natsuo. Can I speak to you alone? Both were in Hina room. Hina then speak you know I come to conclusion regarding your proposal. Hina continue. I will say yes if you answer my question honestly.


Hina then ask Natsuo do you love me. To which Natsuo said yes.

Hina then ask him do you love Rui. Natsuo was puzzle to hear that and simply said why you are asking me that.

Hina then said look straight into my eyes and answer me honestly. Natsuo knew he can't dodge her question. Natsuo said sorry Hina. With tears dropping from his eyes reply. I love her. I love her a lot. Hina with smile on her face said then go after her and stop her from leaving you dummy. Natsuo was shock to hear that.

Natsuo but I decided to live my life for you. Hina say. You already was leaving for my sake these past five years. I am happy my feelings are finally answered and happy to learn how much both you and Rui love me.

Then both went outside with smile on their face. Haruka was sitting on sofa in living room area with very sad face. Hina then said. Why are you so sad? Haruka Mom is gone and I won't able to see her for a while. Hina then reply this won't happen.

Haruka ?

Hina because your dad is going to stop your mom from leaving. Haruka was delight to hear that. Both parents understand Hina had already made a decision i.e. she want Rui and Natsuo to be together.

After that Hina said to Natsuo. There is still time. Can you accompany me to nearby lake? Haruka mention it to me. She said it's very beautiful. So I want to see it. Natsuo said ok. Before they leave Natsuo went into his room and pick something from box at back of his closet.

Natsuo and Hina both reach nearby lake. Hina it's really beautiful just like Haruka said. Hina then speak. You know when you and Rui become couple once again. I went to beach where you confess to me and hug me to through away rings that you gave me. I was unable to do so that time. But now knowing you love me and spend more than five years caring for me. I am happy with that. I am glad I inspire you to become a novelist and you dedicate your work to me. Thank you Natsuo for loving me and taking care of me all this time. Then she takes the rings out of her pocket and throw deep into the lake. Natsuo was surprise to see that. Hina then said now it's time for me to move on with my life. Don't worry Natsuo I am happy now, have no regrets and I will live my life for my sake because now Rui and your daughter will be with you to support you. She then kiss Natsuo on a lips for one last time and say goodbye. After that she head home alone. Natsuo offer to accompany her but she decline. She said house is not that far and she is fine now.

Natsuo then run straight to Jou restaurant to meet Rui. When he reach his restaurant he learn Rui already left early with Kajita and Koko for station since there was mixup with tickets, they will board train that will leave now instead of one that leave two hours later.

Natsuo then panic. Jou with worried face. Natsuo are you ok. Natsuo no. I have to stop her and tell Rui I love her and I wanted to spend rest of my life with her. Jou was happy to hear that and said you finally made up your mind. Jou then said Train leave in 15 minutes. Station is 20 minutes walk from here. I am sure if you run you will make it. What are you waiting for. Go and stop Rui from leaving. After hearing that Natsuo run toward station without wasting any second. Jou wish him good luck.

Natsuo reach station. He was breathing heavily and sweating excessively, He look back and forth for her. He suddenly see Rui boarding a train from far. He run toward her direction but trip and fell. He gets up again and start running toward Rui. After Rui both Kajita and Koko was about to board the train then Koko suddenly see Natsuo running toward them from distance. Koko then pull Kajita sleeves. Kajita what koko? Koko look she was pointed her finger toward Natsuo direction. After seeing Natsuo running toward them Kajita smile. He knew he was coming to stop Rui from leaving and finally made up his mind to be with Rui.

Both Kajita and Koko board train and call Rui who was about to go inside. Rui chan.

Rui stop. Yes Koko. Can you come here for moment? Rui ok.

Rui What is it. Rui was still holding onto her suitcase. Kajita just come here for second. I want to show you something outside. Rui was confused but comply with their request. When Rui look outside the door. Both Kajita and Koko push her lightly off the train. Rui turn around. Kajita Koko what's the big idea. Just before door closes, they threw Rui suitcase outside as well. Rui was confused. Both smile and said you will thank us later.

Rui thank you?

By that time Natsuo has also reach Rui who was standing confuse looking at Kajita and Koko. Natsuo then yell Rui. Rui look into Natsuo direction with puzzling expression on her face. Natsuo what are you doing over here. Without second thought Natsuo hug Rui. Rui, Natsuo what are you doing. You are with Hina. Natsuo then said Hina chan and I didn't go through with our relationship. She refuses to marry me when I unable to answer her question with lie. Rui what was the question. Do you still love Rui and want to live your life with her. Tears start dropping from Rui eyes. Rui baka (Idiot). Why! I already made up my mind about giving up on you. Why you do that to me.

Natsuo sorry Rui I hurt you all these years and sorry for not knowing your feeling, your sadness and your love for me. I taught you move on and don't love me any more so I decided to focus on Hina but even so I was unable to forget about you and still love you.

After hearing that with tearing eyes she and Natsuo hug each other tightly.

Kajita and Koko smile while seeing them hug each other while train leave.

Rui & Natsuo while holding eachother hands walk out of the station together as couple. Both went to place where they broke up five years ago. Both were admiring the beautiful view together.

Natsuo call Rui. Rui look into Natsuo eyes with warm smile. Natsuo thank Rui for staying with him, loving him and taking care of him all these years. He then gets on one knee and finally proposed to her with beautiful diamond ring. It is same ring Natsuo went to get from his closet before he and Hina leave for nearby lake.

Rui was confuse. Rui. When did you buy that. Natsuo I buy when you and I were going to get married before Hina accident. Natsuo then said he wanted to propose to her back then before their wedding ceremony. But things happen.

Natsuo you know sitting on one knee hurt. Natsuo one more time Rui will you Pls. marry me. Rui with tears dripping from her eyes say yes. Natsuo place ring on her finger and then both proceed to kiss eachother. First kiss was light and intense lasting 30 second. Then Natsuo and Rui look into eachother eyes once more, both their hearts were pounding really fast and then both proceed to kiss one more time. Second kiss was deep one with both their tongues and saliva interlink into eachother mouth. After one minute kissing both hug eachother one more time.

After that both Natsuo and Rui head for restaurant to have a romantic dinner together. It was their long due date.

After dinner instead of going home. Both decided to spend night together at nearby hotel. Natsuo than infrom their partnets, haruka and hina on phone. All of say congratulation to them and were happy to hear both are spending some quality time together.

Both check into hotel. After they enter their room. Natsuo hug Rui from behind. Rui I can't take it anymore. I am holding for five years and really want to be one with you right now. Rui face was red like tomato. Rui let me take shower first. Natsuo no need. Rui but I am sweaty and smelly. Natsuo I like your smell. Rui said with blushing face hentai (Pervert). Natsuo proceed to kiss her. After long kiss. He carry her into his arm like princess style and head toward bed. Both of them make love to eachother three times that night. After that both sleep together naked while hugging eachother. In morning Rui wakeup first and kiss Natsuo. After Natsuo wakeup both take bath together and had sex one more time in bathtub. After long bath both had breakfast and depart for their home while holding eachother hand.

Once they enter their house. Their were banner with congratulation and lots of decoration. Both Natsuo and Rui were hug by their daughter. Who congratulate their parents on becoming a couple again. She also notice wedding ring on Rui finger and said with happy face is mom and dad are finally going to get married. Both smile at their daughter and said yes.

Both parents and Hina congratulation them on getting back together. Rui then move toward Hina and with teary eyes say thanks and sorry. Hina no need to apologise I am blessed to have such a wonderful sister, niece and brother in law. Hina the say sorry for keeping Natsuo away from her all these years. Both Rui and Hina then hug each others.

When news of Natsuo and Rui getting back together reach their friends all of them were very happy for them and wish them happy future together.

One month later. Its Rui and Natsuo wedding day. Both are very nervous. Momo, Daniela and miu were with rui along with hina and her mom helping her getting ready. Meanwhile Natsuo is with Al, Masaki and Fumiya. Rui look very beautiful in her wedding dress. It's the same wedding dress that she try in chapter 267.

Haruka was holding the wedding rings for their parents. With surrounding by their friends, family and loveones both finally get married.

Shu was also there with Hina. Hina I am sorry you didn't get to marry Natsuo. Hina I am happy now for both of them. Shuu are you alright. Hina I am fine. Shu what are you doing right now. Nothing much just looking for new job. Shu wanted to come work for me. I could use your help. Shu you know since that time my feelings for used didn't change. I still love you. Hina sorry Shu I am not looking for relationship right now. Shu smile and said its ok. I will make you fall for me once again. Hina blush a little after hearing that. Hina went can I come to work. Shu next week if possible. Hina said ok. Both were then call for group picture.


Few years later. Natsuo was taking to his publisher on phone (Chapter 73 of manga). Who ask him to write a book about how he gets together with his wife. Natsuo said he would ask his wife first and then decide. Both Haruka and Rui then came home together. Rui is pregnant and due to give birth to their son this month. All three of them sit together in living room to have some tea and snacks. Natsuo then ask Rui my publisher wanted me to write a book about how I meet my wife. I will change the character names but still it will be the story about you and me. Natsuo will you be ok wih that. Rui with smile say yes. I always wanted you to write a book about me. Natsuo then call his publisher and said ok he will do it.

Meanwhile both William and Daniela are expecting their second child. Both Al and lilly wedding is also this month. Fumiya also proposed to misaki recently and she accepts it. Scar on her face is also gone due to this new laser treatment. Momo & Ritsu are also expecting their second child. Both Barusu and Fumin are now happily married. Miyabi has become big film actress. Everyone of Natsuo friend is doing fine including both his neighbors from his first apartment. Everyone one is happy and living good with life. Rui is now a head chef in his father restaurant and currently on maternity leave.

As for Hina. Shu did keep his promised and made her fall in love with him again. He recently proposed to her, which she accepts. Both Natsuo, rui and their parents are happy for them. As for reporter that hit Hina with his car and her stalker, both died in prison in fight with other prisoner.

Well that's it. Hope you enjoy it.