Author's Note: As part of my Beat The Boredom Challenge for this month, I decided to write a 200 words drabble. Honestly when I had this idea in mind, the words just literally poured out and I'm actually proud of what I've wrote. Oh, and Happy Father's Day as well!

His Favourite Spot

Arms slightly flailing, legs wobbling, Oliver shuffled backwards and instantly sat down, heaving a sigh of relief. The murky grey water moved the small boat in a gentle rhythm, the piercing cry of a gull was heard overhead. It seemed the lull of nature was too strong to resist, particularly on this important day.

A ghost of a smile touched Oliver's lips as he surveyed his surroundings, feeling the exact same giddiness as he did when he first came here.

"Well, here we are, dad. Your favourite fishing spot," he softly said. "I remember you taking me out here. At the time I must have been...what, eight, nine? Nothing happened for a few hours and I was so bored out of my skull that I wanted to head back to shore. You kept on telling me 'Patience, son, is the greatest skill to learn if you want to succeed.' I had the shock of my life when moments later we caught that huge fish."

Oliver then broke off, chuckling as ancient memories came to light. God, how he desperately yearned for those days when everything seemed so carefree and simple...

"Happy Father's Day, dad," he whispered "I-I still miss you."