Chapter 2: Alisa...

It was getting later every second... I was starting to get scared. As I kept on walking and following these stone steps, there was an end to the stones... I could see it not a millimeter away. As I closed my eyes, I slowly dragged my feet in the front of the other, until I was at the end of the stones. Then I saw a shadow cuff me around the mouth and take me away. I was silent... I didn't talk... I knew I was going the right way. I could feel it. I wasn't worried about myself, I was worried about my favorite sister Alisa.I was thrown into a dark room.

I couldn't explain it... but I possessed this unusual power since I was born: I could see things in the dark, almost like I had night vision, and I could read people's minds. And that was the rarest thing that could ever happen to a child. Ever.

I turned on my night vision by blinking 3 times rapidly. "One, two, three," I whispered to myself. As the night vision slowly allowed me to see, I could see this black screen.

"WHAT IS GOING ON! IS ANYBODY HERE! I JUST WANT MY SISTER BACK!" I yelled so loud that I almost lost my voice. I looked at the black screen to see if anything changed there, but then I saw a letter popping up each time on the screen.

"I-S-A-I-S-C-O-M-I-N-G?" I had no clue what it spelled on the screen. I could only remember isaiscoming, but there must be some word hidden in there that I couldn't find. I felt like I missed a few letters. I tried searching my back pockets on my pants, for anything to use, so I could remember what it was and solve it. So, I rummaged through my pockets and I found a fortune teller.

'It was from when it was a popular thing in school. One of my friends gave it to me since I had no clue how to make one.' I thought. I put the fortune teller in my right-hand and rummaged some more. Then I found a tiny graphite rock.

"That was from one of my science classes. I stole one with the teacher not knowing, because I thought it was handy. And look at that, it is just what I need!" I thought. I put the graphite rock in my right-hand too. I tried opening the fortune teller and putting it on my knee. My night vision was never handy but today it was! I tried writing with the graphite, but it turned out terrible! It was smudged all around the paper, and the letters that were made in black marker on the fortune teller, kept blocking the words! I shoved the fortune teller in my pocket and looked at the screen if there was anything else.

I saw that the screen said "Alisa" and I was shocked! I knew that these people who put me here knew about Alisa! But I kept quiet since I knew what the possibility was if I asked where Alisa was. I looked back at the black screen. I was thinking of all the good dreams we had together and if she was ever going to come back. I gave up on the black screen and searched every inch of the place to find any door to at least lead somewhere near Alisa. As I did, I took the fortune teller out of my back pocket on my pants.

"Isaiscoming, what could that mean? Maybe I should separate some letters from each other. I can see 'coming' a little squished. And Isais, but who is Isais? Is that some type of girl from somewhere that I should know about? How about I spilt is and ais. Oh maybe "is" from isa. So far I have coming and is-" Then I felt a hard rock on the wall. I felt all around the hard rock and found some type of square design there. I could twist it. I pushed the square and twisted it as hard as I possibly could. Then it slowly opened. I could see a blank white room through the hole it made. I went inside and the door behind me closed shut.


"No..." A beautiful voice came so calm and so smooth.


"Elisabeth? Bixin? Mia? Amelia? Charlotte? And, no it can't be..." I stopped. I was shaking to my core. I could feel my sweat dripping down from my forehead. "Alisa? it can't be..." I stuttered. I was now burning hot as a pot. Someone could have added some vegetables and they would've burned on my forehead, that's how hot I was.

"Hello!" It was echoing from everybody's mouth.

"Make it STOP!" I yelled. "That's not nice, not nice, not nice, nice." It was repeating all over my ears. "MAKE IT STOP PLEASE!" Then I remembered the fortune teller thing. "ALISA IS COMING! I GOT IT!" but then I regretted saying that. It started activating my sisters and chasing me. I knew that no one of my sisters had night vision. So, I went through the black door and into the dark room. Where I found all my sisters just standing in place...