sophie and her family had once found two sicklish cub lionesses in the forest and had decided to take them home; they had a big garden so her father and she had decided to keep them; the lionesses not only turned up healthy but they even made cubs; sophie would go and spend time with them regularly; one day when she walked outside in the garden and found the cubs reading the bible; she got surprised; 'they are reading the bible' 'my father has made them read the bible!' 'he certainly has got sense of humor!' - she thought to herself; 'what a prank!'; she made her way in the main road; meanwhile one of the cubs whispered to the other something about sin and eternal life; just imagine the surprise of the lionesses when they see them- she said to herself; she had walked for a while but then decided that she would take the books away from them; but when she returned she already found them chewing and biting on the bible;