What happened for the next few hours went by like a dream.

One hour, I was an unloved orphan, worked to the bone by an old lady that never cared about me in the slightest. But the next, I was walking home with Hugo's family.

Yes, home. My new home.

"From today onwards, you will be part of our family, alright?" She told me with a warm smile when we arrived at her home. "Now let's get you cleaned up first. Dear, would you be so kind as to fill up the bath?" She told her husband.

"A-ah right…" He quickly left. Hmm, could it be that she wore the pants in their relationship? Even though he looked to be such a strong warrior…

As I waited, Marina (that was her name, right?) came over to me and gave me a hug, saying how glad that I had joined their family and how happy she was that she could be my big sister. My immediate instinct was to push her away, as I certainly was never used to such an expression of affection, especially with a complete stranger that I barely knew. I could only be comfortable with a hug from Nicole, and no one else. So comfortable in fact that I let her hug me all night as we slept together.

However, as I sank into her embrace, my anxiety of being so close to her vanished completely.

So warm… and she smells good as well…

Even though she shouldn't be that much older from her, I couldn't help but notice how she already had somewhat of a mature, motherly body, especially compared to me. Her budding breasts were pushed into my face, as if she intentionally wanted me to be smothered by her chest.

When she let me go, I was as red as a tomato, something that did not escape her notice as she gave a little giggle towards me. With a wink, she then added that if I needed any advice on how to get along well with Hugo, I just needed to ask her.

At that time, I didn't quite understand what she was hinting at. Or else I would surely have blushed furiously from her statement.

Once the father returned, the mother took me straight to the bathroom and undressed me right on the spot. She then put me inside the bath before undressing and entering herself. The bath was small, but it was enough for two people to sit across each other with relative comfort.

But then, instead of allowing me to sit across her, she instead forced me to sit with her!

"Oh, don't be shy! We're family now after all!"

I could do nothing as she put me right in front of her, almost to the point of me actually sitting on her lap. I couldn't help but blush as I felt her ample breasts pressing into the back of my head.

"So, is this your first time having a bath together like this?" She started pouring water gently on my head.

"N-no… we all used to have our baths together back at the orphanage." I explained to her that once a month, we would visit a bathhouse for our bath. We didn't have much money, so we could only afford the trip twelve times a year. Naturally, this made it a waited occasion for us all, especially when you felt all smelly and dirty for not bathing for an entire month. Well, the boys might not care but us girls certainly did.

There, we all were forced to share a pretty cramped bath. It was the cheapest bathhouse in town after all. The water wasn't even warm, let alone perfumed like the bathhouses nobles liked to use, like Nicole told me.

Speaking of Nicole, she was there as well, and she would always help me brush my hair as I took my bath. She always said how jealous she was of my long and straight hair, as hers were curly, and took a great deal of care—compared to mine, at the very least—to be kept prim and proper. She usually wore her hair in two thick braids. I thought it was very cute on her, but she always returned that my long raven hair was cuter. She even joked that once I was older, I would have so many suitors that I wouldn't know what to do with them.

I doubted that. No one would want a bad tempered demonically strong girl like me. But I knew Nicole said that to comfort me, so I was glad to receive her compliments nonetheless.

"I see." She smiled back. "Well, it certainly could be fun, taking baths together like that. Perhaps not if you're a shy person though. Like me."

"You are?" I looked up to her face in surprise. "But you are so brave, standing up to Mrs. Tennyson like that!"

"Well…" Her smile turned mischievous. "I suppose you could say I'm less shy now. Alan is probably rubbing off on me."


"Your new father, silly!" She giggled, messing up my hair a little.

"S-sorry, I-I didn't know his name yet." I looked down. I felt ashamed, not knowing the name of my benefactor.

"Oh, don't feel bad!" Kyaah! She suddenly hugged me from behind. "You'll get all the time you need to know him later! And me as well! Let's be good friends, shall we?"

As her big breasts pushed down heavily on my head, I couldn't help but remember my bathing time in the orphanage again. There, the older girls would flaunt their developed bodies to the younger girls. I couldn't help but be annoyed by them, perhaps out of jealousy of my own underdeveloped figure. I knew it's ridiculous for a child like me to think about that kind of stuff, but I always wanted to grow up quickly and become an adult. Even now.

"Don't fret, Sherry." Nicole sweetly said to me. "You'll grow up as beautiful as they are. I just know it."

To me though, Nicole would be the type to turn into a big-boobed woman once she grew up. Me? I'll remain thin and bony and awkward-looking for the rest of my life.

Suddenly, I felt myself being lifted upwards. She turned me around, making me now face to face with her and her big chest, which I couldn't help but take a good, long stare at.

"Hmm? You like my breasts, don't you?"

"A-ah, n-no! I-I didn't mean to—"

"Shh, it's alright. You're my daughter now, after all."

And then, she buried me in her cleavage.

"Ummmmm1 Hmmmmmmmhhh!"

I struggled to escape, but for some reason, my superhuman strength seemed to have disappeared. I was now like an ordinary little girl, struggling to escape her mother's escape just because she thought she was already too old for it. In retrospect, I was happy for that, or else I could have actually hurt her. I would never forgive myself if I had.

After what seemed like an eternity, she finally loosened her grip, though she still was holding me up with her hand. "Warm, isn't it? The embrace of a mother? I thought you could use one, after all you've been through…"

Drip drip

My tears… they were dripping out again.

"Oh dear…" She gently wiped them off my eyes with her finger. "That's no good. You are prettier if you smile, you know. Here. Have another one."

This time, I did not struggle in the slightest.

I had found what I always wanted at last.



When I released her for the second time, I finally saw it. Her smile.

I smiled back, patting her on the head. As a mother, there's nothing that made me happier, seeing my children smile.

Yes, she is one of my children now. I have decided so.

Well, perhaps my daughter-in-law would be more correct, if she really is going to marry my Hugo in the future, teehee.


I took notice that she was once again staring at my breasts.

Ah, I remember this. Marina used to do the same, stealing glances at them when we still took our baths together. She never really wanted to interact with them though. Too shy, I believed, seeing how she would blush when she saw them out of the water. That silly girl really could be too serious for her own good.

And Hugo, oh that boy. He was all over them when he was younger. He would squeeze them and play with them so ravenously as if he was his father! And even now, I still notice him stealing glances at my chest when he thinks he can get away with it.

And if I would have another child, which I certainly hoped I would, they would surely be attracted to my breasts as well.

"Dear, do you really like my breasts that much? You're staring again you know." Forgive me, Sherry, but I just couldn't resist teasing you a little.

"I-I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean to, I-I swear!"

There she blushed again. Hmm, I guess she's more like Marina than Hugo then.

"Here. Why don't you have a little touch?"

I brought her hands to my two mounds, putting them firmly on the soft and bouncy fat.


Her redness immediately increased two-fold as a result.

Oh she is just so unbelievably cute! I just want to squeeze her cheeks before gobbling her up!

"Soft, aren't they?" My smirk only got wider. "You can fondle them all you want, dear. Like I've said, I am now your mother after all. And little kids can fondle their mother's breasts all they want."

"I-I'm not at that age anymore! I'm already eight years old!" She protested, not realizing that she was only making herself look even cuter!

"Ah, so that's how old you are." I answered calmly. "Well, you never have the experience of playing or drinking milk off a mother's bosom, right? I can't give you the latter, but I certainly can give you the former."

"Or perhaps you'd prefer to do it later, when we sleep together for the night? Oh, don't worry about Alan. He can manage not being with me for a night."

She paused for a short moment, before quickly agreeing with my proposition.

She's definitely embarrassed. She probably thought it would be less embarrassing if my breasts were covered.

Well, too bad. My nightgown is quite skimpy and revealing after all. She would just have to bear with a sheer silk that wouldn't hide my breasts in the slightest.

...I really am having too much fun with her, aren't I? Maybe I should step it down a little. Too much affection isn't good for the child after all.

...Oh, it's fine. Give me a few days and then I'll tone it down.

But for now, little cute Sherry is my new sweet daughter!

Before I knew it, Sherry already became a natural part of our family.

To my surprise, she was actually two years older than me, even though she was shorter. So I guess that made her my older sister as well? Lame. I already had one. What I wanted was a little sister instead. She's shorter than me so I should be the big brother! That was my thought.

Speaking of older sisters, Marina started teaching me magic once again, just like old times. To my awe, yet as I predicted as well, she already improved quite significantly from her old self a year ago. First, she was now capable of using summoning spells. The academy facilitated students' attempt at forming contracts with spirits, something you would need to cast a summoning spell. "Every type of spirit has their own ways of forming a contract with a mage," she explained to me. "For example, for a simple fairy, you would only need to place a pot of flower near your bed for a week, sprinkled by a special potion you would prepare beforehand that would contain a piece of your hair. Then, you would have a dream where you enter their world. There, you find a fairy to persuade in becoming your spirit. Mine, she just came to me and praised how I smelled, then she told me that she wanted to join. Odd fairy, wasn't she?" She couldn't help but giggle a little. "Well, she's a flower fairy, so I suppose it makes sense that she would love pleasant smells."

She liked the way she smelled, eh? Well, she indeed smelled good every time she hugged me…

"I then contracted with a dryad. She's part of the Fey spirits, which meant I would do the same proceedings as before, then we had a little hide and seek game in the forest there. She was surprisingly hard to find, as she would camouflage herself amongst the trees. But I managed to find her anyway, so she became my spirit as well."

"So, you can just choose whatever spirits you want to summon?" My eyes glimmer with excitement. "Then, how about some cool stuff like giant wolves or the like?" To be honest, I didn't think I wanted to summon fairies or dryads. Maybe the dryad, if she's all flirty and naked like the common depiction in fantasy games and stories. But if I wanted a spirit for that, I could just choose a succubus instead. Hmm, maybe I should really summon a succubus instead!

Wait, no, that would be too dangerous. I was still a six years old boy after all. If this world follows the same lore as the succubi back in my world, then they would probably want a constant meal of my semen as payment, which I would be happy to give… if I wasn't a six year old boy that hasn't even reached puberty yet. If not given, they would probably suck out my soul instead or something. Brr, no thanks.

"Giant wolves?" She replied in astonishment, before laughing. "Oh Hugo, they would be way beyond your level." But then, her expression turned stern all of a sudden. "No, really, never try it. You could die doing it. There's a good reason why we could never find anything related to spirit binding pacts at home. It's because it's really dangerous. So many spirits out there are outright malicious. They will curse or even devour any mages that called upon them if they don't find them worthy to be their master. Basically, bad things would happen if you failed a pact ceremony." I gulped. That sounded scary indeed.

"I only made my pacts under the supervision of the teachers of the Academy." She continued her explanation. "So don't try anything stupid while I'm gone, alright? Not that you could anyway. We don't have any summoning books here after all. And no, before you ask, I'm not lending you any! If you're going to learn any summoning magic, it has to be under my supervision! Understand?"

Damn, she's good at this. She should be a teacher in the future.

I didn't say anything about how the way she lowered herself in front of me exposed her budding breasts though, thanks to her loose clothes. Now that was something a teacher shouldn't do. Unless you're aiming for the sexy teacher look, of course.

She then showed me the two summons she had talked about. With each having their own chants, she brought them to my presence.

"Hola, Marina!" The fairy smiled with great cheer.

"Hehe, what do you need today, Marina?" The dryad smiled brightly as well.

The fairy looked like your usual fairy. Small with insect wings, about the size of an adult fist. This fairy styled her blue hair in a long twintail. She wore a short blue dress, matching the color of her hair.

The dryad, on the other hand, really did not wear any clothes, with her long and shaggy green hair covering her wood-like body. Unlike your monster girl interpretation where she would just be like a naked teenager, her wooden body certainly gave quite the turn off. Not to mention her pitch-black eyes that had no pupils whatsoever. And her sharp fingers as well, with no fingernails. In short, she's the teenage girl version of a treant.

"Oh, nothing special. I just called you two here to show to my little brother how a summoning spell looks like." And just from that smile, I can already tell that she's really proud of herself.

Sis, being a showoff is no good, you know.

But then again, she's probably only like this with me and our parents, so I suppose it's forgiven. I too always loved to brag my accomplishments to my siblings and parents. I wanted to make them proud of me after all. Well, until I gave up and became a failure, that is.

"Ooh, so he's your little brother?"

"How cute!"

The two now stared at me with curious eyes. I couldn't help but blush a little from the sudden attention I was receiving.

"Oh, right, I haven't talked about how feys differ from demons, have I?" Marina suddenly interrupted. "Well, they don't, really, fundamentally speaking. Do you know what the term 'demons' really refer to?"

Hmm? Now that I thought about it, I actually didn't know. So many times demons were mentioned in the books I had read, but none of them really defined them from real. They probably assumed that their readers would already be familiar with the term.

"What people referred to 'demons' were usually those that lived in the Demon Continent. And that includes the Fey."

"Hey, don't lump us off with those brutes!" The dryad suddenly protested. "We Fey have a territory of our own that is free from the influence of them! Like the Great Fairy Forest where we live!" The fairy nodded in agreement.

"Oh, forgive me. It's not my intention to insult your people." Marina quickly apologized. "But that's exactly my point. The common folk don't really care about the distinction. Any nonhuman races that don't have an alliance with us humans are deemed as demons in their eyes. In Milicis lands, it's actually forbidden to perform summoning spells even."

Milicis? Oh, it's the most prominent religion of this world. They got their own theocracy and all. Well, Father and Mother didn't seem to be amongst its followers though.

"Oh, look at that! It's time for me to go!" The fairy suddenly exclaimed. "Payment please!" She flew straight towards Marina's hair and gave it a good, long sniff. "Mmm, smells good as always! Cha chao!" And with that, she suddenly disappeared with a poof.

"Time for my payment as well," the dryad then exclaimed. Marina nodded with a smile, walking towards her before tapping her wand onto her head, almost as if she was knighting her.

"There. That's enough nutrition, right?"

"Yep!" The Fey exclaimed cheerfully. "Goodbye, Marina! Goodbye, Marina's little brother!"

She went poof as well. Hey, she didn't even know my name!

And with that, Marina decided to end our lessons for the day.