You And Me

Chapter 1

By Shadowgate


Filmore Hanes sat down at his desk. It was a dark cool evening in October of 2000. He sat down at his desk and put on one of his favorite albums Lace And Whiskey by Alice Cooper.

He hit play on the CD player and the song You And Me began playing.

After listening to the ballad, he stops the CD player and picks up a jug of Pepsi. He finished the whole thing in one gulp.

He then looked at his computer and picked up a microphone.

"My name is Filmore Haines, and I've been the manager of this motel since it opened in the summer of 1988. Not long after it opened, I became a father through a most unofficial adoption. Two biological siblings ran away from home because their parents were abusive tyrants. Oh and dare I mention the older one murdered both their parents."

Filmore laughs and then states in a firm voice "the truth be told I have no sympathy for the two criminals that were murdered."

Suddenly a door opens and the two people who enter are his adopted children.

Maribel Duffy and her younger brother Caleb Duffy both had smiles on their faces.

Filmore stopped the recording and turned to look at them.

"I was just doing a recording about adopting the two of you."

Caleb responded, "that sounds perfect as usual."

Filmore went and hugged them both before saying "both your birthdays are coming up."

Maribel yelled "yes and Goddamn it I'm just one your shy of the drinking age."

Caleb asked, "how about you get her lace and me a bottle of whiskey for our joint birthday?"

Filmore answered "oh come now Caleb you're a bit young for that at just 16."

Maribel groaned and said, "all my early birthdays are nothing but horrific memories."

Filmore made it clear "I will be forever grateful I was able to adopt you both after you got rid of two scumbags. I'm only so sorry that you could not have friends throughout the years because you both had to be hidden away."

Caleb stated "well it's not your fault at all. The truth is parents wouldn't like the idea of their kids hanging out with kids who murdered their own parents."

All three bust out laughing.

Then Filmore states "I'll never forget the first time I saw your father. It was a Friday evening at McDonalds. The year was 1980.

Filmore pictures that moment 20 years ago at McDonalds.

17-year-old Elizabeth Moran and her best friend Katy Pierce both met up for dinner at McDonalds. They ordered their big mac combos and they sat near the front door.

Once they started eating, they were happy that the school week was over.

Elizabeth told Katy "I'm so glad the school week is over."

Katy exhaled and said "so am I."

All the sudden a man came charging through the door. He yelled "where the fuck is the Goddamn manager?"

The front cashier said, "okay hold on now what's the problem?"

The man answered "you uneducated morons fucked up my order. My wife is pregnant, and I have enough to deal with."

The front cashier said, "alright the manager will be out soon."

"They better be" yelled the angry man and Katy Pierce focused on her fries before saying "I fucking hate Mrs. Boose. I'd give anything to have that old English teacher come back."

The angry man turned around and shouted "what do you mean you don't like your teacher? I've had it with kids cussing."

Katy yelled back "I'm 17 so I'm hardly a fucking kid and you just got done cussing out that cashier."

"Goddamn it I want to see the manager right away!"

The manager came out and asked what the problem was.

After Frank Duffy explained that his entire order was done wrong, he shouted "those two fucking teenagers were cussing and I'm sick of children cussing."

Katy yelled "you're a hypocrite!"

The manager approached both 17-year-old girls and told them "I heard lots of cursing from inside my office. Whenever we get a complaint about kids cussing, we must ask those kids to leave."

Katy threw her food on the floor and along with her friend Elizabeth she stormed out the door.

Frank Duffy's order was remade and then he got into his car and sped off.

BACK TO 2000

Filmore said "I was sitting near to Katy Pierce and Elizabeth Moran. I knew your father Frank Duffy would be an atrocity upon the community."

Maribel stated firmly "hypocrisy was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to my dad."

Caleb added "our dad is dead now let's play the Bark At The Moon Album. It's the perfect album to play in October and especially appropriate for two siblings that were both born on Halloween."

Maribel laughed and said "for sure and wouldn't it be great if there really was a werewolf out there who would kill all the shitty mean people like I killed our fucking parents?"

Caleb answered "yes that would be great. I don't think the police would ever be able to arrest a werewolf."

Filmore shouted "hell no there'd be tons of cops slaughtered by the werewolf and he'd drag their carcasses into the fucking woods."

"Yeah" shouted Caleb.

Filmore Haines smiled and told his adopted children "I'll never forget the Halloween night the fucking police found your parent's carcasses dead and drenched in blood."

Caleb replied, "my sister made a killing, and I was her accomplice."