Angels never fly where heroes go to die.

They've excavated all our dreams along the road.

The system broke from the lies they were sold.

Hungry masses out for blood,

Proclaiming innocence as they sacrifice the last morsel

of Order to their Gods of Progress.

Revolution in regression, rewriting history to fit their narratives.

Turn the heroes into villains and the villains into gods.

Ideals as opinions, opinions as facts

Crucify those who dare to talk back

Volume is power, power is truth,

Beat back those who disagree with you.

Render them silent.

Silence is gold, but gold is "capitalist evil".

Slay the last sheepdogs, slaughter the fold.

Utopian uprising-law is no more.

"Assimilate or die," they graciously offered,

so peaceful and calm.

This is how Freedom as we know ended.

The day Anarchy reigned, fascists disguised as humanists-

brainless slaves of the broadcasted word,

Toppled the world with their feelings.

Because feelings are law, unless you feel different.