You hung on for as long
as you could bear it.
I was fooled into thinking
we'd see you at Christmas.
Only God could know
when it was time to go.

Couldn't make the last visit;
I missed the last three Christmasses.
No words can express
the depth of my regret -
I hope you forgive me
for not doing my best.

Thank you for your help
with my history project.
For sitting with me and
telling me your stories.
For always being generous
in the gifts that you gave me.

But above everything else
thank you for the love
that you showed my son
even from the other side of the ocean.
Beyond all other regrets
it breaks my heart the most
that he will never be able
to meet you.

Towards the end
when it became clear you wouldn't round the bend
when the hospital became home
and you looked so alone –
I prayed for strength,
for you and me
and for our family.
Only God knows
when it's time to go.

In heaven, I know, you'll be there
free from the pain and sickness and tears.
I'd like to think you're reunited with grandpa
and all you remember
are the happy years.

A/N: it's been a while since I uploaded anything, or wrote anything. This has been sitting on my computer for months, ever since my grandma died last year. Publishing this for her, in her memory.