Hidden In The Forest

Mitch David and the new boy Steven were heading for the Water Park on the far side of the forest. They were in fact taking a short cut through the newly opened Gorgonopsis Enclosure. They weren't supposed to be using the path as the creature was new to the zoo and still in quarantine. But it was unlikely anyone would know after all the creature itself was hardly like to say anything.

It was the start of the school holidays - the boys had already done their alloted chores and were now looking forward to a day of fun and games The water park had a new attraction. A full sized pirate ship all three boys were excited as they would be able to try it out before the zoo opened to the public the following week, after four long months of winter.

Suddenly Steven shivered. Crikey! Its cold here in the woods." David paused a few feet ahead and looked round. "Cold? What are you on about it baking already this morning?"

"Not over here it isn't," Mitch backed Sreven up. "In fact I'd go so far as to say its positively icy over here."

David walked back to the others then frowned puzzled. "You right it is cold here," he then returned to the spot he paused at and looked round. "But over here its sweltering. Mitch now padded a few paces back up the track in the opposite direction. "It's warm here too." He and David rejoined the shivering Steven.

"So why is it so cold just here?" David wondered. Steve moved to a large bush then remarked "It seems to be even colder over here." Mitch glanced around It was shady in this part forest but not enough to cause such an obvious drop in temperature.

Maybe this new creature creates cold spots?" David suggested. Mitch shook his head. "I don't think so Dad was Talking to Uncle Frank about it last night. It's a forest dwelling reptile which means it got to be an ecto-therm It would need to be warm." Steven shrugged.

"Maybe Snowfire as flown through here?" Mitch shook his head

"No if that was the case the whole place would be cold." David nodded in agreement. He and Mitch knew that when the icer flashed by she left a trail of frost in her wake that generally took hours to dissipate.

"Then why is it so cold just here?" Steve asked again. David and Mitch moved closer to the bush Steve was now standing by. Mitch felt the leaves they felt crisp not soft and silky like normal summer foliage. he ran his hand down to the leave beneath. "It's weird the lower you go the colde rit gets. He crouched and peered into the interior of the bush. His eyes widened "Oh my!"

"What? What can you see?" Davi knelt down and also peered in. He was a good foot shorter than Mitch and so was able to actually wriggle under the lowest leaves to get a closer look. "Can you see what it is?" Steven called down to him. David wriggled back out "We need to get back to the Command Center now!"

"Why what is it?"

"I think its an Egg!"

Mitch and Steven gasped as one


"Which is why we have to get back and report it. Clearly the Capture team who bought back the new animals didn't realize one of them was egg heavy. The boys knew it was important that they report their discovery even if it did mean them getting grounded for breaking bounds and intruding into a quarantined area.