Karya's eyes suddenly narrowed in on a certain detail every time he swings this haymaker he leaves his right side open, which Karya fully exploited twisting and bending his body at unnatural angles in order to tightly squeeze underneath his arm, like the most intense game of limbo.

The crowd visibly gasped at the display of flexibility and control Karya just displayed, now that Borst left his right side completely undefended he swept one of Borst's legs out from under him and using his sword as a sort of balancing pole kicked Borst square between the shoulder blades causing his balance to be lost as he tumbled.

However Borst wasn't going to lose by ring out as he displayed the immense amount of power his body granted him by slamming his gauntlet covered hand into the stone his grip strength holding out as he righted himself upwards.

"You aren't getting me like that again Karya!" Borst proclaimed sweat glistening as it fell down his form.

"It still wont change the result Borst" Karya countered, causing a tick mark to appear on Borst's brow.

The talk then ceased as both fighters began to strafe around one another until Borst suddenly broke the silence by slamming his hand into the floor causing grains of sand and dirt to be flung into the air. Using this smokescreen as a diversion Borst began his assault.

'assuming cutting off my sight will hinder me Borst? How uncharacteristically perceptive of you..." Karya contemplated until a Borst's right gauntlet came flying out of the mist at him accompanied by a grunt. 'Opening with your right as per usual' Karya swiftly avoided the blow and prepared himself to deal a harrowing blow to Borst's torso until that torso never came!

'what?' Karya had barely any time to comprehend as Borst's left gauntleted fist came flying out towards his unprotected mid section masked by the miasma that surrounded them.

Following this blow the miasma was blown away sending Karya flying out of the arena his Mach, spent. Before he slipped into unconsciousness he saw Borst's right hand free of any metal plating and smirked 'it seems i underestimated you Borst, you created that smokescreen as a mask to hide another diversion, in which you threw your gauntlet then followed through against my staggering unprotected form, truly a wonderful match, but what happened to you man, you seem different almost...' those were Karya's last thoughts before he drifted off into unconsciousness. But not before noticing the weirdly out of place savage and primitive smile on Borst's face.

Malty couldn't believe her eyes her Karya had just lost to that minty haired, pony tail prick! Mouth agape.

"Careful Malty you might catch flies in that thing, fitting considering all the crap you were talking earlier!" Otto proclaimed with an extremely wide and ironic shit eating grin upon his face.

"Excuse me i did not talk crap of any sort!" she huffed before lowering herself to the ring to check on her dear Karya.

As Otto excitedly leaped over to his boy and hoisted him upwards proclaiming him as a supreme and wonderful warrior, proud smile all the way. As the crowd gasp and cheered alongside Otto as Borst rather embarrassingly accepted all the praise, bright red blush framing his face as he did.

He suddenly dismounted from his adoptive fathers shoulders and announced "thank you all for coming today and witnessing my victory! Especially a certain someone!" he then plucked Vlad from he spot and held him upwards.

"see i told you id finally win Vlad!" the genuine happiness on his face shown clear, infecting all those watching.

"i didn't doubt you for second bro unlike Cu!" he said while sticking his tongue out towards the blue haired child.

Sighing Cu approached his friend and his childlike mint plant of a big brother "i was just using the previous duel as an assumption but Borst that was really, really, really coooooollllll!" he spoke with stars sparkling in his eyes but immediately stopped. "Cool for an idiot at least" he muttered the last part

"Ow!" Borst fell over in mock pain.

"Your words hurt me so, ya little blue prick" he said while rubbing his hair affectionately.

Borst then approached the council and spoke.

"Now council may I make my decision?" Borst questioned.

"You may indeed young Borst" the council man spoke his voice silencing all other chatter that may have been occurring.

"I choose to leave the island!" Borst followed up with surprising precisely no one as they all knew of what he wished to accomplish.

"i shall not argue with you, but you have chosen the path of vengeance I see?" the council man spoke no emotion present in his voice.

"very well go forth Borst I wish you the greatest luck upon all of your endeavours, you must leave by tomorrow at sundown a ship has already been prepared for your departure, your adopted father as per tradition shall be the one to see you off" he stated.

"thank you for your time council" he proclaimed, he then turned around and addressed all the people standing before him.

"Thank you all so much for everything you did for me! Without you all i wouldn't know where id be right now, especially my father Otto who saved me from a fate worse then death as is custom upon the isle of Ausfalle I shall recount why i believe my Mach manifested in the way it did, in hopes of showing the amount of trust and love i put in each and every one of you 17 years ago..."

Borst was not native to the island of Ausfalle, he was born on the kingdom of Chyros Deisos as the bastard son of one Duke Marick Undel and his mother a northern woman possessing minty green hair, from a brothel. Named Lydia Morsche, who once he was born ceased her working there and gave all her attention upon him for 7 long years, finding much more honest work in determination to be a role model for her son.

Her Mach "resilience" passively increased her ability to take punishment and continue moving forward.

For a while everything was fine, him being a bastard was quite commonplace in the areas in which he lived and while they weren't exactly the richest family around they were happy, for a while.

However once Borst turned 7 his mother had passed away due to a venereal disease called Mulier Homicida that actively targets women by infecting them through the men they host. After the loss of mother Borst greived day and night by the end of his first week by himself he was already running out of food and lay by his mother empty bed still grieving.

By Monday he was finally forced to leave the house after being evicted by the local authority "begone you whores bastard!".

He was foraging when he overheard an rather interesting matter as two knights in service of his "father" conversed around a dimming fire.

"did you hear about Lord Undel?" a knight whispered to his colleague his chainmail glistening and jingling in the moonlight.

"yeah quite ironic isn't it? That after shagging so many broads, none of them will do it with him now out of fear due to him having the Mulier!" he said in a jovial voice.

'what?' Borst thought to himself.

'that means for 7 whole years.. my mother bore the burden of this disease while.. raising me with a smile on her face...' he began to whimper slowly and quietly, tears staining his already dirty and torn clothes. 'This is all that bastards fault.. Everything... Everything.. ITS ALL HIS FAULT!' This newfound rage turned his sorrow into the spurs to prick his intent, before abandoning the camp he pocketed a knife that had been discarded nearby.

He approached his mothers old workplace venom in his fangs and vengeance in his heart, as his father still frequented the establishment.

Lying in wait he prepared to pounce upon the unsuspecting noble.

Closer, step, step, step.

Closer, step, step, step.

Closer, step, step, NOW!

Without warning he pounced upon his father, the air rippling away and he soared through the air. His eyes narrowed in ape-like fury, as Borst brought the knife down upon his shoulder.

Well that was jus wishful thinking...

His strike was parried by the knight to his fathers left hand side causing me to fall to the floor in a slump, dishevelled and tired.

"That hair..." His father said in a sort of stunned sate.

"I know you, I remember your mother she was certainly one of my favourites, such an erotically built woman, i escpially loved-"he was suddenly cut off.

"Shut up...shut up.. shut up shut up shut up SHUT UP!" He growled in a gravely voice one that has been parched for hours but he fought through the pain to silence this scumbag.

"Well considering your my bastard, my property i wont take your generously given advice" he whispered into his ear as he grabbed Borst by the hair and said "ill be reclaiming my property now then... Ill make an obedient little slave out of you"

He then ordered his knights to hold me down and display my bare back to his as he activated his Mach "construction" which allowed him to manipulate his spirit into various constructs, for this moment and is very other sick and twisted past times he created whips.

They clashed against his bare skin the impact against his skin caused Marick to experience some kind of euphoria, as his pants tighten with satisfaction, him seemingly salivating over the suffering he is currently causing. Once he completed this task he brought his "precious" child home with him to continue onward, after all brothels weren't needed if he could derive so much pleasure from one boys suffering.

Borst felt himself die, his only reason to exist, vengeance had been ruined. He had nothing else to live for he just wished for the pain to go away, he just wanted to not suffer anymore is that such a hard thing to ask for? It seems that way...

3 years pass...

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