Isn't he so dreamy? I thought, looking at the back of Axel's head.

Most people don't know him though, which gives me all the more reason to like him. Me, Pixie, and Axel ARE friends, contrary to popular belief, but we just teased each other, our coping mechanism for our rough childhood.

"Hey Lovebird, looking at the dreamy one again?"

It was Luna, the raven bird.

"You scared me, Luna!" I whispered to her, then made sure my eye was covered.

"So who's the lucky boy? Axel? He's dreamy right?" Luna asked.

"No not Axel, Axel is a friend, but Carter is more my type" I whispered to her, trying to cover up

"Oh. I thought you like Axel?" She said. She was tiny too, she had navy purple hair and dark mysterious eyes.

"You thought, I mean I wouldn't hate-... Hey, Luna have I ever told you your hair is to DIE for" I tried to change the subject.

"Oh, thanks but I'd much rather have your firey hair." She touched her head

"Oh, it's a PAIN to brush it tho!" We giggled together. Luna was like a teddy bear, not in the way that she was necessarily cuddly, but more because she was comforting to talk to. She was really nice and probably the one friend that I would giggle with.

"Girls? Is there something you'd like to share with the class"

"Oh yes ," I made sure to emphasize the hog part "I was just complaining about my despicable, fiery red hair to Luna here." I said confidently.

"That's the third time this week Ashaia Fangs" Ms. Hogwarts shot the "teacher glare" at me.

"Well its tru-" I started.

"Don't finish that sentence Ashaia Leana Fangs." Axel said to me, turning around. I silently shuddered at him saying my full name, but didn't let it show.

I stared at him and we had a silent staring contest.

"Well Axislor Corentia how about we talk about your hair" I sneer at him.

He looked startled.

"How do you know my full name…?"

I sat there in silence.

Oops i wasn't supposed to say that… I thought.

"I guessed?" I said, but it sounded more like a question to myself.

"Does that mean Ash's last name will be Corentia in like 10 years?" Some stupid fox said from a few rows back. Everyone oohed and laughed.

"Shut it foxface" We said at the same time. He should be scared due to the fact that we were WAY more powerful than him, usually that's not something I flaunt, but this is the one good time to flaunt. I glared at him with my fiery eyes and used my death stare. Phoenixs were known for the states of pure death.

"Yes ma'am" he said looking at the ground.

Axels focus went back on me.

"My name isn't exactly guessable," he said. "Tell me the truth… later" He said.

"Enough class, back to work" Ms. Howgwarts said and everyone quieted down.

Suddenly the bell rang,

"Great, we will continue this lesson tomorrow"

Well now i'm screwed. 1. I am not even close to done on my assignment for my next class, and 2. I have to talk to Axel now… I'm in trouble, I thought. I rushed out the door, hoping the axel wasn't fast enough to catch up. I ran to my locker and started shoving stuff in. When I turned around Axel was right in front of me, his face so close to my face I blushed.

"Um… you're a little close.." I said uncomfortably.

"I dont care. I might even…" He got even closer and now I could practically taste his minty breath.

I wanted to scream a-and well um kiss him at the same time.

AH shut it stupid bird brain. I scolded myself.

"Is this making you uncomfortable?" he asked, but i knew he wanted me to be uncomfortable so i would break under pressure and spill the beans.

"No, not at all…" I said.

I saw Nyx walk by out of the corner of my eye and she looked astonished.

"So you guys are a couple? I'm so confused." She said.

"Isn't everyone" Jonah said. Kira nodded in approval.

"It's just a dare to see how long I can last like this," I said as a joke.

"Haha very funny, now kiss I need entertainment." Kira said, "Hurry up"

I blushed. And Axel got closer.

Wait, IS HE ACTUALLY GONNA KISS ME?! I thought it was a joke! I thought.

I started to panic, but when his lips touched mine just a little bit and I suddenly calmed down.

"Well, that's ship number one that's sailed. Now to sail my next one…" Nyx said schemingly glancing at Jonah and Kira.

Axel backed away and I got confused.

"Shh… do you guys hear something?" Axel asked. Jonah looked scared.

"I can hear it.." he said. "It hurts my ears…" Jonah said.

"I got you Jo," Nyx said, rushing toward where Jonah said the sound

Kira covered his ears, and so did Jonah.

"What's with them?" I asked, hearing myself sound a little too happy about the change of subject, so I repeated sounding more solum "what's with them?" I should know this, I'm adopted by WOLVES I thought

"Didn't you know that wolves and dogs get affected by loud or high pitched noises?" Luna said, "Sorry I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to dogs, my adopted sister is a dog, so we had to learn all about them," she said sheepishly.

Nyx looked at her like she was crazy and then went back to searching for the source of the noise.

"Ash get over here and help me stop this… where is it coming from?" Nyx said.

All the dogs and wolves in the hall were wining and bending over in pain.

"We have to stop this!" Luna said.

"Tell us something we don't know!" it was Carter, who was a fox so he wasn't affected as much.

"Someone is blowing a dog whistle somewhere in the building…" Nyx said. "That's what it sounds like at least," She said again.

I nodded.

"Ok let's split up. Ash and Axel, you go to the cafeteria, Luna you go to the gym and I'll go check out the Blacktop. Ok, split up!" Nyx said.

"Wait can I go with Luna? Please?" I asked desperately.

"What? Trouble in paradise?" Nyx asked I glared at her "No Ash you must stay with Axel in case of trouble" She knew that I couldn't transform into my phoenix form, dangit. She was right tho... If I needed help Axel would always help me. His full form was very scary and dangerous so whenever there was trouble, he would always get rid of it…

Wow, I'm just realizing that he has always been at my side in trouble ever since we were kids… maybe he does like me…. I thought.

"Ok. Axel comes on, let's go to the Cafeteria." I said. I grabbed his hand and ran down the hall, dragging him behind me.

"So, now that we are alone, mind telling me about how the hell you found out my last name?"

"Ummm yes I do mind."

"Ashaia Leana Fangs, I swear.."

Maybe he does deserve to know the truth… I thought.

"ok...Fine well, you see my parents got me into this school so i would be safe, right? Well, they knew that even if i was safe that there would always be people waiting to hurt me because I'm a phoenix, so they went looking for a bodyguard for me… i didn't know until i met you and they old me that i should be your friend because, well you are really strong…" I said.

"So you are only my friend… to be safe." He said. He sounded hurt which was weird because he was usually a very upbeat person.

"No that's not true! At first, it was because of that… but I like being your friend! I like you…" I said.

He paused.

"You like me?... like, like like?"

I sighed.

Of course "like like" what else dummy I thought, but of course i didn't say that.

"Ah shut up you dolt!" I blushed. "Now come on we have a whistle to find!" I said. He smiled the smile that I had learned to like over the years all tho it was annoying at first.

"Ok short stalks lets go." He motioned me to follow him and we ran along the halls.

We entered the cafeteria and the noise got louder, even I could hear it.

"Its definitely here," Axel said.

I nodded. "So do we wait here or search?" The cafeteria was actually a very big building that had bathrooms and kitchens scattered around areas.

"Well, we should weigh our odds." He responded

"Okay so sit here and wait until the intruder needs to get out or search and risk them getting away." I thought "I vote the first!"

"And I second that proposition." Axel agreed. And so we sat against the door, talking a little but mostly in comfortable silence. Until a dark figure appeared in the doorway to the kitchen...