Once upon a time, in a small kingdom, a cruel heartless king ruled the kingdom with an iron fist. He had a beautiful wife, and they had a child. The young girl had hair the color of chestnuts, and a completion of fresh oolong tea. The king was revolted at the sight of his newborn daughter, for he knew it was not his own child. He had the wife immediately hanged, and the daughter was given to the handmaid, as he knew that his people would revolt if he had killed the princess.

The handmaid took the child gratefully as she was unable to have a child. She named the young girl Rosalie after her favorite flower. The handmaid raised the girl as well as she could, however money was tight in the first couple of years, so the girl had very little material things. Rosalie had to spend most of her days helping her mother around the castle. On her 5th birthday her mother gifted her a blue rose from the royal garden. The young Rosalie cherished the gift and promised to keep it forever. As her childhood continued the king seemed have a growing interest in her. On her 8th birthday the king confronted her while she was setting up the dining hall.

"Pardon me," he asked. "You look quite familiar, who are you?" he questioned,

"I'm Rosalie Leanne, it's an honor, your majesty." she responded.

"Well then, mademoiselle, after dinner would you like to join me in my suite?" he questioned seductively.

Before Rosalie could respond, her mother intervened with a scowl on her face and stood in front of Rosalie.

"She will absolutely not, you disgusting debauchee!" the mother retorted.

The king looked at the handmaid with disgust. He smacked her across the face and spat on her. He signaled to the guards to take her away to the dungeon. They whisked her away as quick as a blink, and the king snatched the young girl and took her to his room.