Birds flew backwards

Clouds didn't have a silver lining

Magnet pointed south

Desserts raining,

Sun rose in the west

Sunflower pointed to the moon above

It is time for me to rest

Forever in peace . To die.

Thinking how I ended this way,

Well long story.

He was at school way,

I was very happy.

He used to sit on the door,

Of his house.

Being a book author

That day I decided

The man of my dreams .

I saw him everyday

From school to home

Looking him from every way

He used to smile at me

It could melt one's heart .

Thunderstruck at my head

I didn't see him for a fortnight.

At last saw him after a month

Sure I could have died .

Next day I saw the shed

I was shocked to death

It was his marriage .

I was sure he was not of age

I wished to be dead.

Going to die for real

I am going to die

It was a big deal

I glazed at my parents fast

They didn't know it was the last.

Jump off a cliff

Hang on the fan

Cut the vein off

Run into a fire then

Or sit on a railway track

It will all do the trick.

At last I found a way

Drink poison to my throat away.

I took it to my mouth

"Honey, dinner is served . Eat your chicken while it's hot "

Came a call from the kitchen

I saw my whole life in a glance

What the hell!

Life was perfect

Giving my life to God is a mistake

Which cannot be undone.

Life can be perfect without Romance

But imperfect without chicken.

Let's begin again

To avoid the sorrow of pain.

I saw silver lining of clouds

Birds flew straight forward

Sunflower fades

Magnet pointed north

Sun sets in the west

I had chicken for dinner

It is time to rest

Forever for a day . To sleep