Back to Salem

Chapter 1

By Shadowgate

Monday April 10, 1978

17 year old Robert Tanner was sitting in his English Literature class one morning. The subject at hand was the Salem Witch Trials.

His teacher Mrs. Beckham stated "while your English Text Book covers the subject well I would love to recommend this book to you all."

A second later the bell rang but Mrs. Beckham signaled Robert and told him she wanted to see him up front at her desk.

A student chimed in "aww Robert you're in trouble."

Robert snapped "shove it Julie."

A minute later Robert is up at his teacher's desk.

"I noticed you often wear rock t-shirts like Kiss and Deep Purple."

Robert asked "am I in trouble for that?"

Mrs. Beckham quickly answered "no quite the contrary."

Mrs. Beckham then took a deep breath and asked Robert if he was into black magic and Robert immediately denied it. Mrs. Beckham then asked Robert what he thought of time travel.

Robert told his teacher "well if it's possible I'd sure love to try it."

Mrs. Beckham had a wicked smile on her face and she said "take this book home and read it on your own time. Oh and let me write you a tardy excuse note for your next teacher."

Robert Tanner arrived home at 4PM and when he did his mother told him she picked up the new Rainbow Album Long Live Rock And Roll.

Robert yelled out "yes" and grabbed it and then headed straight to his room.

After opening the vinyl he also opened his backpack to get going on his homework.