Shoes are

Open-toed flats.

Asphalt, hot beneath us.

Feet exposed to the sun.

Tanned, browned, swelling...this is fun.

She is frowning, and says "wait up!"

"I can't run the soles of my feet,

Are hurting me. Let us take a break!... Please.

I shouldn't have worn these darn shoes. I can't run".

"They're nice flats, should we go to the beach instead?"

"Why's it now that you have decided to offer?

We're almost at the amusement park. You'd think—

Hey, wait! You think this is funny!"

Oh brother! here we go again

"Geez, you are so slow".

She chases after me.

But in flats,

She's too


A/N: Hello, lovely readers. This is my second Etheree poem, my first was "Be The One". This one is a Double Etheree poem ( I hope I did it correctly) I was inspired to explore Etheree poems after reading a few other works from writers here on Fiction Press. There isn't much of an explanation for the contents of the poem itself. It's two friends just hanging out and teasing each other. Hopefully, that's self-explanatory. As always your reviews and comments are very well encouraged and appreciated. Thank you for your time, be well, and stay safe.

Word Count: 109 (Just the poem)