In a land far away, but not too far, there were animals that lived in peace. Well, you could say humanimals, that's what we called ourselves, as our ancestors were both human and animal. Weird right? Anyways continuing with my story, animals did eat, yes we ate, surprising right? But we didn't eat each other, most of the time… yes it was a dangerous world, but as long as you were a big, scary animal, you would survive. Sounds bad for me, right? I mean I'm a bunny, but we'll get to that later. My identity will remain a secret, for now. Well, continuing my ancestral history lesson, over the years peace contracts had been made between the species. Part tigers and part bunnies had to become friends… for the most part. Of course, I tried to steer away from "predators,", as small animals say. Well, I'm supposed to conclude this explanation soon, so I'll just say, life was complicated for most. Some were tall, some were small, some had wings, some had TEETH. BIG TEETH. SCARY TEETH. Some had big ears, some had big tails, and some even had blue tongues! Well, that's it for my explanation. Bunny out!