As a teenager in America who's seen and heard the news nearly every day, I have realized that every single topic or problem is becoming politicized when it really shouldn't be that way.

Recent examples of that would be the coronavirus pandemic and the death of George Floyd. I'm not here to argue the morals of these issues, but I am here to discuss their politicized natures.

The pandemic showed how difficult it is for all our delegates to work together. The relief packages took an unbearably long time to be agreed upon, seeing as the left and the right never want to agree. Even though some people may have the time to argue the details (and possibly sneak an abortion bill into the discussion), others do not. That precious time meant more Americans dying from the disease, more Americans barely surviving on the money they had due to the closures of their businesses. Furthermore, the guidelines regarding shutdowns and reopenings have varied among states, usually depending on if the leaders are Democrats or Republicans. President Trump's actions were met with much debate; although he isn't the most likeable president (especially due to the tone of his voice, in my opinion), he's what we've got for now. It would do the country a lot of good if people just got over that. It can always change in November.

The death of George Floyd has also brought up the issue of politics. There's Trump, wanting to call in the national guard to help with the riots (even though I'm pretty sure most are peaceful protests); there's Biden, claiming that he has the approval of all black voters. There's everyone, knowing Black Lives Matter. On face value, if everyone agrees with the morality of an issue, then surely dealing with the issue should be a piece of cake. Not in America, because politics exist, and that means disagreeing on any course of action that arises, arguing and attacking one another for sometimes no reason, and not caring for our country as much as they should.

It has, unfortunately, been like this since the beginning. George Washington argued against political parties in his farewell address, claiming they would split apart the country. If only people had listened. Maybe the government wouldn't be like it is today. Well, it is certainly an improvement from back then, but if they hinder from doing good for the country, then something has to happen.

There's also the problem with biases in the media. I don't think I've ever seen one channel that has a neutral view on things. Every single one is either Republican or Democratic, and I am sick of that. What happened to news being just a valid source of information?

Time happened. People happened. And though political parties may or may not have been inevitable, just remember that all you politicians are not paid to argue with one another. You are paid to lead the country.